The barrier .. what barrier

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The barrier which prevents man from the correct guidance and prevents him from the good work .. what barrier!

It is Satan and his devils preventing man from accepting the guidance and from doing any righteousness and from charity and alms-giving to the poor and needy.

The true guidance is clear and very obvious .. it is to devote to God alone without associate or peer or patron ..
This is essential for God's good pleasure and the believer may be admitted to Paradise in heaven.

The most important thing which man after death wishes .. is that he should have spent some of the wealth which he left behind .. to spend it in God's way and for God's sake to the orphan, the poor and needy .. but it will be impossible to return so as to correct his belief or to spend some of his wealth.

Quran 23: 99-100, which mean:
[God – be glorified – told about the condition of the unbeleivers and the niggardly, at the hour of death, and He said:]

(99. Till when death comes to one of them [and he is about to die], he says: "O [angels of] my Lord, return me [to the life of the World.]"

100. "So that I may do charity with [the wealth] which I left behind."

[The angels will say to him:]
“No, [there will be no return for you.”]
This merely is a word that he speaks;
for there is behind them a barrier [: that is the devil who will ‘bar and prevent’ them from the expenditure, if they are returned] till the day when they will be sent forth [from their bodies to the ether world or the world of souls .]

More information is in the link:

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Personal experience:

When I was guided to the 'true guidance' of devoting to God alone .. I suffered much of Satan's suggestions which he suggested to me .. so that I wavered, doubted and hesitated; he whispered to me:
"What are you doing; these are the family of the prophet; this is Ali the conquerer of disbelievers .. do you want to follow this man [the interpreter] .. he may be possessed .. no, don't do that; stick to your original belief of showing exceeding respect to the imams .. etc.
Then by God's help, I crossed successfuly such period of Satan's suggestions and that he cast the doubt in the heart of believers; and praise be to God the Lord of the nations and worlds.
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Curious Cdn
So, what has been preventing you from breaking through and doing good works?
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Quote: Originally Posted by Curious Cdn View Post

So, what has been preventing you from breaking through and doing good works?

You mean to be righteous like you? Unfortunately I did not know your brilliancy before.

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There is another aya with similar implication, about the believing:

Quran 6: 27-28, which mean:
[God told His messenger about the condition of the disbelievers who died:]
27. If only you [Mohammed] could see [these associaters or disbelievers] when they are 'detained and acquainted' about the hellfire!
They would say then, "We wish we could be sent back [to the life of the World], then we would never deny the revelations of our Lord, but rather we would be among the believers."

[Then God rejected their wishes and disapproved their words:]
28. But then [in the Next Life] it will become obvious to them [and before souls; their shameful behaviors, secrets and evil deeds] that they were hiding before;
and even if they were sent back [to the life of the World], they would return to that [disobedience] which they were forbidden; they, indeed, are liars [with their wishes.]

More explanation is in the link:

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There is also another aya which give a similar meaning:

Quran 14: 44-45, which mean:
(44. But [O Mohammed] warn people [of the Next life punishment, which they will face in the world of souls] on the day [of their death] when the chastisement will come on them,
and wrong-doers will say [when they will see the death angels seizing their spirits]:

"Our Lord, defer us to a near appointment, and we will respond to Your call and obey the messengers."

[The angels will reply to them:]
"Didn't you swear before that you would never abandon [your idolatry]?"

45. "And [didn't you] reside in the dwellings of those [before you] who wronged themselves, though it was evident to you how We had dealt with them [when they denied Our messengers],
and We expounded [in the Quran] the examples for you [to take lesson and be not like them?]"

More explanation is in the link:
Curious Cdn
You mean to be righteous like you? Unfortunately I did not know your brilliancy before.

You deflect like a Trumpite.
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The truth is evident, and the argument has been established against idolaters and disbelievers.

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