Government of Canada Is Currently Seeking To Hire Wizards

I thought this was bullshit when the Mrs mentioned it but the Government of Canada website confirms it.


AS-02 Various Administrative Wizardry Positions - INVENTORY

Reference number: TBD19J-020489-000004
Selection process number: 2019-TBD-EA-INV-114876

Work environment

Are you a Gryffindor (brave, loyal, courageous and adventurous), a Ravenclaw (wise, creative, clever and knowledgeable) a Hufflepuff (hard working, dedicated, fair, patient) or a Slytherin (resourceful, ambitious, determined and crave leadership)?

No matter what ‘house’ you belong to, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) has various teams that we would love to use our ‘sorting hat’ to place you into. We are looking for strong and motivated candidates that are interested in making an impact on Canadian citizens. With our Talent Management Program, we will help you grow, learn and further develop your magical career within the Public Service. Come and let TBS become your home away from home!

Intent of the process

We will conduct the first random selection of applicants - also known as "wizards" - on April 8, 2019. Therefore, if you would like to increase your chance of being considered in this first group, please ensure to submit your application by April 7, 2019.

A pool of partially qualified persons resulting from this process WILL be created and WILL be used to fill similar positions with linguistic profiles (Bilingual Imperative BBB/BBB and CBC/CBC. In order to continue creating a diverse workforce, some positions may be filled on a bilingual Non-Imperative BBB/BBB and CBC/CBC basis for the following Employment Equity groups: Indigenous Persons, Visible Minorities and Persons with Disabilities) as well as tenures (please refer to Employment Tenure section of this poster) that may vary according to the position being staffed. This pool may be used to staff similar positions in other organizations within the core public administration ( By applying to this process, you consent to your personal application-related information being shared with other government departments interested in staffing similar positions.

Positions to be filled: Number to be determined

Yup. We're f-cked.
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I thought this was bullshit when the Mrs mentioned it but the Government of Canada website confirms it.
Yup. We're f-cked.

Bilingual language requirements

A bilingual position requires the use of both official languages, English and French. The position may be staffed on a bilingual imperative basis, meaning that the candidate must meet the language requirements before being appointed to the position. Alternatively, it may be staffed on a bilingual non-imperative basis, meaning that the candidate may have up to two years of language training in order to meet the language requirements. Candidates may be exempted from language training for medical reasons. They may also choose to be exempt from language training if they are at least 55 years of age, or between 53 and 55 years of age with at least 28 years of pensionable service at the time of appointment.

Language requirements are depicted by three letters (i.e. CBC, BBB, etc…). The first letter refers to the required language competency in Reading, the second to Writing, and the third to Oral Interaction. Letters C, B, and A indicate skill levels as follows:
  • C - Superior
  • B - Intermediate
  • A - Minimum
  • (-) No requirement
The code P could also appear in the linguistic profile. It indicates a requirement for language-related skills normally acquired through specialized training (i.e. shorthand, text editing) or for specialized expert proficiency in one or both official languages (i.e. translation, teaching the language). The placement of the code P in a linguistic profile denotes the language or languages in which these skills or proficiencies are to be assessed.

Additionally, you will notice that the language requirements are normally repeated on the competition poster (i.e. BBB/BBB, CBC/CBC, etc…). This is because we need to indicate the level required in English and in French for the position. In Quebec the first group of levels indicates the French requirements, while those following the backslash indicate the English requirements. In all other provinces the first group of levels indicates the English requirements, while those following the backslash indicate the French requirements. In most cases the requirements in English and French will be identical; however there are some circumstances where different levels are necessary.
Even a government employee isnt dumb enough to tell a wizzard they dont qualify because they dont speak french.
I think they mean Harry Potter type Wizards - not your type of wizards.
The one and only Secretariat.
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I think they mean Harry Potter type Wizards - not your type of wizards.

SO not the kind that can fix problems. That would figure with government.

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