Canada is facing yet another flour recall

It comes on the heels of a separate massive, national flour recall sparked by another E. coli outbreak one that made some people so sick, they ended up in hospital.

"I'm still upset over what happened, and my two-year-old, he is still recovering," says Kyla Hermsen from Grand Forks, B.C. Her son became severely ill after eating raw cookie dough made with Robin Hood flour that was part of the national recall.

A new, separate recall involves a batch of Rogers 10-kilogram all-purpose flour possibly contaminated with E.coli and sold at B.C.
Costco stores.

The source of the outbreak also remains a mystery. The investigation focused on 11 loads of Canadian wheat that were shipped to Ardent Mills. But the CIFA believes the wheat was contaminated in the field.

"We don't know which farm, we don't know what the harvest state was, so it's really hard to definitively pinpoint the source," said Ken Marcynuk, the CFIA's national manager of food safety investigations and recalls.

To safeguard themselves, Marcynuk says people should never eat raw flour or even let their children use playdough made with flour.

Holley agrees and says people must let go of that ritual of licking cake batter remains or eating cookie dough from the bottom of the mixing bowl.

"The recognition that these products can be hazardous to your health I think is becoming more and more apparent, and we as consumers have to recognize that."

Canada hit with another flour recall, more illnesses due to 2nd E. coli outbreak - Business - CBC News

one should never eat real food from, or even on china

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Don't panic, it's organic!
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People eating uncooked cookie bad as eating raw meat....
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Don't panic, it's organic!

... as opposed to the in-organic stuff? ... which is made from what? ... Plutonium?

Oh, I get it! "100% Derived from Nature"
This is why we export grain instead of loves of bread. Can't trust Canadian manufacturing workers.
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"Be sure to wear a flour in your hair"