What was the first computer you ever used?

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This XP thing made me think of the systems I've used over the years and my introduction was Commodore 64. Did a lot for its time I suppose.
So which one gets the nod?

First computer I used was in university in the 70's. First PC I used was the PET in 1978 or '79. By 1980 we were emailing within the university but we didn't call it email till the internet became public.
I used a Televideo 925 synced to radar detection and airborne reconnaissance in the late sixties. After getting home from that particular party I had both a Commodore 64 and built a PC....
A Tandy 286. It's only program was syntax error.

Was that the one with the eight inch floppies...?

Great boat anchors!
comodore 64....an old one from radio shack that you could mess with basic and play pong Tandy 1000 TX... paid $400 dollars just for a 40 meg IDE hard drive upgrade...lol bought a 2400 baud modem and started calling BBS's and ended up starting one on the Tandy.
Vic 20, then Commadore 64, then Com 128, then a 286 which then was upgraded to a 386, then upgraded again to a Pentium II, then to the computer I have now which is an Athlon 2400xp.... which came from some parts from the Pent II..... so technically my current computer, which is still pretty powerful by todays standards, is a decendant from that old 286 (Like a restored vintage car or something)

There was also the Intellivision, Coleco Vision, Atari, Nintendo and all that, but those were more games then computing.
Probably an older XT 286.
Didn't have much RAM as I recall, nor much of anything else. I got it second hand from UBC when they were getting rid of their older equipment. Fiddled with that for a few years and eventually graduated to an early 486 that even had a hard drive of sorts. My first experience with Windows was a much traveled, about tenth generation, copy of a copy of 3.1. It was on seven floppies and I still have them.
First I ever used was a commodore PET in the late 70's
First I owned was a ZX-81, which was what a 4K "machine"

then I got a TI 99/4A which was the first computer I learned how to program

then an atari 800 with a special upgrade to give it a whopping 265 K of RAM

Then no PC until a pentium 2 in the late 90's
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A Tandy 286. It's only program was syntax error.

I would like to relate my experience with my second computer which was a CoCo III and its accompanying "Rainbow" magazine. I started with 128k and upgraded it to 512k but had only 29k of free memory thanks to guess who...The Three Magi...who for some reason had a beef with Tandy and took up almost 500k of memory because they had inserted a full screen blue on white depiction of Mr. Gates and his two buddies. I asked Radio Shack about this and they said there was nothing that one could do about it. I found out about this shafting of the CoCo from the Rainbow magazine. If you keyed in `alt+cntl` The Three Magi showed up full screen. Regardless if you did this or not memory available was only 29k. The original names of the company were Microsoft and Microware. A nice introduction of things to come from The Three Magi, in computing.

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I think not

Vic 20 , commodore 64,atari 1040 st, 8086, 286, 386 pentium I, II, III,IV -this ones a duel core.
My first computer was a Vic-20, my second was a 486 DX2 66...I figured it was time for an upgrade.
I have no idea. My parents owned a computer before I was at an age where I'd care what 'kind' it was.

But, when asking my hubby what his first was, he said it was the same as my first comp... a Radio Shack brand he can't recall off the top of his head.
Scott Free
I first built (from a kit) a Timex Sinclair. Then moved to a Texas Instrument "TI." I then purchased an apple knock off (Circle 2000). Eventually I bought a PC.

I still miss the apple.
I B M Aptiva, very attractive computer on a swivel base, and could turn in different directions. Desktop. I had never used a computer before, or even held a mouse, and
when I first used the mouse I pointed it at the computer like a tv remote, which put my
daughter into stitches.
Davie Sprocket
My first computer was a TI99 and i still have it. Had a program book with it, played with some of them but never went any farther, not as much fun as the intellivision still have that too. God i have a lot of junk.
VIC 20, a whole 5k of onboard ram, and built on OS. Still have it. Yes, I'm a pack rat.
the apple computer with the huge green screen and large digi squared pix
Think my mother bought us an Apple II in 1982..maybe...AND, it was enhanced! It had 128k total memory, quite the Rolls Royce of machines at the time I think.

...don't be jealous..

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