Seven killed, many injured in apparent chemical weapons attack in Syria

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Seven people have died in Homs after they inhaled a poisonous gas sprayed by government forces in a rebel-held neighbourhood, activists said.

Activists also told Al Jazeera that scores of others were affected in al-Bayyada neighbourhood. Side effects reported include nausea, relaxed muscles, blurred vision, and breathing difficulties.

Residents said they did not know the nature of the gas sprayed.

"The situation is very difficult. We do not have enough facemasks. We don't know what this gas is but medics are saying it's something similar to Sarin gas," Raji Rahmet Rabbou, an activist in Homs, told Al Jazeera.

We received the following videos from a field clinic in the city:


Poisonous gas sprayed in Homs leaves seven people dead and scores affected, activists say - Al Jazeera Blogs
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Oh dear!!! If this is the same source that told them that Iraq had WMDs then they had better do something.

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A generally reliable source has just informed me that generally reliable sources are generally unreliable. But, they are great for stirring up the crowd.

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What do you expect from CNN?

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Sounds like the news about how mass quantities of yellow cake were obtained without the slightest hint as to where that evidence was.

Oh oh!

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