At least 19 dead in Miami Beach plane crash

At least 19 dead in Miami Beach plane crash

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No survivors have been found after a plane crashed into the water off Miami Beach just before 3 p.m. Monday.

The Coast Guard had recovered 19 bodies -- including three babies -- from the waters of the Miami Beach harbour's Government Cut by 6 p.m. Twenty people were on board.

Witnesses said the plane burst into flames and then its wing fell off, and that the pilot tried to keep it level as it was coming down. It fell into a shallow shipping channel called the Government Cut, where divers are now working to locate the rest of the passengers.

The crash closed the canal, trapping three cruise ships in the Miami Beach harbour. Its cause remains unknown. [/teaser]

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That is a terrible tragedy and so sad.
Death toll 20 now.

20 said killed in plane crash off Miami
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