Oak Island

Some years ago I read a book about the mysterious findings on Oak Island in Nova Scotia. There is a deep manmade pit there that has baffled excavators for years. The people who built the pit obviously buried something of great importance because of the elaborate system of platforms and water channels that flood the pit whenever you dig to a certain depth. A common theory is that pirates built this system to bury looted treasure from South America and the Carribean. While others say the holy grail is buried there.

Perhaps some of our Nova Scotia friends on CC can shed some light on this story.
Geesus, and I've been searching for the holy grail on Aether Island. Cliff, get the truck!
Pirate treasure theory makes most sense.
I would have to say it is time to go at it with a small crane with clam bucket and start digging it out then drive a metal culvert shel into it to prevent a collapse. an good digger could feel their way down there with the cable bucket, to minimize damage.
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I read about this "money pit" years ago. You'd think if there was anything down there it would have been found by now. With modern equipment you could dig a 60 foot hole in a matter of hours.

Google Image Result for http://www.mythandmystery.com/oakisland/oak_island_cross_section.gif
YouTube - Oak Island Money Pit Part 1

Oak Island may contain the Holy Grail, after all Oak Island is an anagram for Ask an idol.

And Holy Grail's an anagram for Ah, Glory Island!
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Perhaps some of our Nova Scotia friends on CC can shed some light on this story.

Sure, there's treasure buried there. I can't remember who's they aid it was,but no matter, there's a s**tpile buried there. Many folks have come and gone away with nothing, ha, but I know where it is, I even have a map, they're nowhere near it. Now for a few bucks I'll let you have a peek, I'll even suggest eateries and lodging for your stay, I can even rent you some excavation equipment, have at 'er.

BTW I can also sell you the MacKay and MacDonald bridges too

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