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Ok, so I have no idea where to post this but it's a cool site I'm telling every one I can come across. I've created a site called www.makemoreart.com and it's a new type of directory that is well... just cool. It's made up of graphical images that can point to your own website. Because all the links are on one page and not a boring list, people will click on your link. It's pretty cool and it is a new concept and is catching on quick for only being up for a just a few days with little promotion. In fact one lady already got a listing and she is from Canada!

So if you're an artist, or not check it out... www.makemoreart.com and tell your artists and friends. Check back often the list is growing...

interesting. but i dont think it'll catch on. you don't know what you're clicking on until you already have
Thanks for the reply.

When your mouse is over the image, you should get a hover description. Plus it goes both ways, by even just having a link to your own website from makemoreart.com it helps your site's ranking. If someone clicks the link on our site, it just adds to helping the ranking. But regardless having the link in existance alone is important. Plus it's guaranteed for the life of the site.
hmm... not really what you're after when searching for a website though is it? u dont just want the name otherwise u could google it, what u want is a detailed description of it's contents, or at least a clue to it, which u dont get with a little pop-up hover-label.

i dont know, i'm not an artist, maybe artists want thousands of websites they cant identify.
When you first open it and see all the frames, it looks as if it will be an impressive page when all said and done. But. might I suggest, if you were to add a button that helped weed out stuff you're not looking for, and bring forward the frames of the types of companies you are looking for, it would still give that great first impact, but not be so impractical for someone trying to find say, 20 companies that sell vintage posters, out of the entire mass of little pics.

You can check out the page that has the actual listings in list format. So you get the both of best worlds!

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