Best computer?

Anyone got any heads up on computer prices (with monitor)
For about $1000?

And noooo Macs please....
Haggis McBagpipe
What!? You don't like Macs?
eMachines T3065 Athlon XP 3000+ 2.167GHz Computer

With 17" monitor and all-in-one EPSON fax/scanner and HP digital Camera

Price 999.99

Future shop flyer this week

or go here

enter your postal code and you can see it on screen

Just bought one for myself. It is a good deal.
yeah i was looking at that E-Machine..i acutally went to future and asked them about that deal...

and they said its expired!!!!!!!!
im liek wtf its in the fathers day flyer, and its not even fathers day yet, like 4 days ago...

So they told me to come back next week and see what deals they have on...
We have 10 left here in the store. Ask them to have one sent to you. They do that. Do not settle with next week stuff. Just tell them get one from any other branch.

Good luck,

PS. If you were closer I would have delivered it myself. LOL
lol thanks
Hi ... I think first the question should be ask is what kind of stuff are you interested in having with your computer or want from a computer ???
like 500+ ram
40-80 gig hd
nice monitor (or flatscreen)
Hi ... Have you try looking at Dell desktop computers or IBM ??? Now to get a flat screen this where the price will rise but you can still get i think a good computer for a 1000.00 without a flat screen
again it also depends on what monitor size you would like ...

Now this is assuming that you are interested in a brand name computer with the operating system preinstall ???
American Voice
LuShes, have you taken a look at the latest in the Sony VAIO series?
17" flatscreen,

operating system i have Xp pro on cd so no biggie
American Voice
I went to the Sony website and had a look. The VAIO PCV-RS620G meets your specifications, but it may be a little more money than you had intended to spend--isn't that always the case?

Intel Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz
512 MB RAM expandable to 2 GB
160GB hard drive
7 USB ports

It doesn't come with a monitor, but you have one already.

CompUSA has it for $1300.

I bought the PCV-R547DS for $1900, back in June of 2000. I've never regretted buying top quality.
Anything that is not a dell. Their notebooks are the worst.
American Voice
I neglected to convert the amount. $1300 USD converts to $1770 CAD. That's way out of your price range. It's an excellent machine, though.

I stopped in at Micro Center to have a look. I told the salesman what I bought back in 2000, and how astonishing it is to be able to get a machine now, so vastly superior in every category, for about two-thirds as much money.
Hi ... I notice you are in the BC area so you might want to take a look at these sites here

This can kind of give you ideas what the prices are like ... I have more places but they are for Ontario area
Andem Hi ... You don't care much for Dell huh ??? I heard people from both sides of story say yes and no but i haven't heard anything on there notebooks ... The thing that i like about Dell or IBM you can get a new computer for a cheap price ... My very first computer was a IBM and i have to say it still a good computer even knowing its now old .... But from what i now know about computers i will probably never go into the brand names stuff again , not because there not good or anything but i like to put together a computer the way i like it piece by piece
snooker: I'm on a Dell notebook right now, and it's constantly dying. It's been returned 3 times and each time it's been 'fixed'. We all know that's bull! Because after 2 weeks, it starts dying again. It just shuts off, dies. Lost 3 cds the other day just trying to burn a CD.

Dell, no way. They still refuse to replace this system, and it's driving us CRAZY.

Ofcourse, I still have my desktop AMD Athlon XP that runs just great. Ofcourse, it was built by me, no middle man putting it together.

Back to the topic of Dell, though, they are nothing special. I better wrap this post up quick, though, because it's around the time when this computer will be turning it's self off... DELL!! can goto Hell
Did you purchase the replacement warranty? If so drop it off the table and accidently kick it and instantly get a new laptop mouhahaha
Andem .... I'm sorry to hear , i'm curious how old is your notebook and what kind of warranty do you with it ??
Andem ..... Read this about notebook it might spark a interest to you too

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