Lizard plucked from studentís salad now a classroom pet
The Associated Press
First posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 01:31 PM EST | Updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 02:48 PM EST
PRINCETON, N.J. -- A central New Jersey elementary school science class has a new pet after a lizard was discovered in a student's salad after being refrigerated for days.
Riverside Elementary School science teacher Mark Eastburn tells NJ.com the 3-inch green anole lizard was found in a bundle of tatsoi greens last week by a kindergartner.
The lizard had been cold and lifeless after being confined in a refrigerator for days. The lizard has since been warmed and lives in a cage in Eastburn's class .
The lizard, dubbed "Green Fruit Loop," came from Florida.
The tatsoi had been bought from Whole Earth Center in Princeton.
A store produce manager says greens are cleaned as they're stocked and that the lizard must've been tucked away in a leaf.
The green anole lizard that was found in a child's salad in New Jersey. (YouTube/Screengrab)

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