How do we protect children raised by gay parents?

The speaker in the video brings up some valid points. She loves both her biological mother and her mother's lesbian partner, and acknowledges that they loved her and cared for her, but still felt deprived of a father in her life.

If I must brainstorm, I guess I would start with the following:

1. The birth certificate include the name of the biological parents.

2. The child should have a right to know who his biological parents are.

Though the law might not be able to enforce this, we should at least encourage the biological parents to raise the child together wherever possible barring a case in which one parent raped the other or sexually abused the child or failed through unreasonable negligence to protect the child from abuse.

The other gay partner could be viewed as an added participant in the family rather than a replacement for the other biological parent.

What are your thoughts on this?