Jonathan Cross's Canada

Hey Jono fans!

Remember how you used to love watching Jonovision on CBC, starring Jonathan

Well, you've grown up some since then, and guess what, so has Jono! Now he
has a grown up comedy show that he made just for you, people who share his
offbeat sense of humour. It's called Jonathan Cross's Canada and in it,
Jonathan plays a whole asylum full of characters (including some of the ones
you knew and loved from the old show). So check it out. Right now, we've got
2 episodes left, Friday January 31 and Friday February 7 at 7:30pm on CBC.
We'd love to do more than the 6 episodes we've made so far, and with your
support, we may be able to make that happen.

This week, our old friend Stefan Brogren (Snake from Degrassi) shows up as a
somewhat deranged cop.

Thanks for checking it out!

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Ah it was a good show while is laster (jonovision) but this new thing looks, hmmm, somewhat boring?

I'll look out for the show though.