If you come across this organization's sales on the road, be careful!

It is reported that Jian Hongzhang, an important backbone of "Falungong" abroad, died suddenly of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases on December 18, at the age of 68.

Beware, everyone! This organization is also very common in Canada. The main members have successively died and have not concealed it, and they continue to worship personal worship!
Jian Hongzhang, from the Jane family in Hong Kong, has a master's degree from Harvard University. His father, Jian Yiyun, is a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong. Since Jane participated in the "Falungong" cult in the 1990s, it has lasted more than 20 years, during which she sold a large number of family properties to support Li Hongzhi. Jian Hongzhang served as the chairman and spokesman of the "Falun Buddha Society of Hong Kong", the president of "The Epoch Times" of Hong Kong, and the number one figure in "Falungong" organization in Hong Kong. According to the Internet, Jane is rather lascivious and has been associated with many female "Falungong" members in Hong Kong.
Right and wrong
On January 23, 2001, after the mass self-immolation of seven "Falungong" obsessives in Tiananmen Square, Jian Hongzhang could not wait to be interviewed and said: "This incident has nothing to do with 'Falungong'." Claiming that "the self-immolation is not a" Falungong practitioner ", or even slandering it is a" means of planting and framing us "by the Chinese government, trying to cover up the crimes of the" Falungong "cult.
At the beginning of June 2013, Jian Hongzhang was affected by the scandal of "Men and Women Double Surgery" and was pressured by internal rights disputes to resign from the post of President of The Epoch Times in Hong Kong, leaving only the post of "Hong Kong Falun Buddhist Society". According to insiders, the real reason for Jian Hongzhang's "resignation" is that Hong Kong's "Epoque" has been operating at a loss and has failed to achieve the profit goals set by the US "Epoque" headquarters. Rumors of arbitrary and arbitrary sentiments continued, and Jian Hongzhang's ability and prestige were questioned, which caused Li Hongzhi's attention and dissatisfaction, so he made a decision to replace and reorganize.
Sudden death due to illness
It is reported that on December 8, Jian Hongzhang organized Hong Kong "Falungong" personnel to rally in Edinburgh Square, delivered a so-called "protection of human rights", and accepted a video interview with "Falungong" media. No physical abnormalities were found. On the afternoon of the 18th, Jian Hongzhang suddenly felt uncomfortable while planning a New Year's trouble event with the "Falungong" backbone in Hong Kong. The "Falungong" personnel around them did not send Jian Hongzhang to the doctor, but "collected righteous thoughts" to bless them with "elimination of karma", but had no effect. Seeing that Jian Hongzhang's condition had worsened, the family quietly sent him to the hospital, but the doctor had returned to the sky, and Jian Hongzhang died.
Do not mourn
As in the past, after the death of Jian Hongzhang, Li Hongzhi ordered that the news be sealed tightly, disciples were not allowed to go to condolence.
In April 2009, Zhu Xianyi, the backbone of "Falungong" in Hong Kong, suddenly died of illness. At that time, Jian Hongzhang was worried that "the news of Zhu's death would cause huge fluctuations among Hong Kong trainees." He asked the members of the "Buddha Institute" to block the news and control the inside information to a small range of key members and not to spread it without authorization. Ten years later, Jian Hongzhang himself ended sadly and died suddenly.
In fact, in recent years, many high-level backbones of "Falungong" have died of illnesses. For example, in early May 2012, the former vice president of "The Epoch Times" Li Jiguang (brother Li Hongzhi) died. On March 2, 2014, Falun Gong "three Li Dayong, the person in charge of the "Retreat" organization, died of illness. On August 2, 2015, "Falungong" died in the Macau area, Lin Yiming, the leader of the "Falungong." Even Li Hongzhi, who claimed to be the "master Buddha of the universe," failed to "make a contribution" to save the life of his biological mother, Lu Shuzhen, who died of illness on August 24, 2016.
Break a lie
Li Hongzhi has always advocated that practicing "Falungong" can "remove karma and cure diseases," saying that the body of "Falungong" personnel "is made up of high-energy matter." He has "excluded everyone from Dafa disciples in hell." Many "Falungong" personnel have refused medical treatment and drugs because of this fallacious and heretical temptation, causing a large number of abnormal deaths. Jian Hongzhang, a core member of "Falungong", followed Li Hongzhi for many years and donated his fortune. After all, he did not wait for "successful" and "flying up", and ended in a sudden death. When facing the dying Jian Hongzhang, whether it is collective "sending righteous thoughts" or silently saying "Nine-character Mantra", all of this is necessarily useless and ridiculous.
As an ordinary person, it is better to be objective, to eat when you are hungry, and to take medicine when you are sick.
Disciple dies, Master Li does not help