Notley trying to ram Provincial parks approval before election

Notley trying to get these 4 new Provincial parks approved before the 2019 election. Problem is they are right in the heart of Oil, NG, and Logging industry. Claiming they will create more jobs, and make about $140 Million in revenue, not mentioning that it will cost Billions in lost revenue in industry.

Province proposes $40M investment in another K Country

Elise Stolte: Cut the rhetoric. Bighorn Country 'bomb' is a minor change to what's already protected

These rallies arose after a leaked document was published on the plans to gut their industries

Large rally in Drayton Valley over Alberta’s plans for Bighorn Country

Environment minister was caught making false allegations on death threats and cancelled public meetings, setting up phone meetings with pro park people instead of public meetings

Rachel Notley resists calls to fire Alberta environment minister over Bighorn

So in summary the NDP Gov. was running around behind the scenes and cancelling construction permits buying out existing permits calling for shutting in wells that are playing out. When the private memo was leaked the NDP came out publicly claiming that consultations were preformed with no documentation to prove it.

This is a huge blow to communities, industries, and people
And now back to business as usual

Alberta's environment minister says Bighorn parks proposal will not go ahead


EDMONTON — Alberta's new environment minister says he will scrap the previous government's proposed plan for protected areas in western Alberta.
Last November, the NDP government announced eight new parks covering 4,000 square kilometres in what is known as Bighorn Country along the eastern edges of Banff and Jasper national parks.
Environment Minister Jason Nixon says the NDP's plan for the area is flawed and the United Conservative Party government will not go ahead with it.
Residents and area officials have raised concerns about how the project might affect oil and gas exploration, the forestry industry and off-road vehicle use.
Nixon says the province will return to the North Saskatchewan regional planning process to better understand economic and environmental implications for the area.
The executive director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society for northern Alberta says she's disappointed with the decision to cancel the proposal.

I know someone that will be looking for a job in the near future with that comment in the bolded

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