Is Premier Wynne a Conservative in Disguise?


When Premier Kathleen Wynne took over from Dalton McGuinty, it wasn’t long before she showed former Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. boss Paul Godfrey the door.

Godfrey was let go last May because Wynne was less than thrilled with his controversial restructuring of the horse-racing industry and talks on how much Toronto should be paid to host a casino.

It seemed clear Godfrey’s attempts to “modernize” gambling in this province were not in line with the approach of the post-McGuinty Liberals.

So why, then, is a central tenant of Godfrey’s plan — the privatization of lotteries — going forward?

The OLG generates more than $3 billion and writes a $1.7-billion dividend cheque to the province annually.

Much like alcohol, it is a reliable source of revenue at a time when the economic recovery continues at a snail’s pace and jobs remain scarce, especially for young people.

So, how does sending that profit to the private sector, in exchange for a purchase price that will no doubt be far less than its value, serve Ontario over the long haul?

How does the inevitable loss of hundreds of jobs (potentially more than 500 in Sault Ste. Marie), benefit the province?

Why would it be good for Ontario’s gaming industry to be controlled by foreign interests? It’s a scenario that is highly possible should the province auction off gambling.

In explaining the reforms, OLG boss Rod Phillips claims the future of gambling lies in the ability to buy tickets on iPads and Blackberrys.

“Customers’ tastes have changed… and our business model didn’t,” he says.
But, where’s the evidence that tastes have changed?

Eight million people play annually. An estimated $34 billion has been raised for government programs since the OLG was established.
Does that sound like a broken system?

With billions of dollars at stake, the Wynne government needs to halt the privatization and take a hard look at the long-term impact of this plan.
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All I know is it has a p e n i s.
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Gambling should rightfully be the domain of private enterprise, as should alcohol sales. The government can still tax the life blood out of it without taking any of the risk.
Actually there are very few businesses that the government should be involved in except perhaps to regulate. That way taxpayes are protected from any potential liability.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Locutus View Post

All I know is it has a p e n i s.

She does?
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Some things should be in the hands of government some should be in the
hands of private sector and some should be a share responsibility. If the
In order to make an informed decision we would have to see all the facts
and they are not available. Making decisions from a right wing perspective
is fine as long as its the best solution the same for making a decision from
a left wing perspective if that is what the situation calls for. We see too many
decisions being made from and ideological perspective for a pre determined
agenda those are the decisions we should be suspicious of