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I live in Toronto so the only cable company you can go with is Rogers. I have BEV, and Rogers is always harrassing me to go back. See the apartment building I live in is equipped with your choice of either Rogers Cable or ExpressVu. SO for the past 2 years now Rogers is blitzing our neighbourhood, seen as 4 apartment buildings have the choice and the majority of people have gone with BEV. I get so annoyed when the guy knocks at my door and tries to convince me over and over to go with Rogers for cable and internet access. I tell him I am happy with what i want and yet the guy persists. Last night was the 5th time in 4 weeks that a Rogers salesman has come to my door. I have called Rogers about this on going harrassment for me to switch from ExpressVu to cable when I am happy with my BEV. For what I get on BEV, to get the exact samething I would be paying alot more. Seems all Rogers wants to do is use the customer as the pawn in a tug of war, trying to, pull away the customers of thier competitor and take that dollar away from me to them. Man I try to be nice to the salemen who come to the door, but I am gonna blow up at the next one because they say the same crap and it gets annoying. Save this, save that. Man I said to Rogers today when I called that if I wanted cable I would call you, so leave me alone. They said that it is the job of the salesmen to see if people will come to Rogers and then she asks why I prefer BEV. Then tries the same talk to me.
Oh and the best line she said to me.."satellite customers alot of them, go with basic cable for those signal interuptions during the winter"
I laughed and said "Oh really? Do you know what would cause the signal interuption during the winter?"
She says the weather and I said snow build up on your dish. You can get a dish cover or spray Pam lightly on the dish and the snow slides right off of it. But I told her nice try, you get an E for effort.
So any suggestions on what I can do to stop these harrassing knocks at the door and the harrassing phone calls from Rogers as well?

I read this at a different forum, and for those of you being harassed by Rogers (I get harassed still as a customer even). Just tell them to F.O. and threaten them with a lawsuit.
CRTC - can you complain to them?

Call the police. I live in downtown Toronto, and I do not answer my door when someone I am not expecting knocks.

How do they get in? Is there no security in the building?
CRTC will act upon it, although its ultimately up to Rogers to bugger off.

Since I have worked for a cable provider and headed up a 'team' that did this I will explain how they get into 'secure' buildings. In the cases of apartments, etc, Rogers, Shaw, etc all have (usually) a deal going with the apt mgr where for every 2 occupants they sign up the owner (or manager in most cases) will get 1 free month of full DCT Cable, Internet, and Cable. Its how they get by the legalities and do it with permissions from the Apt managers. Simply a no soliciting sign should make them not knock, however some of these people are kind of anal and will knock anyways, just wanted to let you know how they managed to always get in

Complain to your apt manager about it!

Quote: Originally Posted by Rapunzell

CRTC - can you complain to them?

Call the police. I live in downtown Toronto, and I do not answer my door when someone I am not expecting knocks.

How do they get in? Is there no security in the building?

I also worked for a cable company. In my case it was Rogers.

Although I know nothing about the soliciting they do, they have no right to canvas our building. Infact, I called both my superintendant and my boss at the office. The super said they were unauthorized. My boss said she had no idea.

I personally kicked every single one of them out of the building. We, under no circumstances, allow people to solicit our building. I just showed them my Rogers employee card and my badge number. They were to leave immediately or they would be dealt with by Rogers Cable, Inc, and/or they would be charged with trespassing.

Anyhow... They left and that was the end of that. However, if I catch another one of those sneaky door to door people coming by to my condo unit, they will definately hear about it.

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