Online Job sites for Canadians

does anyone have any good online job listing sites for canadians? i dont like its not really that great of a site, please list any you use or have used thanks!
I only know of one site, and that's I think there also is

As already noted, Workopolis and Job Bank.

They are the best I have seen as you can narrow down the search to your specific geographic area.

With Workopolis you can create many search patterns and save for quick searches on new jobs each time you return. Storing different resumes allows a fast job application.

Job Bank (HRDC) also allows area searches, and you can select LAST 48 HRS for a quick search. Jobs are listed by date/time posted - first in list being most recent.

I found the others to be labour intensive as you had to search your whole province and see what jobs were in your area. If you don't mind moving for a job then you would probably not mind. Most people like to stay put and not change where they live.

A few others:
CanJobs has subsites for each province like
Rogers has a page on hunting for a job
ahh, i didnt know Rogers even thought about that. Although its just outside links, most of rogers is anyways.
For narrowing down searches and most local job searches, JobBank.Gc.Ca is the best of the ones posted. I use it quite often.
If looking locally, in your own town or city, use both the JobBank and the process of dropping off resumes to various companies. Sometimes up to 80% of jobs available in your area are never posted publicly. Many jobs are posted at the company itself where employees let friends or relatives know. Greatest source of new hires comes from recommendations from within the company. By dropping off your resume - good old leg work - to many places, you will increase your chances dramatically.

Check out company websites of the ones you may like a job at, as most have a job or career section.
you can try and click on the classified link. It lists jobs from various papers from all over the country.
Try out it's a comprehensive site for folks looking for work
i think careerclick is not that good...... so many years ago i found nothing on it but i dont need a job now so im not looking and have not for a while. monster is very good

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