Driver shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ hits crowds of pedestrians in France

Driver shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ hits crowds of pedestrians in France

At least 2 people have been seriously injured after a mentally unstable driver shouting 'Allahu Akbar' has deliberately run into crowds of pedestrians in several separate locations in the French city of Dijon.

In total, 11 people have been injured in the run-over incidents on Sunday evening, AFP reports.

"Nine people were lightly injured and two others seriously but their lives do not appear to be in danger," police source said.

According to Le Figaro, there were three people inside the car. The motorists first hit 4 pedestrians and then crashed into a crowd of 7, reports Le Bien Republic.

The driver tried to flee the scene, but was detained by police. The perpetrator was “apparently imbalanced and had been in a psychiatric hospital," the source told AFP, adding that "for now his motives are still unclear".

According to witnesses, besides"Allahu Akbar"the driver also shouted that that he was acting “for the children of Palestine."

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has expressed his support and solidarity with the victims of the incident and their families.

The Sunday incident comes a day after a French man armed with a knife stormed a police station at Joue-les-Tours near the city of Tours and stabbed three police officers, also reportedly shouting ‘God is great’ in Arabic. The attacker was shot dead by police.



Religion of peace.
lone wolf
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I wish investigators and press would stop giving these *ahem* people the "mentally unstable" exit
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Religion of peace.

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace "Mohammed is God's apostle. (Last 30 days)
Those who follow him are harsh to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29

2014.12.20AfghanistanKunar73Two young girls are among seven civilians disassembled by a Religion of Peace IED.
2014.12.19IraqBaghdad49Four patrons at a market are cut to ribbons by Islamic bombers.
2014.12.19AfghanistanLaghman16A child is killed and six others injured from Taliban shrapnel.
2014.12.17IraqAbu Ghraib45An 8-year-old boy and his mother are among five people dismantled by a Mujahid roadside blast.
2014.12.17AfghanistanLashkar Gah1014A Fedayeen suicide assault on a bank leaves ten others dead.
2014.12.16PakistanPeshawar148122One-hundred and thirty-two children are among over one-hundred and forty murdered in cold blood by Taliban gunmen, who attacked their school shouting praises to Allah.
2014.12.16IraqMosul130ISIS releases video of a mass beheading with thirteen victims kneeling in front of Shahada flags.
2014.12.16YemenRadaa3112Twenty schoolgirls are among thirty-one innocents pulled into pieces by two Sunni suicide bombers.
2014.12.15SyriaYarmouk20al-Nusra publicly executes two Palestinians for blasphemy.
2014.12.15AustraliaSydney25Two others, including a woman, are killed when a radical cleric takes employees and patrons of a cafe hostage and proclaims his faith in Allah.
2014.12.15NigeriaCross Kawa102Islamic extremists massacre ten travellers and abduct a woman and her 2-year-old baby.
2014.12.14NigeriaGumsuri33191At least thirty-three villagers are slaughtered by pro-Sharia militants.
2014.12.14AfghanistanKunduz12A woman is killed and her two children injured when fundamentalists hit her house with a rocket.
2014.12.14AfghanistanGhurband44Four local cops are gunned down by religious fanatics.
2014.12.14Egyptal-Arish11Religious fanatics open fire on two police officers, killing one.
2014.12.14IraqMosul30Three Christians die after being tortured by the Islamic State.
2014.12.14Saudi ArabiaAwamiya10A cop is shot and killed by Shiite radicals.
2014.12.13AfghanistanKabul718Seven Afghans are torn to shreds by a Fedayeen sucide blast.
2014.12.13Iraqal-Baghdadi210Twenty-one Sunni tribesmen are captured and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.12.13AfghanistanLashkar Gah126Twelve workers are machine-gunned by the Taliban while trying to clear an area of mines.
2014.12.13Iraqal-Wafa190ISIS storms a town and kills nineteen defenders.
2014.12.13AfghanistanKabul10A Taliban court clerk is murdered by Taliban gunmen.
2014.12.13SyriaHoms40Four people are beheaded for 'blasphemy'.
2014.12.13SomaliaBur Hakaba20Two local soldiers are abducted and beheaded by Islamic extremists.
2014.12.13SomaliaQandho10A religious teacher is beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.12.13IraqMosul20Two police officers are executed by caliphate members.
2014.12.13IraqHaditha1217Two Shahid suicide bombings leave twelve dead.
2014.12.12SyriaManbij20A couple are stoned to death for adultery.
2014.12.12IndiaSopore10A village official is taken out to a field and shot in the head by religious extremists.
2014.12.12IraqBeiji80Eight tribesmen are ambushed and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.12.12SyriaAleppo152436An additional one-hundred and fifty are reported dead from improvised mortar bombs fired by Sunni terrorists, including forty-two children and twenty-five women.
2014.12.12IraqMuqdadiyah821Eight worshippers are killed when Sunnis lob mortar rounds into a Shiite mosque.
2014.12.12YemenRada60At least six Shiites are killed by al-Qaeda.
2014.12.12IsraelGush Etzion05A Palestinian throws acid onto a family, including young children.
2014.12.12AlgeriaFercha10Islamists shoot and then slit the throat of a 56-year-old man.
2014.12.12IraqKarbalah17A 3-year-old is reduced to pulp by a caliphate mortar round.
2014.12.12IraqRamadi1410A Shahid suicide bomber takes out fourteen Iraqis with the push of a button.
2014.12.11IraqBaghdad40Suspected Sunni snipers pick off four civilians, including a woman.
2014.12.11NigeriaJos3747Islamic extremists bomb a crowded food stand, ending the lives of over three dozen innocents.
2014.12.11AfghanistanKabul611A Shahid suicide bomber detonates next to a bus, killing six passengers.
2014.12.11IraqRamadi20An Islamic State suicide bomber take out two people on a bridge.
2014.12.11AfghanistanKabul216A civilian is left dead following a suicide blast at a high school play. A cameraman dies from injuries on the 20th.
2014.12.10NigeriaKano730Two female suicide bombers hit a loading area at a textile market, scattering the remains of seven innocents.
2014.12.10IraqTikrit913Nine people are pulled into disparate parts by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.12.10IraqMaqalaa160Sixteen victims of a mass ISIS execution are found in a grave.
2014.12.10SomaliaTayeglow20Two women are beheaded by al-Shabaab.
2014.12.10IraqBaghdad623A half-dozen people lose their lives to Islamic State bombers.
2014.12.10IraqMkeshiefa380Over three dozen people are blown to bits by Mujahideen shrapnel.
2014.12.10NigeriaGajigana130Women and children are among a dozen villagers laid out by Boko Haram.
2014.12.10ThailandSongkhla11A Buddhist shopowner is shot to death by two Muslim terrorists.
2014.12.09SyriaWilayet al-Furat10A gay man is thrown from a roof and then stoned after being sentenced by a Sharia court.
2014.12.09IraqBaghdad40A vicar reports that four Christian children were beheaded for 'refusing to follow Muhammad'.
2014.12.09AfghanistanHaska Mina40Four civilians are captured and executed by the Taliban.
2014.12.09YemenSayoun78Two al-Qaeda suicide bombings leave seven others dead.
2014.12.09BosniaTrnovi01An imam is stabbed shortly after condeming ISIS.
2014.12.09PakistanFaisalabad10'Soldiers of Allah' shoot a member of an polio vaccination team to death.
2014.12.09PhilippinesMaramag1042Bangsamoro Islamists are blamed for a bombing that kills ten people on a bus.
2014.12.09IraqMuqdadiyah20Two civilians are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2014.12.09IraqKirkuk12Militants fire on a bus carrying university students, killing a young woman.
2014.12.09PakistanAthara Hazari61A family of six is hacked to death for the woman leaving her conservative husband thirty years earlier.
2014.12.08AfghanistanKandahar57Four civilians are among five killed during a Fedayeen suicide attack on a government office.
2014.12.08BahrainDamistan10A local cop is killed by Hezbollah-linked radicals.
2014.12.08SyriaSulouk10A man is beheaded in front of children for 'blasphemy'.
2014.12.08YemenSanaa1536Fifteen Shiites are killed in a targeted al-Qaeda suicide attack on two houses.
2014.12.08PakistanBuner20Two guards for a polio team are assassinated by Muslim terrorists.
2014.12.08IraqHawija190Nineteen Iraqis are executed for refusing to swear allegiance to the caliphate.
2014.12.07IraqTarmiyah911Nine people are killed in a suspected ISIS attack.
2014.12.07AfghanistanTrikh Nawar50Five local cops are gunned down at a security post.
2014.12.07IraqSalman911A suicide blast at a police station leaves nine dead.
2014.12.07DRCBeni364Islamist rebels massacre over thirty villagers in overnight attacks.
2014.12.07AfghanistanBashran10A 17-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her strict Muslim family after getting pregnant.
2014.12.07IraqBalad1210A dozen Iraqis are captured and executed while defending their village from ISIS.
2014.12.07PakistanTaimuria11A Sunni activist is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2014.12.07Saudi ArabiaOrtawwiyah11One of two victims die after being shot by a mosque official for being late to prayer.
2014.12.06IraqMahmoudiya512Sunnis blow up a market in a Shiite part of town, killing five patrons.
2014.12.06IraqHit160Sixteen Iraqis are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.12.06SomaliaBaledogle20Islamists spray a car with bullets near an airport, killing two occupants.
2014.12.06YemenWadi Abdan20An aid worker and American photographer are executed in cold blood by al-Qaeda.
2014.12.06IraqHusseiniya38Roadside bombers take out three Iraqis.
2014.12.06IraqBaghdad38Three Shiite pilgrims at a food stall are pulled into pieces by Sunni bombers.
2014.12.06NigeriaAshaka1012At least ten people lose their lives when Boko Haram attack a cement factory.
2014.12.06AfghanistanChamtal420Four people die from splinter injuries when a fundamentalist tosses a grenade into a wedding party playing music.
2014.12.05SyriaWafideen22Terrorists send a mortar round into a refugee camp, killing a child and one other.
2014.12.05IndiaUri130Thirteen others are killed during a cross-border Fedayeen suicide assault.
2014.12.05SyriaDeir al-Zor190Nineteen lives are snuffed out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.12.05SomaliaBaidoa1541A suicide bomber detonates outside a tea shop, slaughtering fifteen passersby.
2014.12.05LebanonBekaa Valley10al-Nusra shoot a captured Lebanese policeman in the head.
2014.12.05IndiaTral25Islamists toss a grenade into a bus, killing two passengers.
2014.12.05IraqMosul30Three tribal leaders are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.12.05CARBambari1213A dozen Christian villagers are pulled out of their homes and stabbed or shot to death by 'young Muslims'.
2014.12.04ThailandNarathiwat10A 52-year-old woman expires after being hit in the head and back by Muslim gunmen.
2014.12.04SomaliaMogadishu21A former lawmaker is assassinated by al-Shabaab along with a bodyguard.
2014.12.04IraqSadr City1125Sunni bombers target a row of restaurants in a Shiite part of town, killing eight patrons.
2014.12.04IraqSadr City721Seven people at a market are aerated by Mujahid shrapnel.
2014.12.04IraqKirkuk1622Sixteen innocents at a restaurant are murdered by Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2014.12.04IraqShaab312Sunnis bomb a Shiite restaurant, killing three.
2014.12.04IraqTikrit41A woman is among four civilians machine-gunned in their car by the Islamic State.
2014.12.04ChechnyaGrozny1428Fourteen guards are killed in a brazen attack on a housing complex by Islamic militants.
2014.12.04PakistanNawagai30A man, wife and child are mudered by Taliban militants.
2014.12.04PakistanGwadar10Fundamentalists assassinate the principal of a co-educational school.
2014.12.04NigeriaBajoga240Dozens are reportedly killed when thirty Boko Haram gunmen on motorcycles roll up on two unsuspecting villages.
2014.12.04SyriaDeir al-Zor110Eleven men are beheaded on video by caliphate members.
2014.12.04IraqMosul30Three musicians are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.12.03IndiaPohu16Islamic militants hurl a grenade at a group of police, killing one.
2014.12.03IsraelMishor Adumim02Two Israelis in their 50's are stabbed at a supermarket.
2014.12.03SyriaDeir al-Zor190Nineteen others are reported dead after an ISIS suicide attack.
2014.12.03NigeriaLassa1120At least eleven innocents lose their lives when Boko Haram go on a church-burning spree. Twenty girls are kidnapped for sex slavery.
2014.12.03SomaliaMogadishu49Four are left dead after an al-Shabaab sucide bomber detonates near an airport.
2014.12.03YemenSanaa16A suicide bomber at an ambassador's residence takes out a guard.
2014.12.03IraqArab Jubur97Three children are among nine civiians who bleed to death when terrorists lob mortars into their neighborhood.
2014.12.03PakistanLower Kurrum11Sunni radicals kidnap, torture and execute a Shiite man.
2014.12.03LebanonArsal12One person is killed by a bomb planted just outside of a Christian village.
2014.12.02AfghanistanBala Murghab60A half-dozen local soldiers are ambushed and murdered at their guard post by Sunni hardliners, including an 'insider'.
2014.12.02LebanonRas Baalbek61Islamic State militants ambush and kill six Lebanese soldiers.
2014.12.02KenyaKorome360Islamists slaughter three dozen Christian quarry workers after separating them from Muslims. Several are beheaded.
2014.12.02IraqTuz Khormato512Five people lose their lives to a shrapnel bomb blast along a city street.
2014.12.02IraqHusseiniya37Mujahideen bomb a popular market, laying out three patrons.
2014.12.02LibyaBenghazi927A child is among nine killed when Ansar al-Sharia fire a shell at a hospital.
2014.12.02IraqBaghdad36Three people die from a Jihadi bomb placed on a bus.
2014.12.01UAEAbu Dhabi10An American kindergarten teacher and mother of three is stabbed to death in a targeted attack at a mall.
2014.12.01BangladeshGournadi013A Muslim gang smashes idols and beats Hindus in their homes and near a temple.
2014.12.01IraqBalad820Eight residents are killed when ISIS send mortars into a Shiite neighborhood.
2014.12.01AfghanistanSpin Boldak30Three border guards are machine-gunned by Taliban fundamentalists.
2014.12.01NigeriaDamaturu4778The bodies of forty-seven defenders, doctors and children are found after Boko Haram storm a small town.
2014.12.01Iraqal-Walid164Sixteen border guards are murdered by ISIS.
2014.12.01TunisiaEl Kef10A police officer is beheaded by radical Muslims.
2014.12.01NigeriaMaiduguri2240Nearly two dozen people are laid out at a market by young female suicide bombers.
2014.12.01SomaliaWajir112al-Shabaab hurl grenades into a bar, killing at least one patron.
2014.12.01NigeriaEkiti10One person is killed during by attackers chanting praises to Allah.
2014.12.01AfghanistanBurka918Nine mourners at a funeral are exterminated by a suicide bomber.
2014.11.30IraqBaghdad49Four people at a restaurant are taken out in mid-bite by Sunni bombers.
2014.11.30IraqBaghdad312Holy Warriors bomb a grocery, killing three patrons.
2014.11.30SyriaAleppo40A woman and her three children are pulverized by an al-Nusra mortar.
2014.11.30IranJahrom06Six 'improperly veiled' women are stabbed following a call for violence by a cleric.
2014.11.30PakistanKarachi20Two members of a secular-leaning party are cut down by suspected Taliban.
2014.11.30PakistanIslamabad20A cleric is one of two Shiites picked off by Sunni gunmen.
2014.11.30IndiaShopian10A man is killed in his home by religious radicals.
2014.11.30IraqNineveh30Three tribal elders are executed by the caliphate.
2014.11.30IraqSamarrah64Pro-Sharia car bombers kill six Iraqis.
2014.11.29ChinaXinjiang315A Muslim bombing and stabbing attack leaves at least three others dead.
2014.11.29ThailandPattani11A Buddhist woman dies from injuries suffered during a shooting by Muslim 'insurgents' at her grocery.
2014.11.29AfghanistanKabul30Three suicide bombers murder a charity worker and his two children at a foreign guesthouse.
2014.11.29SyriaKobani110At least eleven others are killed in a series of ISIS suicide bombings.
2014.11.29YemenHadramawt30al-Qaeda militants fire an RPG point-blank at a vehicle, killing three occupants.
2014.11.29PakistanSukkur10A religious leader is gunned down in his own mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.11.29PakistanKorangi11Radical Sunnis fire on two Shiites, killing one.
2014.11.29NigeriaShani400Scores are reported killed when Islamists ride motorbikes into a Christian town and fire indiscriminately at fleeing residents.
2014.11.29IraqMosul100Ten doctors are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.28AfghanistanNawzad45A suicide truck bomber takes out four Afghans.
2014.11.28EgyptCairo20Two police officers are murdered by suspected Islamists.
2014.11.28AfghanistanKhogyani036Radicals bomb a rival mosque during Friday prayers.
2014.11.28NigeriaKano120270One-hundred and twenty members of a mosque are taken out by two suicide bombers shortly after their imam calls for peace.
2014.11.28PakistanKuchesar Chauplato20A Hindu and his Muslim bride are quickly hacked to death by her conservative family.
2014.11.28IraqHusseiniyah49Four people at a market are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2014.11.28IraqSabaa al-Bour312Mujahid bombers send shrapnel through a commercial district and claim three shoppers.
2014.11.28PakistanHayatabad21A Taliban bomb kills two people.
2014.11.28AfghanistanCamp Bastion616A massive suicide assault on a local army base leaves six defenders dead.
2014.11.27IndiaJammu72Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists militants murder three Indian soldiers and four civilians in a suicide assault.
2014.11.27NigeriaMubi4035Islamists bomb a bus stop, killing over three dozen.
2014.11.27IraqMadaen311Women are among the casualties of a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2014.11.27AfghanistanKabul633Three members of the same family are among six people blown apart by a suicide bomb blast.
2014.11.26IraqBadghis27A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two people.
2014.11.26YemenShabwa53Five local soldiers are murdered at their base by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2014.11.26Egyptal-Arish30Three Egyptians are shot to death by Islamic extremists.
2014.11.26SyriaIrbin10al-Nusra shoot a man to death for 'insulting the prophet Muhammad'.
2014.11.26PakistanQuetta43Three women are among four polio workers machine-gunned by fundamentalists.
2014.11.26IraqMosul20Two former female candidates for parliament are captured and executed by a Sharia court.
2014.11.26IraqSadr City715Sunnis car bomb a Shiite commercial district, killing seven.
2014.11.26IraqBaghdad58Five shoppers at an outdoor market are reduced to pulp by Jihadi bombers.
2014.11.26NigeriaMubi57A Boko Haram bomb leaves five dead.
2014.11.26PakistanParachinar10A prayer leader is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.11.25NigeriaMaiduguri7854Two young female suicide bombers detonate in a packed market, killing nearly eighty, including those who rushed to help victims of the first blast.
2014.11.25SyriaDeir Ezzor20Two men are stoned to death by the caliphate after being declared homosexual.
2014.11.25IsraelJerusalem02Two Jewish seminary students are stabbed by Arab youth.
2014.11.25IraqTrebil59A Shahid suicide bomber exterminates five Iraqis.
2014.11.25IraqBaghdad40A man and three women are shot to death in their home by Mujahideen.
2014.11.25MaliBourem24Two people are killed by a bomb planted by suspected al-Qaeda.
2014.11.25PakistanKorangi15Two women and a child are among the casualties of a motorcycle bomb.
2014.11.24IraqMosul60Three women are among six executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.24NigeriaChibok203Twenty villagers are shot and burned by pro-Sharia militants.
2014.11.24AfghanistanKabul31Three civilians are aerated by a bomb planted on a bicycle.
2014.11.24EgyptCairo10A man slashes the throat of his unmarried sister after discovering that she is pregnant.
2014.11.24DRCBeni450Forty-five more victims of Islamist violence are found buried in a common grave.
2014.11.24NigeriaDamasak50100At least fifty people are thought to have been killed during a Boko Haram attack on a village.
2014.11.24IraqShaab1232A caliphate car bomb at a packed market in a majority-Shiite area claims a dozen lives.
2014.11.24AfghanistanKunduz65Two women are among six who bleed to death in the aftermath of a blast from a bomb planted on a motorcycle at a market.
2014.11.24SyriaHoms10A religious minority is beheaded by the caliphate for apostasy.
2014.11.23AfghanistanPaktika6166Sixty people, including seventeen children, are torn to shreds by a suicide bomber at a volleyball match.
2014.11.23ThailandYala20A Buddhist couple on their way to sell vegetables are shot to death by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2014.11.23PakistanOrangi10A secular party leader is assassinated by religious radicals.
2014.11.23IraqYusufiyah716Muslim terrorists bomb a busy market, killing seven.
2014.11.23IraqDiyala718A suicide bomber kills seven Iraqis.
2014.11.23IraqBadush500A mass grave containing the remains of fifty victims executed by the Islamic State is discovered.
2014.11.23PhilippinesM'lang322Bangsamoro Islamic bombers lay three civilians at a plaza out cold.
2014.11.22MaliAguelhoc210Islamists kidnap a dozen children and kill two for trying to escape.
2014.11.22KenyaMandera280Religion of Peace proponents stop a bus, single out and slaughter twenty-eight non-Muslims (including nine women) after identifying them as Christians.
2014.11.22Iraqal-Sajariya250Twenty-five locals are shot to death by Islamic State 'fighters'.
2014.11.22AfghanistanJalalabad12At least one person is killed by a Taliban bomb targeting a family vehicle.
2014.11.22PakistanOrangi136One person is killed when the Taliban throw a grenade into a political rally.
2014.11.22Saudi ArabiaRiyadh01A Danish citizen is shot by ISIS members.
2014.11.22IraqBalad1218A dozen civilians are killed during a sustained ISIS assault on their town.
2014.11.22IraqBaghdad821Two Mujahid bombings leave eight dead.
2014.11.22IraqMosul20Two middle-aged women are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.22AfghanistanGhazni31Two brothers are among three Afghans gunned down by Sunni extremists.
2014.11.21IraqAlbu Farraj510Five people are sectionalized by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.11.21IraqRaqqa60Six Sunnis are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.21IraqZab20ISIS beheads two people at a market after accusing them of apostasy.
2014.11.21PakistanMithra20Islamic militants kill two people with a bomb planted on a motorcycle.

sources: Islam: Making a True Difference in the World - One Body at a Time
I wish that media would stop using the term "Lone Wolf" and quit reporting about Isis. They are just feeding the fire.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Religion of peace.

Let me see.
Have some math to do.
Approx 5 to 6 Million Muslims in France.

Chances of winning the 649 Lottery 1 in 13,000,000. Ya know that strike by lightening thing.
France - car accident fatalities - 3250
Better start registering cars and ensure all owners have a valid license........
Quote: Originally Posted by taxslave View Post

Better start registering cars and ensure all owners have a valid license........

Come on that's crazy man, got any beer left?
Quote: Originally Posted by taxslave View Post

Better start registering cars and ensure all owners have a valid license........

Actually any car that weights over 4,500 pound should require a special permit (Restricted).

Restricted, you have to call the police to inform them what route you're taking, how long you'll be, and how many people will accompany you.

But I know the pro-Car group will say, "cars don't kill people, the driver does." Ya just can't win.
Hey sewing machine kill people. It's the machine age man, Their beedy little eyes, and constant bleeping
I usually yell "JESUS CHRIST" when running into something. Followed by; "you stupid f-cking (insert notoriously bad Asian ethnicity driver), why did you cut me off"?
Actually there should be no excuses for the actions of these people. I have more trust
and belief in Santa than I do in a peaceful Muslim religion. Its time our politicians and
media called them what they are in terms of being civilized. This monster should be
deported and if born there sent to a special center where they never get out I will be
politically correct and not mention what the facility is called
Quote: Originally Posted by damngrumpy View Post

Actually there should be no excuses for the actions of these people. I have more trust
and belief in Santa than I do in a peaceful Muslim religion. Its time our politicians and
media called them what they are in terms of being civilized. This monster should be
deported and if born there sent to a special center where they never get out I will be
politically correct and not mention what the facility is called

OK it seems your crazy. Hang on the people wioth the nets will be right along.
Crazy people are crazy people no matter the Religion or culture. Crazies are the easiest to manipulate and indoctrinate.
Sunshine lollipops and rainbows everything is wonderful that's how I feel when we're together,,,~Leslie Gore

wonderful tune


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