The Lost Room...

Anyone ever watch the Mini Series... The Lost Room ?

Watched it yesterday from 1PM to 7PM on the space channel but was interupted several times with phone calls and visitors... and no last night I downloaded the whole series of six episodes for later uninterupted viewing...
If anyone here liked The X Files, or the twilight zone, they would love the lost room.....

Good ending but they seem to have left it somewhat open for a sequel.....
I watched it on Space when it first came out, and then got it for Christmas a couple of years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I really wish that it had another mini series(or maxi series, where it would be longer than a mini-series would be, about 10 or 12 episodes). The ending is definitely left wide-open, but with the amount of time that has elapsed since it aired I am not holding any hope for a sequel.

I should mention that it is available on DVD and it can usually be found in the $20-$30 range(maybe even cheaper!).

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