School Bans Halloween Parties Citing Diversity

School Bans Halloween Parties Citing Diversity

Students from different cultures have previously felt left out so they held a harvest festival instead, education officials say.

A New Jersey primary school has banned Halloween parties, citing community diversity.

Officials at Seth Boyden Elementary said some students from different cultures had felt left out at previous parties.

Principal Mark Quiles and two PTA co-presidents, Amelia Riekenberg and Donna Upton, sent a letter to parents saying about 20% of the pupils did not participate last year.

"One of the strengths of Seth Boyden is that we are such a diverse community, with many cultures represented, and that we truly value each one," they wrote, reports

Seth Boyden also cancelled Halloween parties last year, but scrapped the decision after an outcry.

Suzanne Turner, spokeswoman for the South Orange and Maplewood school district, told Sky News no Halloween parties had been planned at the school this year.

She said Seth Boyden had held a "harvest festival" instead to be more inclusive.

"Some students in previous years have stayed at home on Halloween or have attended school but did not participate in the activities," she told Sky News.

No parent at the school had complained about the holiday, she said.

The New Jersey Department of Education told Sky News it had no state-wide policy on school Halloween parties.

Spokesman Richard Vespucci said: "Local school boards made this decision and they are accountable to the people who elected them and appointed them in their community."

A Connecticut school district was criticised earlier this month after it cancelled Halloween activities because of diversity concerns.

Milford officials rescinded the ban as thousands of people signed a petition condemning the move.

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Yawn. Shouldn't they be going to school for an education instead of parties.
ghosts, werewolves, vampires, aliens, etc. sounds like diversity.
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So 20% decide what 80% should do......
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So 20% decide what 80% should do......

That is democracy in the modern, politically correct environment.
Politically correct gone wild again. have you noticed its the folks in the neighborhood
not the immigrants demanding a change people just do it because there is nothing to
do that doesn't tick people off anymore. Keep social engineering soon Happy
Holidays won't be acceptable either
I blame the Liberals.
In my province a lot of schools they don't have Halloween parties anymore, they call it " Orange and Black Day". We have a popular talk show host who outs the schools, and their principals for banning Halloween and praising the ones who keeps the day. Does the same with Christmas.