7 Ways to Save the World (Seven Ways To Save The World)

I'd take electric with hybrid brakes with top speed and okay safety ratings.
Air Advocate
Energy conservation must start at the basics to attain the levels of reduction of greenhouse gases that Canada has promised in the Kyoto Accord. Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) has taken great strides in the promotion of programs and the publication of hundreds of free publications, but is it enough?

Air Advocates and KESCA, as non-profit associations, believe that the direction taken by OEE is of paramount importance to promoting energy efficiency but falls short on the impact of the overall affect on clean air. The benefits of reduced greenhouse gas emissions are strongly linked to healthier environments (both indoor and outdoor), financial savings and the conservation of energy resources.

Few, if any, commercial establishments are aware that the practical application of energy efficiency may result in monetary and energy consumption savings of up to 19 percent. This, combined with regular maintenance and enhanced professional servicing, could readily increase this savings to 37 percent (Figure 1).

In Ontario, the application of energy efficiency and enhanced service levels could directly affect all aspects of commercial energy consumption with an estimated overall monetary yearly savings well in excess of $ 3.1 million. A significant savings that may be readily proven through several case studies produced by OEE and available on their web site.

Targeting small commercial institutions that produce gas emissions and require extensive air conditioning for their clientele may further support energy conservation. Hotels and restaurants are of this category. They represent only eight percent of the energy consumption of commercial buildings in Ontario with 58.5 percent of these facilities directly related to food services. Applying the 37 percent estimate for enhanced service level and energy efficiency, this facet of the economy may produce monetary savings in excess of $1.6 million.

The major problem in attaining these savings is the substantial lack of any dedicated legislation that establishes:

a.the frequency of maintenance and servicing for establishing service levels for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and exhaust systems;

b.inspection criteria for fire, health and building inspectors; and

c.criteria for certification of personnel dedicated to attaining the required service levels.

To date, all service level documentation refers to the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) documentation as a direction towards the levels desired. As a guide, NFPA documentation is excellent but must be reinforced by Canadian legislation that is realistic and enforceable. Without this basic, grass roots approach the Kyoto Accord’s goals will be very difficult to attain. Action must be taken to enlighten the general public to energy efficiency through the implementation of legislation that will have an effect on the air within their work environments. This will bring energy conservation, energy efficiency, and air quality to the fore front of public concern.

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That is very grand. In the mean time, I would like to explain some of the stuff that people often get confused about.

At the prehistoric age, people were at the mercy of nature. There were diseases and such, however these are not common because nature is hardly flawless. Once there was a disease that is very severe and killed a lot of people and so one day, one person invented the medicine. Other people invented machines to give us convenience so we will be protected from the huge winds of the storms, hurricanes, and natural disasters. As more of these are made, people eventually persuaded him/ herself that the world invented by people are the best.

I don't really know if it really is that way, however I do understand that in this future, with these developing technology for our convinence, we decrease our ability to create stuff and it caused more diseases and cost. People never seem to be too careful about their creations. The trash is always dumped and never used. Many medicine do not creates its opposites or create an acid like for a base. This result side-effects. Medicines also do not vary as the stages of the disease increase/ decrease. As the industrial people leave the polluted city, they begin to feel better and have less diseases such as the grey nails turns into ordinary color. Also, as more pesitcides are formed, the more bugs, and stronger the insects get.

These shows that the extremities of both nature and industry is a menace to humanity.

The only possibility left is the combination of the two. If we combine these together, we may do a lot. No matter how much we try, there is always some sort of products out of the ordinary balance of the earth or cause pollution. Earth have its own composition, and when we build plastics, or any man made material, we disturb the ecological systems and may cause certain diseases. If we kill too much of the birds that eat bugs causing diseases, people will have diseases. So, we must somehow save the place and have the ecological balance. We are imperfect. Tons and billion dollars are spent on enzymes, and unwanted chemical reactions and more money is spent. This waste of money result many people to hate green and hate earth more than ever.

It doesn't have to be like that way.

1. We need to be as independent as possible without those items.
2. Use man made products only under extreme conditions. To avoid imbalance.

for industries and others: try to use as much natural products as possible and
convert the remaining items into useful things by selling the remaining or converting the remaining products. For example, a fire burns a piece of wood. Carbon Dioxide use for dry ice and plant growing (the company sells to garderners and refrigeration companies).

Have a new sewage system:
1. Takes in the stuff from your drain
2. Cleans to get out oils, and other materials.
3. Transport those oils and other materials to facilities for formation of new products.
4. If there are toxins, convert them by using other materials and send the usable ones to use them over and over for the facilities.
5. The solid materials should be all the types of soil and the watery material should be the water. Water should be heated or cooled to the average temperature in which it is released.

Have a new dump:
Let everyone still dump everything in one or two categories. Then take every one of their trash and use the remains to make something new and worthwhile.


Would it be costly?
Consider the excess or so called "trash" is free and if we get the right combination of the materials, it should not be costly. As long as efficiency is reached, and we recycle in a way that produce less toxins, it is a grand price. We do not have to use extra money to refine or clean. This way the clean part may be the part when we earn money too.

Would we lose jobs?
NO. There would be more jobs created for people. For the new sewage plants and the new dump, tons of people would be required. Companies linking to the dump may help the government and let the government help them. If you have the skills of a nowaday technician, doing organics should not be much of a problem. Organic ones with orange juice is a lot simpler and less cost than the average other types. The old ones will still be kept because we would need the old technological knowledge to do the recycling.

Would other people say we are not advancing?
Technological advancement is created upon the convience and the demand of the consumers. If we think it is highly developed, it is highly developed. As long it works and people appreciate it, it is grand.

Why don't I see a lot of those things you say?
It is rare. Few people understands this and they do not know how to start. When the global market is full of these items, and the consumer fully sees this, well, everyone gets a grand share. Global market is run by rich people and consumers are consumers.

When would it fall?
It would fall when we overpopulated earth. When that happens, it is best to do a sacrifice or a war, the random selection of killing people to reduce number and create a better lifestyle. Fourtunately, that time is very, very, very, in the future.

Tah Dah!
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Newly Revised

I thought about the geothermal ones and my restriction is overboard. Sometimes I overthink about one part and forget about the other. Very sorry. I think the best extraction of geothermal is to return the jets of water to its original place and try not to chop too many fish. For example, the jets of stream water will sprout out and land at nearby land. As long the machine take the heat of the earth streams that sprout out naturally and return the water to the nearby land or proper place, geothermal should be okay.

Also, the steps I posted 1., 2., 3., 4., are linked. When someone makes a renewable machine, its productivity should release as less disturbance to the natural world as possible or release less toxins and when we recycle, please use alternative energy forms to help reduce greenhouse gases.

Bulb Calculations

For ordinary people

To help people save money and environment, I did a simplified version of buying the greatest bulbs

1. Select a specific lumen and electricity rate for two bulbs. The store people can help with the brightness and lumens

2. collect information about the cost of the light bulb, the number of watts and the number of hour needed.

3. organize the information into the following:
Rate of Electricity: $---/hr
Cost: $---
Watts: ---W
Hours Operation: ---hr

4. Repeat steps number 2.-3. for the second light bulb

5. Find two numbers that can divide both the first variable of the hours operation and the second hours of the variation.

6. First of two numbers*watts*rate of electricity*hours of operation+first of two numbers*cost

7. Second of two numbers*watts2*rate of electiricty*hours of operation2+second of two numbers*cost

8. You can compare the cost

Example 1
Lumens: 2400 Rate of electricity: $0.20/hr
light bulb 1 light bulb 2
Cost: $8 for 4 bulb Cost2: $2 for 4 bulbs
Watt per bulb: 12W Watt per bulb2: 124W
Hours of Operation per bulb: 10hrs Hours of Operation per bulb2: 20hrs
Total1 :$208 Total 2:$1986

Showing my work:
bulb 1
$8 for 4 bulbs. $8/4=$2/bulb.
bulb 2
$2 for 4 bulbs. $2/4=$0.50/bulb
$1986>$208 so bulb 1 is the better buy

Example 2
Lumens: 1200 rate of electricity: $0.20/hr
light bulb 1 light bulb 2
Cost:$2/bulb Cost 2: $5/bulb
Watt: 24W Watt 2: 12W
Hours of Operation: 2 hrs Hours of Operation: 3 hrs
Total 1:$34.8 Total 2: $24.4

Showing my work:
2*3=6. the first constant is 3. 3*2=6. the second constant is 2.
bulb 1:
bulb 2:
The second light bulb is the better buy.

I'm still working on the javascript version.
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In conclusion:

I know in the couple of the posts I said to recycle and to avoid using the products that are man made. Only use man made products if under extreme hard conditions.

An addition to the household products, it is critical to make the reverse of the chemical as acid for bases and bases for acids pouring down the drain. This is to ensure neutralization for all water systems

Gas Addiction
how to get rid of it

Part I-Cars

1. Perferable that cars burn ethanol instead of gas with electric hybrid breaks that last longer than two years if people are that addicted to the gas.

2. Use fuels similar to ethanol with more electric components. Each car's building should be as electric as possible with safety ratings and speed. A car's company's building and model will remain as they wish to be. The best will only have their engine changed. The car company should still be able to have their quality and price.

3. Try electric cars with top safety ratings and speed. Again, if that is not common, there must be somehow to rebuild the car into that safety rating and speed. The best is an electric hybrid car. A car with electric as main and hybrid breaks that last longer. Speed for an electric hybrid is in most successful hybrid cars. A rough understanding can be found in how stuff works.com in hybrids.

Or doing something by getting direct resources such as orange juice one.

PartII-Industrial powers and household

I found a real company with links to their production. If people can use that similar sort of building, they will save money or people may use other renewable resources. The whole point is to get electricity by disturbing nature as low as possible with the end product being the product you took to make it. That way people do not have to refine or clean up the stuff and waste more energy and money. The product also may be different and be reused as something else like sluge of sewage for some farming purposes. It also may be biodegradable. People can plant plants for natural filters if they like to. Two links for the week are:


For future, I will list some of the oppurtunities on web that companies and people can contact for energy and cost values.
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I'm suppose to be on vacation,
but I had to post something.
I know bulbs aren't that great,
but hey,
save 0.5 is better than none.
That is all I have to say.

Solar panels use for side-kicks. Only solar on a large farm is expensive and need to cluster together and gather as much solar as possible. The best type of solar panels is both thermal and light.


Credits by the conservative government is a step. It do not however do 100% fairness, but I say may be at least 30%. In the future, with or without anything else. I bet the oil will be hard to get. The company would have to hire both the geologist and seismic geologist and other people.


Dilution by water is not that grand. If people is going to use dilution, make sure the production of the products do not exceed the limit of the earth's ability to transform it into an organic product. Otherwise, help dilution. This is an expensive method in both environment and funds and is not recommended. Similar to dilution, products should form least amount of excess released into the environment.

Hydrogen-Electric Cells

Wow! Just got an update platinum is expensive. Why not replace platinum with another type of similar cheaper metals? Researching cheaper metals. Coming possibly couple of weeks.
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CO2 calculator.

Consultants for Financial and Environmental
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Quote: Originally Posted by typingrandomstuff View Post

CO2 calculator.
Vehicle calculator.
Consultants for Financial and Environmental

You mean we don't have to worry about war and poverty?
the caracal kid
good ideas,

we need to address end-to-end costs (economic and environmental) in our choices though.

With the global rate of growth, all these small maneuvers will only buy a small delay, rather than a solution.

for example, i really am impressed by the tesla, but how clean would it be to operate? this comes down to what is being used to generate the electricity it uses.
Lolz. I'm only a student. You are right about how clean we are to operate. I guess that part leads to the international politics, kyoto protocols, environmental toxicologists, and variety of engineers, and natural scientists under years of observations and data to set a scale for how much production of gases must be made in each products. If we each do something, global warming will be slowly reduced.

I guess global warming may create more proverty by giving droughts on African lands and warm weather may tick people off so that they start fighting again. I don't know what war or proverty worries and this thread have any link at all, but hey! I like to answer questions.
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Forgot to add a job of well done to Winnepeg's new sewage system.
Just Visit: http://www.winnipeg.ca/waterandwaste...mOperation.stm
Siemens have improved too. I'll have to get the link someday.
L Gilbert
"7 Ways to Save the World "?
I have one way: get rid of humans. Find another planet to live on that leaves us no room for screwing up.
I went to the l;and fil suite today ,Im shocked at the **** we throw out
Imashmed of the lazyboys ,plastic kids toys ,mattresses ,tires and all the stuff

Can we not just
turn off the commericals to buy stuff
only use what we need
give away thing that may be used by other
not keep up we the jones
not buy everylittle make your life easier clutter crap thing
buy used or reinvent what you have
build house with passive solar in mind
and use thermal mass heating ,
I dont want to vist the land fill site ever again
It hurts to see how stupid we are
Quote: Originally Posted by L Gilbert View Post

"7 Ways to Save the World "?
I have one way: get rid of humans. Find another planet to live on that leaves us no room for screwing up.

We are the world
If we captured all the energy for the spin the conservatives give off, we would have an alternative fuel source.
We would save alot of energy, if light switch's game with timers. People should not use lights in the house during the day light hours when they can see what is in front of them. Ban dimmer switches because over the long run they are ineffective in saving energy. If your dimmer switch is warm it is actually using more power then a regular switch would.
Also build surge protectors on hydro meters to stop sudden surges of power into your house.. Every time you get a power surge, you are paying for it. I have a hydro box in my backyard, and it overheats all the time and gives off smoke. I reported it of course and they have not fixed the breaker yet. All that power being grounded out is such a waste.
Quote: Originally Posted by typingrandomstuff View Post

#juan, pardon on this kind of language, but read my posts carefully. Read my posts carefully. Read my posts carefully and think hard. Think hard. Think hard. Think very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very hard. These post ideas are to be linked together and put together. It says in my 1) point a) and b) to lower costs for people who buys items that are renewable. And not every hybrid is that costly. It may seem at first, however when you get the daily savings, then the original bulb with green will save you a lot of money. If you still do not understand, then I will have to give you the calculations of the two bulbs, the comparison of saving gas of a hybrid and a nonhybrid.

I've read most of your posts and from what I can tell, they are a hash of misinformation and nonsense. Fuel cells are an expensive waste of time at the moment. The only sensible thing you bring up is the use of solar photo-voltaic panels to charge batteries.
Message to all-Part I
Okay. I guess #juan you only understand some of the stuff I am talking about. No matter. Even if 1. do not become true, time, resources, and people will make it true. Nature have its own pattern.

When I post the hydro-electric cycle, I was hoping to use get the message that: whatever comes in should be whatever comes out. During the process of whatever comes in and whatever comes out, there should be least amount of toxins made. Toxins: according to new green is amount released over what the earth can transform into new. If whatever comes in is not whatever comes out, the comes out stuff can be used for other purposes of industry until the trash business disappears and there are very few pollutants (under the earth's healing abilities).
I have good news and bad news.
The bad news is, platinum is expensive.

The good news is, people found a way to use platinum. Platinum and a certain type of silk can give more productivity. Also, during most chemical reactions, some sort of energy is released. We may use that energy instead of sticking with the traditional combustion engines.

I have some links to help people buy better friges and other sorts of items, which is on next post.

Killing People
I do not hope people are killed or transported to another planet. If I do, then I wouldn't be posting in this thread. Earth without people is not earth's problem. If nothing is done to save the environment, the environment will first threat and then kill us. That is what I am trying to prevent.

Benefit to Earth
How will it benefit earth? That is a really easy answer. As you know, we are the top omnivores that live to be the ruler of the earth as we have every living beings and dead stuff under our control. I am sure in every living world, there is such a ruler. If we live in symbiosis with our environment, not only will our species survive and gain the paradise and wonder, but also the earth will not have to undergo another progress of pain. This progress of pain is using resources to discover the symbiosis between earth and dominant organisms such as people.

Transferring to another planet
One, there is no other planet that is living that we can live in. Two, it will take years to reach that planet unless we travels thorough a worm hole. Three, if we keep on polluting the planet that we go to, then we have to find another planet.

Over population
Over population will take too much resources, and make the people's lives a little harder. Less resources, more famine and troubles. War and sacrifice, on the other hand can reduce the numbers and let us use less. This way people are going to be a little better because most people like to take and throw whatever. I do not like war or sacrifices because many higher power people use them for excuses of political and powers. Many not most.
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Some Links to help you save energy, earth, future generation and much more!

chemistry consultants

some renewable ideas!

Planet Friendly Energy!

Energy Star homes FAQ.

Energy Star homes!

Fridges savings.

Mr. Electricity of fridges.

some words of encouragement.
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L Gilbert
Quote: Originally Posted by s243a View Post

We are the world

You and Michael Jackson, eh?
#juan, I think you do not understand. You only think in one way and that is technological. You do not think in terms of finiancial, environment, ecology, sociology, history, past, present, future, people's bravery, and whole lot of humanity, the exsistance of humanity, the exsistance of nature, and why we are still like this, why we are not into what we hoped to be, and all sorts of political powers and ups and downs. You do not link everything and you do not question everything. I know some of the stuff I say needs improvement. Instead of saying it is wrong, why don't you tell me what went wrong?
L Gilbert
Quote: Originally Posted by ottawa224 View Post

If we captured all the energy for the spin the conservatives give off, we would have an alternative fuel source.

Funny you should say that. I thought several times if we could have captured all the hydrogen sulfides and methanes coming from aPAULing Martin's mouth, we could have sulfa drugs and fuel for years in Canada.
We need to tell the government to put lots of tax on energy wasting appliances and products so that the energy saving devices will be cheaper.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liberalman View Post

We need to tell the government to put lots of tax on energy wasting appliances and products so that the energy saving devices will be cheaper.

The government would rather ban things then tax them. Otherwise we wouldn't be getting rid of the incandescent light bulb and people would still be able to smoke in public.
I just hope someone come up with a new invention that is better than anything else and follows the everything is used, and reused. The earth constantly recycles the wastes by using bacteria. The bacteria make soil and plant use soil as form of nutrients. Then the nuturients get absorbed and the plants are eaten. Then the people and plants die and then the bacteria use the dead stuff to make nutrients and soil and then the plant take in the nutrients. It's really normal to recycle and well since few people do it, it will certainly give some extra money.

For got to add the mechanical, chemical, and consumer demands for the last post.

Yay for minority government!

Last comment:

If you want to save the world and you have skills.
All people have to do is to give a contract to the most dominant or is going to be successful companies and the rest will follow their patterns. If those company accept, the globe will slowly be saved! Global warming is now a threat. Act Now!
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I found some pages to rebates

Rebate o' Canada

Alberta Energy solutions

Farmlands and Oil
To Albertans, I think the best result will be to encourage people there to more farming and farm lands. In the perfected world, there are a lot of farms, hospitals, shops, fun and people live as scattered yet connected. They hardly ever fights, yet if they do so it is a great mess.

Having more farmland is grander because without them, we would have to eat genetically modified food, which do not give us the appropriate nutrients for growth or survival.

Please give some sort of law to let farmland people to live and then, may be Alberta will be famous for something and let go of the oil boom.

In the future I bet oil will be extremely expensive and people will change to renewable energy anyhow.


I am sorry I cannot translate all of this into French. My French is horrible and I only know words like et a la le il elle and is fit for a grade 1 french student. I do not know how to get a good teacher. If any one is bilingual, please translate these pages to the best French for the French dominants.

Congratz to the company who uses Carbon dioxide to make into basic products and selling them to elsewhere. carbon dioxide + water with a specific base (keeping secrete for the sake of the industry). This is a great and gradual step. There are tons of great things around the sites comercial uses too.

Tip:Regular fridges for regular small storages. If you like to store big items, rooms that are fridges are best.

More to Come!
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Two new renewable wind power ways:

1 is by kite attached to a merry-go-round:

Kite ship company
Kite Surfing School

2 is ballons filled with helium

from the monitor.
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All new building should adhere to passive solar design --been around for ever why was it not implemeneted --cant make money off it

hot water tanks on roofs to collect sun power --we decorte our house with all kindas a wired crap why not

bussiness ,goverment, building, schools should be able to be light by the sun on most days no lights on

green roofs --

External environment - Energy-efficient landscaping materials, including the use of trees and plants can be selected to reflect or absorb heat, create summer shading (particularly in the case of deciduous plants), and create shelter from the wind.
OH! So other words, its a garden on top of your roof? Not all solar farms have to be either on top of the roof! Right now our solar panels are progressing. It still give you some money out of it. If you do not know how to use them, then ask an expert or don't use them. Solar panels are most popular among small to medium items because inventors haven't figure out a way to get thing in it.

I support the green roof wheather it is the garden on top of your roof, or one the ground with a water drainage system or related.

How to clean up in oil spills
1. bring a vacuum with you and just suck the contents of the oil spill. This way you wouldn't lose the oil into the river. Don't forget to remove certain water plants or your vacuum will not work as great! Sucked oil may also be resued! Having a vacuum actually save you money and trouble!
2. Use a soap to help water clean up oil (research on the properties of soap and oil)
3. Use one of those complex machines that cleans up oil spills.
4. Use hovercraft principle of air to pump the oil into a container (similar to a vacuum)
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Green roofs (the garden type that is!)!

Sam Sung's fuel cell and

Eco news on laptops!

Companies like Xreox and Hp!

they might help with the designs!

I once gave a hydrogen fuel cell seperation and connection by the energy researching center. This may be very cheap for both the solar and fuel cell part because once compounds are turned into ions, then they are more likely to attract with other unlike charges of molecules to fuse into something else. So, the split of water by the solar power and the reuse of connecting might someday be valued higher than ever!
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