CNN dying

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Maybe they need to renovate and flip it?
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Maybe they need to renovate and flip it?

Their ratings would soar if they started reporting about the booming economy and how the US is now the world’s biggest producer of oil and natural gas.
The white nationalist climate change denier audience is all at Fox.

Its the only network that would have them.
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The white nationalist climate change denier audience is all at Fox.

Its the only network that would have them.

Poor Hoid! Your beloved LIE-beral bigots are failing in every arena!

Their policies are spinning into disgrace like turds in a flushed toilet and soon they will be GONE!

Here is a detailed reminder of why LIE-berals are so wrong about so many issues and the FUNNY thing is- the details come from the LIE-beral loving Loons at Toronto Red Star :

Congratulations to Martin Regg Cohn for proving yet again there is no bottom to the huge bag full of fertilizer fresh from the back end of the Bull shit that loonie leftist Lie-beral loving media whores dig into every time their chosen Lie-beral champions take another hit in public popularity! The public grows weary of the media whore view-held by Toronto Star wankers- that Ontari-owe is some weird mushroom farm whose inhabitants will benefit from a steady diet of BULLSHIT!!! .

These are excerpts from a Toronto (RED) Star column by Martin Regg Cohn- Provincial Politics, Published on Thu Jan 28 2016 (with some comments of my own in brackets):

Cohn points out: Critics keep complaining that Quebecers and Manitobans have better rates. Well, housing prices are also lower in Winnipeg, and equally irrelevant to Toronto’s real estate market. The topography of Manitoba, and hydrography of Quebec, can’t be replicated in Ontario, where the waters don’t flow with the same hydro-friendly forces.

(I say: And perhaps Ontari-owe electricity rates would benefit from our PAYING Ontari-owe Hydro workers LOWER salaries since so many civil service union Hogs get so much Higher pay than ordinary Cdns in the private sector? That is our first chance to save -by cutting Hog pensions that are so grossly rich that private sector companies are not allowed to offer them- even if they could afford such extravagance! And of course LIE-berals have issued a staggering array of IOU`s that we simple DO NOT have the money to honour! No wonder Ontari-owe hydro rates are among the highest in North America- while at the same time system reliability is the LOWEST- as LIE-berals use our electrical system as a giant slush fund for buying Hog votes!!)

Cohn says: Smart meters aren’t perfect, which is why critics call them dumb. They haven’t been rolled out well, and they are operating far from potential. But they allow utilities — now and in future — to implement peak pricing and discounts that can reduce the need to build new and expensive electricity capacity. They are costly up front, but will ultimately conserve energy, which is an undeniably good thing in an era of global warming and carbon pricing.

(Poor Cohn, he IGNORES the ugly reality that smart meters are nothing but a NASTY CASH GRAB by LIE-berals using our electrical system as a giant slush fund for BUYING LIE-beral supporters! Nobody who has a regular work shift is getting up at 2 am to do laundry or dishes just to save some pennies on electricity- such people need their nights rest! And of course all the kids out there doing McJobs which usually require night shifts have NO CHOICE about electricity use! People trying to sleep during the day must keep windows closed and noise out- which means increased use of costly air conditioning to permit decent sleep in mid day when temperatures - and hydro rates are highest! A very significant portion of private sector keeps odd shift hours while it is civil service union Hogs who can make best use of the variable rates allowed by smart meters! Hog greed screws us in multiple ways!)

(On the other hand smart meters and high hydro rates are NOT preventing gravy grabbing civil service union Hogs from installing bubble systems around their costly cedar docks in Muskoka- so they can prevent ice from forming and damaging the costly woodwork! Its all about costs and priorities and LIE-berals are using the extra gravy grabbed by smart meters to ensure Hogs have the cash they need to maintain their HIGH carbon emissions!)

The government’s energy vision missed the mark, as auditor general Bonnie Lysyk noted — with hindsight — in her annual report. Depressed demand, and an overstimulated supply, produced a glut. My critique of her report — for misleadingly proclaiming $37 billion in overspending beyond the “market price” in recent years — sparked a rebuttal from Lysyk that was conspicuously silent on the key point: The so-called market price she cites is merely an hourly “spot price,” which can’t be counted on to secure electricity when it’s needed in future, just as the Last Minute Club can’t guarantee you a seat during Spring Break.

(I say go ahead Cohn-spread that fertilizer thick and DEEP! Smart meters save NOTHING except civil service union Hog VOTES for Lie-berals! Talking about “spot pricing” is nothing but a DISTRACTION from the truth- that LIE-beral pay rates and Hog pensions are the real reason for high prices! People spend 8 hours a day sleeping and electricity rates are lowest when people are ASLEEP and LIE-berals have ensured that prices will be highest when we are awake and at work etc! VERY FEW of us have any choice about using electricity at factory or market or office at mid day rates, no choice about using it during classes, no choice about the cost to hospitals and schools and certainly no choice about the cost of operating traffic lights or other security devices-Lie-beral hydro policy is PRICE GOUGING at its finest!)

(Even worse are LIE-beral suggestions that Lysyk is not informed on the subject of electricity pricing! LIE-berals hired her away from her job as chief auditor at Manitoba Hydro! Do LIE-berals now want to admit they either figured that Lysyk was not smart enough to find the skeletons in the Electrical closet? Or do they want to admit they miscalculated badly and simply expected they could bully Lysyk into silence regarding those nasty LIE-beral skeletons? And if LIE-berals are so certain Lysyk is incompetent then why not fore her and take their chances in court on a wrongful dismissal case? Or are they afraid to be LEGALLY COMPELLED to admit what we already know- that Lysyk is RIGHT!)

(Even worse- Cohn IGNORES the REAL reason electricity is so costly! First there is the mouldy green energy produced by wind and solar farms owned by LIE-beral pals who are getting fabulous rates for their mouldy green energy! Even worse- we cannot shut off the supply- LIE-berals have committed us to buying any and all mouldy green power that is produced- WITHOUT being worried that mouldy green production is HIGHEST in spring and fall when we need it least! )

(This LIE-beral greed has resulted in two solutions! First- “curtailment” in which LIE-berals SHUT OFF water powered generators in order to make room for mouldy green power on the grid! Yes- LIE-berals are dumping water power- the lowest cost generators- in favour of mouldy green power which is the HIGHEST COST GENERATOR!! And Cohn thinks he can defend such LIE-beral policy by suggesting Lysyk does not understand it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!)

(Second- mouldy green power is being SOLD OFF AT A SERIOUS LOSS in order to get rid of those great gobs excess power that we cannot shut off because LIE-berals have legally committed us to buying it all from their pals- regardless of our real NEED- or the cost!)

(Can anybody imagine the screams of outrage if we passed a law stating that Cohn and his ilk can only produce their grossly irresponsible garbage `news` columns from midnight to dawn and that he and his loonie leftist colleagues must sleep all day like vampires to conserve energy and reduce costs? And how about we the people DEMAND that OUR politicians at Queens Park MUST ONLY meet and work from midnight to dawn when electricity rates are lowest so WE CAN SAVE with smart meters? Yet this is what Cohn and his Lie-berals pals want US to do-we can work the midnight shift to save the Lie-berals from embarrassment while Cohn DAY dreams of daily spreading more fertilizer on us! Smart meters are ONLY smart if you like gouging the public for prime rates in exchange for Hog votes!)

Cohn points out: The auditor makes light of the fact that Ontario sometimes sells surplus power below cost at off-peak times, but that’s little different from airline seat sales during low season. It’s not catastrophic mismanagement, merely common sense to hold the occasional sale in order to recoup fixed costs, whether it’s an empty seat, overripe fruit, or surplus power. Nor should a temporary oversupply prompt us to abandon energy conservation, which was implied in the auditor’s analysis describing such efforts as a waste of money.

(I say to Cohn: keep that STINKY fertilizer to yourself! An airline that has too many empty seats reduces wages, cuts hours of work and lays people off to control costs! A business will also SELL unused aircraft-too many empty seats even means the airline goes bankrupt! This is in sharp contrast to the behaviour of the Hogs supplying electricity in this province who simply demand EVER MORE GRAVY regardless of economic realty! A hundred years ago democratic govts decided it was legal and proper to break up business monopolies for the good of society-too bad Lie-berals LIKE their electrical monopoly for the `excess` gravy they can milk out of it for their selfish “needs”!)

Cohn says: That’s not to say the Liberals didn’t overdo their love affair with renewables, eternally unrequited: The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine when you need the power. Sadly, the wind blows mostly at night, or during shoulder seasons, when our demand is lower, compounding the perils of oversupply -and overpaying.

(I say: Cohn is partly right here but the full truth is Lie-berals deliberately IGNORED economic AND environmental reality when they set up their insane green energy program that has all the charm of a mushroom farm just after the fresh fertilizer is applied! In order to get the green energy madness rolling, Lie-berals CLAIM they had to pay 9 times MORE for green energy than for other types of generation and THEN PROMISE to buy any and all `green` energy produced before using any other CHEAPER source of power and such deals are MADNESS! But LIE-berals blinded by their own bullsh+t and compelled forward by lust for gravy don’t care about the market advice they IGNORED!)

(Its even worse that Lie-berals then HAD to go build DUPLICATE natural gas generating facilities because green energy is SO UNRELIABLE that gas plants MUST be kept steaming at FULL POWER 24/7 ready to step in and prop up the grid the moment the grossly unreliable green energy falters! A sane business person has to ask: WHY bother with grossly expensive and unreliable green energy when the much cheaper gas plants are already up and fired and ready to go when desired anyway? AS Cohn himself admits-green energy is easiest to get when we need it LEAST!)

Cohn says: The stealth privatization of our system by the Liberals exacerbated the political and fiscal costs of relocating those unpopular gas-fired power plants in Oakville and Mississauga: Private contractors failed to woo and win local support for the locations, then demanded compensation for the cancellations that followed. Had the Liberals allowed publicly owned Ontario Power Generation to bid on gas-fired generation, they could have counted on better public consultations, and avoided costly litigation as Crown corporations don’t sue the Crown.

(I say: Careful there Cohn-applying too much fertilizer to plants can BURN them and you and the Lie-beral loons are in danger of killing off Ontari-owe mushrooms with your sh+t! The huge masses of protestors at the proposed gas plant sites should have alerted people less arrogant than our Lie-beral poobahs that the sites chosen might be a problem. But Lie-berals were so convinced of their beloved status, they believed they could feed us bullsh+t till we choke and we wont complain! People objected to the gas plants in their neighbourhood SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE they were informed and knew what was being dumped on them for LIE-beral convenience! A costly PR campaign would not have changed public opinion- as the recent election campaign PROVED!)

(Private contractors do not “woo and win” public support for gas plants. Contractors build what and where govt wants and Lie-berals wanted to ram the plants down the throats of `mushroom minded` voters-its nothing to do with contractors and ALL to do with arrogant Lie-berals who wanted to SAVE on transmission line costs by building the plants in or near residential areas; over the protests of the people who were ultimately PAYING for the plants!!)

(Further, the major reason private contractors were called in is because govt unions have had so many GROSS cost over-runs on previous jobs that even Lie-berals didnt trust their union Hog allies to get the job done properly! Consider the latest boondoggle at Spadina subway-anybody got a spare four hundred million and counting for that over-run? Or what about the new reactor the Hogs tried and FAILED to build at Chalk River? Hundreds of millions of dollars for a rats nest of pipes that will NEVER produce a single medical isotope-and the contractor driven into BANKRUPTCY so no recovery of a single penny!! With Hogs claiming Harper was a bully for firing the chief Hog in that Chalk River MESS- if they are prepared to speak at all about the mess- and most are not!)

(As for Lysyk and her estimates of electricity cost over-runs; we have seen that Lie-beral smear show before! She was auditor general for Manitoba Hydro for ten years and is not the foolish green horn that Cohn and Lie-berals want her to appear!)

Cohn says: Coal is the major reason why electricity can seem cheaper in neighbouring U.S. states that are still addicted to it. But factor in the sliding Canadian dollar, and those price differences largely vanish. Perhaps our artificially high petro-dollar generated an illusory cost-comparison all those years. Today, those cross-border rates are roughly at par.

(I say: bag that sh+t-we have had more than enough of it! Yankees have CLOSED over 140 coal fired generating plants in the past decade! Or switched the plants to burning natural gas! The MAIN reason electricity is CHEAPER in United States is because their unions don’t get such a nice ride on the govt gravy train! And I don’t just refer to electricity plant workers! )

(Lie-berals like to cherry pick through costs and taxes to arrive at neat numbers that make them look good but reality says there are four levels of govt and only one level of tax payer-we can only be gouged so many times before we run out of cash and throwing this US exchange rate fertilizer at us does NOT put money in our pockets nor excuse Lie-beral GREED and use of electricity as a giant slush fund for buying Hog votes!)

(Cdns pay an AGGREGATE TOTAL of HIGHER TAXES than any other developed country in the world! Our burden is not just about the cost of electricity, its about the TOTAL LIE-beral TAX burden we carry...and WE CARRY TOO MUCH! It would be easier to pay for electricity if our other tax burdens (AND NATIONAL DEBTS) were LOWER! And we can pin that mass of bills squarely on Lie-berals too! Lie-beral govts ran Canada for 70 of the 100 years of the 20th century! With Conservatives desperately acting as a spending brake to ward off the worst LIE-beral excesses! Currently the Trudeaus- papa Pierre and idiot son Justin hold the record for most costly Cdn govts in peace time! With tax mad Pierre running second in the tax waste contest!)

Cohn says: We’re paying more today to pollute less tomorrow, and for being early adopters of climate change strategies. We’re also paying more today because we probably paid too little in the past for our costly nuclear reactors, saddling us with an Ontario Hydro debt hangover.

(I say: throw that crap in the composter-we don’t need it! WE are NOT polluting less thanks to Lie-beral policy. We are producing MORE pollution by adopting the green energy delusions of Cohn and Co. and at the same time we DESTROY the Ontari-owe economy with soaring electricity costs! We HAD to build a bunch of gas generating plants so our supply would be stable-and then SIDELINED them to make room for wind and solar-as previously mentioned the gas plants are STILL RUNNING fully manned and at full power....doing nothing and simply waiting till needed when green energy fails-YET AGAIN! And at the same time LIE-berals throw masses of BORROWED MONEY at Hogs- it is typical LIE-beral short term gain for long term PAIN!)

(As for the cost of nuclear power-again Cohn spews fertilizer-the cost of the nuclear plants ballooned with endless cost over runs and soaring salaries all courtesy of Lie-berals and their union Hog allies! It is this GROSS mis-management that prompted frustrated Lie-berals to hand over responsibility for operating the Bruce nuclear plant to a PRIVATE COMPANY instead of letting their civil service Hog allies continue operating the place!)

(But we DID produce a huge NEW plume of pollution by building all that wind and solar capacity! How many TONS of concrete and steel went into the wind towers? How much aluminum went into the HUNDREDS of MILES of extra electric cable and what price the refining of all that iron ore to the environment so that mouldy green energy could get to the grid? How many exotic chemicals were needed to produce the ultra light fibre blades for the wind turbines? And how many toxic chemicals went into making solar panels-and now remember we ALREADY have the gas plants RUNNING to do the same job- At GROSSLY LOWER RATES than green garbage! Wind and solar energy in Ontari-owe are grossly expensive feel good frills!)

Cohn says: The reality is that rising bills are a combination of mix-ups and messed-up policies that have conspired against ratepayers not just over the last decade but every decade before. Price hikes can’t be blamed solely on bungling and boondoggles; they are also a result of our own societal choices, backed by all three parties, to eliminate coal-fired power plants.

(I say: Cohn has followed the philosophy of Adolf Hitler who said “when you LIE, tell BIG ONES because they are easier for people to believe”! We all know that energy from coal is dirty but there were ways of eliminating the coal plants without destroying the province with debt and HUGE green energy costs! As provincial auditor and former Manitoba Hydro Auditor Lysyk has the skills to state: the extra costs directly as a result of Lie-beral greed and arrogance amount to 37 billion dollars.....AND COUNTING! And all that gravy went into Hog pockets!)

(In the well fertilized mushroom farm of Cohn`s mind all our troubles are the fault of anybody and everybody EXCEPT the Lie-berals who issued the orders and implemented the grossly flawed policy!)
Trump Refuses Question From CNN's Jim Acosta: "CNN Is Fake News"

How is it putin & co. get accused of being savvy enough to knock hillary out of the presidential race leaving no trail for u.s. cyber hounds to follow yet dumb enough to off some folks in britian with their own brand of nerve agent. Mueller is toiling to build a house of cards case naming a doz ruskies that have now cancelled any travel plans they had to nato countries thus the special prosecutor will never have to reveal his 'evidence'.
CNN clintonite crews rant has become really boring... same guests...same hogwash night after night, mr. lemon & co. look tired.
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How is it putin & co. get accused of being savvy enough to knock hillary out of the presidential race leaving no trail for u.s. cyber hounds to follow yet dumb enough to off some folks in britian with their own brand of nerve agent. Mueller is toiling to build a house of cards case naming a doz ruskies that have now cancelled any travel plans they had to nato countries thus the special prosecutor will never have to reveal his 'evidence'.
CNN clintonite crews rant has become really boring... same guests...same hogwash night after night, mr. lemon & co. look tired.

Yeah- TWO YEARS of nothing but: "We think......and WE believe.......and we suspect.......and we are investigating......!!!!!!!!!!

Its nothing but LIE-beral sour grapes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course LIE-berals sre also determined NOT to have to discuss WHY Obama and his vaunted FBI stood and watched for a year while Russians gathered emails of prominent Yankees and DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

One might almost think that Obama and FBI had their own dirt on Clinton and HOPED she would not become president!!!!!!!

Is THAT the answer to the whole mess??????

That FBI thought it was bewtter to let Russians mess with the Yankee election than to let Clinton become president?????

Oh my- what a TANGLED WEB LIE-berals weave!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course FBI CANNOT ADMIT what they might have done since standing aside and letting a foreign power try to sabotage the campaign of a Yankee presidential candidate is QUITE ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

So FBI now has the nasty job of thoroughly investigating a situation they would rather stay hidden in the MUD they buried it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigger font, please.
If You Oppose Mueller's Russia Probe, You're Not Patriotic

When Trump leaves office in 2025 CNN will have nothing to fill up their programs.

Radical leftists.
Jim Accosta was quite the snowflake this morning.

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CNN Loves Hiring Former Obama Officials | The Daily Caller

Radical leftists.

Trump felons are using all the Clinton ones.
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Trump felons are using all the Clinton ones.

I see NO REASON to concern myself over how many LIE-berals work at CNN!!!!!

On the other hand I DO SEE how important it is to expose the Fake News fed to us by Cdn LIE-berals and their civil service union Hog allies!


Here is an article illustrating how LIE-berals are hiding the scale and scope of their Grand Gravy Train. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Sunshine List only shows portion of what GTA mayors actually take home

Toronto Star. Noor Javed - Staff Reporter

Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti was the top earning mayor in the GTA in 2017, taking home more than $251,000 when his regional pay and earnings for sitting on boards was factored in.

When it comes to the top-paid mayors in the GTA, the Sunshine List may not be showing taxpayers the whole bill.

According to the annual public sector salary disclosure, released last month, 15 GTA mayors hit the $100,000 threshold needed to make the provincial list — with Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti once again taking the top spot in Ontario, pocketing $195,374 in 2017.

But a deeper look at the salaries on the Sunshine List shows that what many mayors disclose is only a portion of what they actually take home. And in some cases, even mayors whose names don’t appear on the list make over $100,000 of taxpayers’ dollars — because they also get income from their local municipality and the upper-tier municipality such as York, Peel, Durham, and Halton regions.

(Gosh- do you suppose Revenue Canada would let us report less income or pay less tax if we split it up among several jobs? Not LIKELY! But creating Fake News comes easy to GREEDY HOGS!)

Some also get paid to sit on publicly funded boards, such as local conservation, electricity and police boards. And a handful of GTA mayors still benefit from a provision in the Municipal Act that allows them to declare a third of their income tax-free — and not disclose that portion to the province.

(So LOTS of little jobs with easy work and high pay and no need to tell the over taxed and now enraged public the truth about it! Very nice work if you can get it!)

As a result, taxpayers looking for answers are left to muddle through various council reports to find out exactly how much their mayors make, and how they compare to others across the GTA.

“It’s only when you combine regional remuneration with the local salary can you get an apples-to-apples comparison,” said Steve Parish, the mayor of Ajax, who made $102,700 in 2017, according to the Sunshine List. That number, however, didn’t include the income he made as a member of Durham Regional Council, where he earned an additional $55,000 in 2017. He admits “from a strict transparency point of view, you have to put the numbers together to get the straight goods.”

A Star analysis of all GTA mayors found significant discrepancies between what appears on the Sunshine List and what they took home, ranging from a difference of a few hundred dollars to over $100,000.

(What a surprise that over paid Hogs would want to hide their privileges from their poverty stricken peasants!)

The Star looked at all local municipal salaries, regional salaries and any pay mayors received from sitting on government boards. We did not include expenses, benefits, or pensions — which can tally up to tens of thousands of dollars.

(Pensions for Hogs are the number one financial burden for all levels of govt! Ontari-owe LIE-berals hav promised fifty five billion dollars to OSSTF- our high school teachers! No wonder Wynne-bag LIE-berals turned our electrical system into a massive gravy generating machine- they needed to buy votes for the election- and honour their insane IOU`s issued to Hogs for their support!)

Toronto Mayor John Tory was the only mayor in the GTA whose Sunshine List pay reflects his actual compensation.

And while Markham Mayor Scarpitti’s salary on the Sunshine List includes his regional pay and city pay, it leaves out $7,800 he made from Markham District Energy and $48,000 he made on the board for Alectra, which was previously known as PowerStream, a local energy distribution company. His total taxpayer-funded compensation was over $250,000.

(And we also know that govt agencies like OPG are increasingly hiring “consultants” who re nothing more than former employees who have “retired” and are collecting their pensions and then get hired back as “consultants” at much higher pay which DOES NOT get reported on the Sunshine List! Govt Hogs are becoming increasingly skilled at hiding the full extent of their greed!)

Lama Nicolas, a senior communications adviser to Scarpitti, said his “compensation has been known to the public, even during election years.”

“Based on the election results, the residents of Markham seem satisfied with his performance,” she said, adding his pay was higher this year due to a retroactive pay adjustment from 2016.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie made $139,374, according to the Sunshine List. She made an additional $55,161, for sitting on Peel Regional Council, and $48,000 for her position with Alectra and PowerStream. She also got $500 for sitting on the police board. This brings her grand total to more than $243,000.

A spokesperson for Crombie says she “respects taxpayer dollars” and elected to freeze her salary this term.

(OH gosh- my hero! As if living on an annual $243 grand salary was some sort of major sacrifice! And would it not be fun to compare that gravy train salary to what these people would actually make back in the private sector?)

Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilaqua was a close third, after including his pay from Alectra (around $45,000), and Vaughan Energy Holdings for over $14,000 — bringing his total to about $243,000. Despite numerous requests to the city’s media relations, they did not disclose how much the mayor made while he was on PowerStream for a month, prior it to becoming Alectra. He also makes another $110,000 as vice-chair of the virtual VersaBank. Bevilacqua previously told the Star he was donating those funds to charity.

(Uh huh- and getting nice tax breaks for that charitable donation as well I guess!)

The province says municipalities aren’t breaking any rules by not disclosing everything mayors take home.

(Of course not! Who would expect our LIE-berals to disclose the dirty details of their full lists of entitlements?)

“Mayors are required to disclose employment income reported on their T4. In some cases, mayors may receive additional income from other positions that they hold (i.e. regional council, boards, etc.),” said Durga Thiru, a spokesperson for the Treasury Board Secretariat, which compiles the Sunshine List.

“Income from other positions does not have to be disclosed under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure if it does not meet the $100,000 threshold,” Thiru said.

(Since mayors And their cronies on council ARE CREATING these boards and agencies and setting the salaries for themselves it should be seen as shameless greed to hide the details from the public!)

Markham resident Eira Keay, who recently calculated the total remuneration all elected officials in Markham made last year, believes municipalities need to be more transparent when disclosing pay, and make the numbers easily accessible to constituents.

“I had to really chase after city officials to get these numbers,” she said. “Most people don’t have time to do that.”

She says she wishes the Sunshine List was “more complete.”

“The way it is now, it doesn’t fully tell taxpayers how their dollars are being used,” she said.

Nor does it tell taxpayers if the mayors are even disclosing all of their base pay.

(Toronto mayor Jackass John Tory has just told us he will hold city tax increases to “the rate of inflation” if he is re-elected! But as the inflation rate is calculated by LIE-berals and driven almost entirely by pay raises given to Hogs- which too many ordinary people do without- promising tax increases “at the rate of inflation” still comes out to price gouging ordinary people!)

Newmarket is one of a handful of municipalities in the GTA where councillors continue to implement a provision in the Municipal Act that allows one-third of their municipal income to be tax free to cover expenses — and that portion isn’t disclosed on the Sunshine List.

That’s why Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen’s disclosure for the list was $120,393 (his regional pay plus his town salary) in 2017, when he actually made upwards of $150,000. Over $31,000 of the mayor’s base was tax-free and thus not disclosed for the Sunshine List.

Other mayors who deduct a third from their salaries for expenses include Aurora, Whitby and Milton. All three mayors made the Sunshine List, but their full compensation is at least $30,000 more than what appeared on the list.

(Systematic lies about Hog compensation are routine- for instance- Hogs are entitled to invest TWICE AS MUCH MONEY into pension plans as ordinary people- Hogs get to put about 32 percnt of their pre tax income into pension investments compared to the maximum of 18 percent of pre tax income for ordinary people! And since Hogs get paid at least one third more than those in private sector- Hogs DO USE much more of their RRSP options than us!)

The mayors are expected to lose this provision in January 2019, after the federal government included a tax decision in last year’s federal budget that would eliminate the one-third tax-free benefit for municipal councils. Some councils, like Halton Hills, plan to compensate for this loss by getting raises during the next council term.

(In other words- any apparent change for the better is nothing but a SHAM!)

Even if your mayor isn’t on the Sunshine List, it doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t meet the $100,000 mark last year. The Star found that a number of mayors, including those in Halton Hills, King, Pickering, Oshawa and Caledon, actually made more than $100,000 in total compensation when their regional and local pay was combined.

When pressed on why mayors don’t disclose all their earnings even though they are taking home more than $100,000, a spokesman for Pickering Mayor David Ryan said the city “reports what is reflected in Box 14” of the mayor’s T4 form.

(And we are not permitted to see Box 14 by the hypocrites! When we buy a meal or a car we DO get shown the final price! Not so for a politician- they take what they want and hide it!)

“We are only responsible for reporting the City of Pickering’s remunerations to the Ministry of Finance,” said city spokesman Mark Guinto. “The Region of Durham and Veridian are responsible for reporting their own respective organizations.”

Ryan made more than $159,600 last year when his municipal pay, regional pay and compensation for sitting on the board of the local energy provider, Veridian Connections, were combined.

“The city is very transparent with respect to mayor & council remuneration. It is discussed at the public budget meetings, and it is posted online once approved. In addition, every year, our local paper publishes the total remuneration of mayor and council. This information can easily be found online.”

(Oh yes- and who has the time to wade through that mass of documents created DELIBERATELY TO HIDE full prices? Govt gives us regular updates on how their costs for water and sewers etc have increased BUT THEY NEVER BREAK OUT THE PAY AND PENSION INCREASES!!!!)
More Large font please.
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Jim Accosta was quite the snowflake this morning.


CNN loses to Shark Week in ratings.

CNN loses to:

History Channel

They lose to the Food Network!
Make sure they have a 'Do Not Resuscitate' label before they down for the 1st time. No use making it more painful than it has to be.
CNN Guest Compares Trump To Slave Traders

Fredo is foundering.
CNN is still crying because people were mean to Jim Accosta. Love it.
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CNN Guest Compares Trump To Slave Traders

Fredo is foundering.

“The only person that’s rude is you. … This is over, you have nothing to add except for asking me if I’m Canadian.


Racists don't like being called racists.
Media Research Center Blasts CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta | One America News Network

Acosta is a drama queen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Media Research Center Blasts CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta | One America News Network

Acosta is a drama queen.

Fake News presented as gospel truth by bigoted lefties is going to be the downfall if twits like Our idiot Boy Justin and scum like Hilary Clinton!!!!!

If the only argument you can present is based on lies and misrepresentations then your cause is DOOMED!!!!

And is it not VERY ODD that LIE-berals present themselves as great defenders of truth and justice and democracy- and yet it is easier to get permission to show the Nazi propaganda film "Triumph of the Will" glorifying the life of Adolf Hitler- in a Wllfred Laurier University "communications" class than it is to present comments from renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson?

And is it not just as odd that our school system- which boasts of its sense of equality and justice and fair play will refuse to allow a student to quote from a Toronto Sun newspaper column?

And is it not odd that our school system- and the LIE-beral politicians who defend it- are much more comfortable teaching our kids about Muslim greetings, teaching our kids about famous Mosques and helping them build models of the mosques- but they absolutely FORBID a recitation of the none denominational Christian Lords Prayer!

LIE-berals INSIST that our education system MUST BE FREE OF RELIGIOUS why in hell are they working so hard top get MUslim influences INTO our schools?

How big a bigot must allegedly secular LIE-berals become before they are comfortable to publicly scorn Jews and promote Muslims in our school system?????

Being played like a fiddle (accordion).
British Prime Minister's Comment On Terror Attack Makes CNN Look Stoopid

Par for the course.
CNN seizes on Trump calling an apple an apple.


Have they retracted or back tracked yet?
CNN Attacks Trump Over Tweet on London Terror Attack, Fails Miserably

Doesn’t CNN know POTUS will know about stuff before they will.
It must take a special kind of person to be able to get up in the morning and not vomit a little when he takes a hard look at what his talents are for 'being part of the team' will require him to do over the course of another working day. I have to assume the dog that lives with them hardly ever wags his tail.
I tune cnn once in awhile to catch the latest on why hillary lost the election n' I'd appreciate a little help. Caught the end of don lemon as he and his panel were asserting dog is a racist term. It was about the former white house gal that's writing a gossip book about trump and his less than flattering tweet regarding her. Is dog really a four letter word?
Quote: Originally Posted by 10larry View Post

I tune cnn once in awhile to catch the latest on why hillary lost the election n' I'd appreciate a little help. Caught the end of don lemon as he and his panel were asserting dog is a racist term. It was about the former white house gal that's writing a gossip book about trump and his less than flattering tweet regarding her. Is dog really a four letter word?

Anything said by Trump is racist.

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