How can we put a stop to this scam perpetrated by otherwise legal businesses.

First you are drawn to a discount on an item, and then you find out it is a mail in rebate. Well... I have had 50% success getting my mail in rebates... you have to wait 8 (eight) weeks before you can think of trackint the rebate and by that time I have forgotten about it and the vendor has ripped me off effectively.

This form of retail discounting should be outlawed as it cannot be applied equally to all purchasers. I favours those who have nothing better to do in life that remember what mail in rebates they need to follow up on.

And the paperwork is rediculous with all sorts of FINE PRINT.

Maybe you do not know how to fill in the form properly. I have had 100% return rate on all my mail in rebates.

You should keep track of their phone numbers and complain when its taking longer than the 8 weeks as written in the forum. That is the problem most ppl will let it go.

There are places to track the rebates like and staples has it. So far the only complaint I had was with Avery where they somehow they didn't print the cheque.

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