Persistant Problems

Hey guys,

I'm really sorry about the recent downtime around lunchtime. We're currently investigating the issue but at this very moment, the network centre is experiencing network problems.. they haven't yet told me how long it will take to get things back to 100% full capacity.

I'll keep you all updated on this thread. Hopefully we'll get it sorted before the end of the weekend.
I managed to get in about 45 minutes ago after trying off and on since very early this morning. Right at this moment everything seems to be working fine. I thought I noticed the forums slowing down yesterday but that problem seems to have gone away.
Hope the problem gets sorted out.......cheers
lone wolf
Seems to have been going out here around 10 am and not coming back until mid to late pm for the last week here. I notices someone else had a thread reporting outages anout the same times. Freakin' gremlins, eh? At least the car was dependable (if not ugly as sin)


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