There’s a ‘little’ slice of Canada nestled deep in Minnesota

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Founded by a French Canadian who wandered just a little too far south, the Minnesota town of Little Canada was born in 1844 – a full two decades before Confederation. It was called “New Canada” then, when Benjamin Gervais decided to settle the area, now a suburb of St. Paul. The town of 10,000 still proudly displays a red maple leaf and a fleur de lis as its symbol. The Post’s Jen Gerson spoke Tuesday to Little Canada town councillor Michael McGraw:
There’s a ‘little’ slice of Canada nestled deep in Minnesota | News | National Post

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The Home of Lutefisk Poutine.
Funny we were just talking about lutefisk the other day, with my wifes Norwegan relatives
from Wisconsin. How could anyone eat that stuff?
You have to be really hungry.

Lutefisk and vegemite.

That would be a sammich to remember.

Ever heard the Gamel'ost Song?


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