Conseil Scolaire du Disctrict Centre Sud Ouest is Corrupt

Please don't send your children there.
Don't worry, I won't... at least as long as I live too far away.
China type problems are alive and well in Canada. At least in China they know how to deal with corrupt public officials. I think they get excecuted over there for things they don't even get fired for in Canada.
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China type problems are alive and well in Canada. At least in China they know how to deal with corrupt public officials. I think they get excecuted over there for things they don't even get fired for in Canada.

I agree that punishment is approapriate. But execution for corruption? Yes, in China it happens. But I think that's a little harsh for the crime.
I don't know about that... Excecuting murders does not make much sense since it never stopped that crime. But I am sure there is a lot less corruption in China than in Canada with senior public officials.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamcanadian

Please don't send your children there.

Wow, how do you always do what I expect to see in your topics. I have nothing to say about this topic but you can at least provide some information and proff, documents and some highlights to why you denounce this. As you have denounced, the courts, the Canadian Government, the Muncipal governments, and well anything related to any kind of order in Canada you have denounced. Whats next? Childrens Aid Society?
Go ahead and support corrupt government administrations if you like. I think you said you want to be elected... So you I guess your know which side of the bread your butter is on and can't wait to get some for yourself. This is the problem... Corrupt Government Bureaucrats and Puppet's they get elected to pander to them.

Democracy in Canada? ...Never
Iamcanadian; their are problems with almost any form of government and there are problems with the Canadian government. But if there's one government in the world I personally trust it's the Canadian governments which we the people have elected. Though I may believe the American system is better then that of the Canadian system, I do believe the magority of people who serve our nation, provinces and cities work hard and do a pretty good job. Are there going to be a few which don't. Yeah of course just like in the private sector or anything else there is going to be bad people.

But you throw blame around and accusations like a monkey throwing his own feces, with nothing to support your arguments and nothing more then a leftist and rightist populist statement which may catch a few eye's when people are not looking for facts but just something to bitch about.

Also what is dishearting is your lack of respect for the French minority in Canada, and your tin foil hat belief that the french are out to control us anglos somehow.

Well I know I'm talking to a wall right now so I'll let the little monkey throw his feces around the cage for now until he gets tired again and disappears for a few weeks.
When one reports a million dollars being being defrauded by the administrators of Consiel Scolaire du District Centre Sud Ouest and you see the Director retire soon thereafter and the Province ignoring and stonewalling the issue after its been documented beyond any doubt, you know that there are more Bad that Good people involved in Government spending.

I don't know about all of Canada by I do know that the Ontario Municipal Arena is as corrupt as anything can get anywhere in the world and there is no one doing anything about it other than stonewalling and covering things up pretending our system has integrity.

There is only FALSE integrity in Municipal/Regional/School Board systems in Ontario most particularly. The fact that these are French Speaking Canadians in the case of this particular school board and that they are more blaintantly and openly corrupt is just a coincidence or mayby its cultural based on what we heard about at the Federal Level. I don't find it difficult to see that the French Culture is more relaxed about corruption that the rest of Canadians who come from a variety of cultures and are less homogenious in their working together to screw the next guy.
I thinks it's about time the French Canadian community of Ontario started policing their own ranks and boycott services like Conseil Scolaire Du District Centre Sud Ouest and tell all the members of their ethnic community to do the same.

This will prevent them getting a bad name for themselves by continuing to patronizing corrupt government services like this one.
Well I'll just ignore what you have said as it is side tracking the issue now. But care to give me a link to a new report on why your rath as turned on the "Conseil Scolaire du Disctrict Centre Sud Ouest"?

Clearly in almost every single post you have made you have not made an argument or a rationalization to why it is corrupt. Nor have you vindicated your assertion.
As I told you... a report went into the provice about this school board pilfering a million dollars under a funding agreement. The director retired soon thereafter and the province did nothing about it.

The issue gets covered up and stonewalled.

It's up to the people to take matters up in their own hands and shut down this school board by boycotting them. If they have no students (or less students) they they have no opportunity (or less opportunity) to pilfer money from the taxpayers generally.

The French Canadian Community of Ontario must begin looking at themselves as part of the Multi-Cultural Mosaic of Ontario and join in the fight against corrupt government administration rather than look for ways to benefit from corruption and working to preserve corrupt systems like this one.
By the way the bastards running Conseil Scolaire Du District Cetre Sud Ouest even took a little old lady (over 70 years old) for some Two Hundred Thousand dollars when her husband passed away that worked for them for over three years and never got paid the money the Province of Ontario funded them to pay the guy. Screwing some dead guy's estate is as low as anyone can go in being unethical and shows a lack of personal morals and integrity in the level of trailer park trash rather than public servants.

Real bad apples are running this public organization. They stuff money in their friends pockets as much as they can and screw everyone else, especially non-french speaking Canadians.

It is enough to make most good honest people sick to their stomachs knowing corrupt organizations like this exist and are funded by taxpayers dollars. Just so a few connected families have public jobs for their friends and family members. It's a bloody dynasty of corruption passed on from generation to generation.
I guess only Anglos read english here. Love to here comments from the Francos.
Looks like the school board is still operating and has not been shut down just yet. Anyone here take their children out of this school system before September?

There is still time to do that and enrole them in a legitimate public school system.
Les ressembler au panneau d'école fonctionne et n'a pas été arrêtés toujours juste encore. N'importe qui ici prennent leurs enfants hors de ce système scolaire avant septembre ? Il y a l'heure immobile de faire cela et l'enrole ils dans un système légitime d'école d'Etat.

I have no idea what I just wrote. This is the cut and paste on Babblefish transalations of the post just before this one.
This must be part of the Anglo-Franco Fascist regime running Ontario behind the back of the elected puppets who refuse to look behind them to see what these bastards are doing with the illigitimate use of public authority.
Based on the example set by the Conseil Scolaire Du District Centre Sud Ouest ALL OF THE REST of the TWELVE SEGRATED French Public Only School boards should be disbanded in Ontario. Franco-Ontarians can use the regular board French Immersion Schools or Move the Hell back to Quebec with the rest of their sorry ass kind.

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