MOM RIPS MICHAELS: Winnipeg mom blasts store over miniature ‘Wild West’ toy depicting

Next thing you know, all those old Westerns on TCM won't be allowed to be shown in Canada.

It's even gotten into the video game genre. I was playing a western-based building game and noticed something a little odd. Whenever bandits started raiding your outposts, you could go after them and shoot it out with them in a gunfight. But when the "Indians" started raiding your outposts, they always got away with it. And when I say always, I mean always.

The real irony of this is, while it's unacceptable to portray Native people in a negative or incorrect light, nobody stops to realize that cowboys are also being portrayed negatively. They rarely fought it out with Natives. It was usually the cavalry, settlers, and paid gunslingers who went on the offence against them.
If Trudeau apologized for taking away your TMC, and sliced you a check, would that help you get over your hurt.