Is It Fashionable Now To Have a Mental Illness?

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I'm talking about Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cirus, Britanny Spears...those multi-millionaire Pop Tarts...etc.

Is it 'cool' now to admit you have some sort of affliction?
Probably not. The point is to make admitting it acceptable.
It is acceptable, blowing off treatment isn't.
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What do they call it?...appropriation?

The posters on my crazy site are of two minds on this. Some think it's wonderful for celebrities to admit they have MI, while others are insulted and think it is all simply for publicity.
In this crazy world, who doesn't have a mental illness?
And dogs.
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I designed this logo for Schizophrenia while I was psychotic...Sz is the short form for this affliction...

The 'S' looks like either a swan or a snake. The red 'S' symbolizes truth and knowledge while the blue 'Z' symbolizes delusion. (from The Matrix movie)

Don't feed the bipolar bears.
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Don't feed the bipolar bears.

Bipolar or bi polar or by-polar?
Curious Cdn
The ones which drink Coca Cola with penguins must be bi-polar.
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Bipolar or bi polar or by-polar?

buy polar
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...and yet when you treat the inflammation/histamine intolerance that is the natural result of vaccination, mental illness can be completely stopped.
Cleaning up the air water land and food and taking regular baths stop many chronic diseases and don't cause mental illness, but the pharmas can't make big bucks destroying children from them either.

BTW, its easy to prove that when you volunteer in a homeless system mostly populated by Mental health industry failures - most treatments are foods, so the results are obvious to all but the professionals whose jobs depend on the opposite.


I'm talking about Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cirus, Britanny Spears...those multi-millionaire Pop Tarts...etc.

Look up how the master of spin, Edward Bearnaise(sp) marketed smoking to women, he used debutantes.

That's what is going on here: marketing
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