Air India-Not Guilty

They were both found not guilty today. I can not believe it. Who else could of done it? Maybe because it was a judge alone and not a Jury Trial? Your thoughts? Should the Crown Appeal?
Ten Packs
I haven't followed the trial all that closely, but this stuns me!

Canada is not going to look good to the rest of the world on this one.
I know.

With all the money and time spent on this I don't see how they were found not guilty.(they are not innocent like some people say, plus innocent and not guilty are not the same) It makes the Crown and RCMP look like idiots.

But there is more thats gone on too. Killing reporters and threats made to various people. Those two are nasty people.

Those two I think got away with murder and I hope it gets appealed but there has to be an error in Law so this might just be the end of it.
Reverend Blair
They weren't found innocent, they were found not guilty. The Crown didn't make the case beyond a reasonable doubt. They didn't have the evidence. The investigators, the RCMP and CSIS, blew it.
innocent until proven guilty. man, they sure screwed up this one. i hate to think what will happen next here on the coast. pretty uneasy times right now, they have been interviewing people from both sides all day...........what a mess.
Reverend Blair
It's going to open up some old wounds for sure. The thing is that there have been dribs and drabs about how the RCMP and CSIS dropped the ball on this for years. I wasn't even surprised at the verdict.
Thats just great .One of those guys is from here .I sure hope things stay quiet around town.
I live near that Khalsa school that Malic formed and they had lots of security there yesterday. I also found Malil has a web site, with a letter professing his innocence.
Bagri's cuased the local Sihk community here to worry also .There is some sort of lawsuit going on over one of there temples moderates vrs the hardliners of which he's one.
I agree with the rev the RCMP and CSIS complete screw ups.
Reverend Blair
There's really no way around that, Peapod. Either they chased the wrong guys for twenty years, or they had two decades to make a case and failed to do so.

Can anybody from BC say if the charges of racism are true?
I do not think any racism. There just upset they were not convicted.

However there is a certain group of "Indo Canadians" who cry racism out here if every little thing does not go there way.
Ten Packs
There's no racism in this case that I can see - long-smouldering hatred between sects or religions, perhaps.
But the incident was pursued by the authorities, not ignored or brushed over.
Reverend Blair
That's why I asked. We've got a problem with racism in police forces here, but the investigations don't on for twenty years...instead they shuffled under the rug almost immediately.
Rev: that was with a few Natives who were taken for cold rides,wasn't it?
Reverend Blair
You're thinking of Saskatchewan, but it reportedly happens here too. Our city police are bad enough that a local native group has armed themselves with video cameras and wander around filming native/police encounters.

If you're downtown you see the cops hassling natives all the time, yet they leave white people who are just as guilty alone. It's bizarre.
Theres no racism here its just the moderates vrs the hardliners .The big fight seems to be who runs the temples and if they use tables and chairs in the temples
Reverend Blair
We have hierarchical racism. Aboriginals are at the bottom, then South Americans, Blacks, Asians, hippies, poor white people, kids etc. then the cops wonder why nobody likes them. The RCMP tend to be better though...they just go after natives and long-hairs.

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