why conservatism still exist in 2019?

blatant prove of humanity's failure to progress to a drastic improvement of human condition?
Conservatism is a mental illness according to Psychology Today.
Nationalism really the future of conservatism.. I am a proud Nationalist.
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Conservatism is a mental illness according to Psychology Today.

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Be Happy, Choose Conservatism

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Be Happy, Choose Conservatism


POOR LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

They are roaring like soon to be extinct Mastodons stuck in a tar pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And considering how badly Our idiot Boy Justin is getting sneered at for his miss-handling of Alberta tar sands- the comparison is VERY APT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals holding elected public office in Canada are on THEIR WAY TO EXTINCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Or at the least- a DRASTIC CULLING OF THE HERD!!!!!!!!!!!

Cdn LIE-berals have a peculiar fondness for psychological analysis and for offering up the sort of advice they think would please Doctor Phil-so it amuses me to point out some especially LIE-beral mental quirks-such as:

LIE-berals spend money compulsively. The scale and scope of spending is clearly a cry for help and a MASSIVE compensation for some emotional deficiency. LIE-berals would benefit-among other things-from credit counseling! Its no mean feat to have bankrupted a country as rich as Canada!

LIE-berals display a gross Narcissistic tendency. They consider themselves to be the natural governing rulers of the country. Consider the response of Our brainless Boy Trudope when he won his election: he stated “now we have our country back”-as if Canada had become some alien place that should not exists unless Our foolish Boy was leader! Clearly the Boy has problems with self worth!

LIE-berals display a substantial paranoia when faced with any opposition. One has only to think of Ontari-owe premier McWynnty-known to some as The Great Whore because she has sold herself, her party and our future to the civil service working family Hogs- and consider her response to the LIE-beral gas plant fiasco. The public was rightly outraged and the Conservative party leader Tim Hudak poked holes in the array of lies told by The Whore as she sought and FAILED to hide her shame. She went so far as to threaten to SUE Hudak for defaming her character! Such a shameless display of LIE-beral hypocrite outrage intended to intimidate, coupled with her endless lies-which were all eventually exposed reveals a quite unhealthy sense of paranoia and irrational persecution!

WE may also fear the compulsive LIE-beral social insecurity-a fear so deep and debilitating that Our brainless Boy has seen fit to RESTORE funding to Arab groups that retain ties with terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas! What price such anti western “friends” as these for emotionally stunted LIE-berals?

We should also speak of the LIE-beral “messiah” complex-that muddled desire to somehow save those whom LIE-berals designate as poor and dispossessed. LIE-berals see fertile ground for aiding the distressed on Cdn native reserves-its just too bad that the crippling LIE-beral desire to be loved at any price is HURTING those whom LIE-erals profess to want to rescue!

Our previous govt under Harper correctly identified wide spread corruption on native reserves. At Kashetchewan, native leaders wasted a huge sum of money sending a hockey team-complete with numerous adult chaperones off to a tournament in California. Expenses included the major air fare bill, costs for quality hotels, nice meals, alcohol and a chunk of mad money that was dropped at a casino. This money was intended by federal govt to be used for major repairs to drinking water plant and sewage treatment on the reserve.This money was deliberately squandered and the town was left with unsafe drinking water and a river full of raw sewage flowing through the reserve-and pity party native leaders blamed Harper and cheapass Cdn taxpayers for their predicament!

On the Atiwapiscat reserve, band leader Teresa Spence presided over the waste of 105 MILLION dollars taken directly from Cdn tax payers PLUS another 45 MILLION deducted- with federal assistance- from mining giant De Beers as royalties for their mine in the area near the reserve. This money-150 million dollars was supposed to be used for building badly needed housing on the reserve yet now the money is gone, there are NO new houses and worse yet-there are No receipts to show WHERE the money went!

Other native oriented scandals involve housing money used to send east coast natives on Carribean cruises and immense salaries for a raft of native “leaders”. One band chief-leading a reserve with less than 500 people on it was collecting over FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS per year! And yet natives continue to blame govt for their poor housing conditions, bad water and other burdens!

The Harper govt planned to reduce native corruption and related housing misery by forcing bands to post ALL their reserve spending on line so it could be seen at a glance if money was being fairly handled. Sadly, our grossly insecure LIE-berals have done away with the anti corruption measures implemented by Harper and native bands may now do as they please with govt money-with NO oversight from our insecure “lets buy friends at any price” LIE-berals! Ordinary natives are now WORSE off than before thanks to LIE-beral friendship and Cdn tax payers are picking up the tab for LIE-beral love of natives-that is being repaid with VOTES for LIE-berals!

LIE-berals have an irrational compulsion to “do good”-its too bad they cannot define that good. LIE-berals have sympathy for poor misguided drug addicts and criminals as so many of them come from broken or dis-advantaged homes. But LIE-beral obsession with collecting friends means they are blindly forgiving any and all criminals and failing to protect the public in the process.
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Conservatism is a mental illness according to Psychology Today.

That's not good as every topic they mention turns out to be incurable, . . . at great expense, . . . cough.
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POOR LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

And considering how badly Our idiot Boy Justin is getting sneered at for his miss-handling of Alberta tar sands- the comparison is VERY APT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show me where somebody from PetroCan looked and said, 'You know, that oil would work better in an engine than other readily available oil like Venezuela has 29 ft below the surface, if we took the sand out of it first.'. 1990 was when sanctions first stopped that oil production, did we pick up the slack, at taxpayer expense, and when it becomes productive we shut it down and the oil to the south is again the target.
Should be a long and interesting read , . . . Yes Comdae, I mean 'bro' of course.

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