200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon

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I really don't get what your trying to say, besides the fact that this isn't true. So some UFOs are extraterrestrial? If all UFOs are space ships, and all spaceships are extraterrestrial (which they aren't because we send spaceships into space from time to time haha), All UFOs would be extraterrestrial.. but still has no bearing on whether or not this statuette is from earth or not.
And just because it happens to be a symbol of religion doesn't automatically make it a "trick". Do you not think it's almost certain to say life outside of our planet have beliefs of their own? Anyhow. At this point in my life I can say with almost certainty that the mass population have been shielded from many truths. And it is inevitable that we catch a glimpse of things that have been hidden because as hard as our governments and those that are pulling our governments strings try.. no human is perfect and sooner or later mistakes are made.
These people are well aware of this which is why they've spent decades perfecting the art of cover ups.
People don't want to believe that there is anything out there other than their everyday lives, why fix what's not broken right? So we'll shrug off anything that seems the slightest bit wrong or different.
I would like to bet that when good ol' ET finally steps foot on the soil of this Earth one of two things will happen.. The powers that be will snatch em up to study everything they have that will benefit them and cover up that they even existed. Or it'll take nothing short of a petting zoo or mass media event to make people believe it isn't a hoax.
What a world we live in.

I agree that there is a great deal of misdirection and covering up of truth. My last post was an attempt to illustrate one of the tools used for such purposes.

A claim is made. In the OP it is that a statue was found on the moon. That claim is what is important. The rest of the article is meant to trick people into debating and thereby accepting the original claim.

What I am saying is that to mentally protect ourselves we should only focus on the original claim, decide on whether it is true or not, before going onto more debate. If we move onto more debate then we have accepted the original claim. That is a mistake.

Dexter already posted that this story came from a very poor source. That is enough to end any further debate. Until a better source is put forward the story should be relegated to the lunacy pile to protect our own mental well being. If we start speculating on who made the statue and what bronze age society might have put a man on the moon then we give relevance to the story and less mentally capable people may come to believe the story is true when clearly it isn't true.
I agree with you that the majority of people and I would say the majority of the U.S. are I guess.. what you could call sheep. With not an original thought of their own and they DO believe anything their told. Look at 9/11 and the war in Iraq right?
But I stand by my opinion that people also for the most part aren't intelligent enough to see how thick the blind fold they wear is.

i didn't read where anyone had stated this came from an source proven illegitimate, my apologies!
L Gilbert
People aren't unintelligent. They are just too lazy to use the intelligence they have.
Those scientists... they come up with the most amazing observations:


Study: Dolphins Not So Intelligent On Land

GAINESVILLE, FL—Although dolphins have long been celebrated for their high intelligence and for appearing to have a complex language, a team of researchers at the University of Florida reported Monday that these traits are markedly less evident on dry land.
:void(0);" target="_blank">Enlarge Image A dolphin performs poorly in a University of Florida land-based locomotion test.

According to study researchers, a group of 25 bottlenose dolphins removed from their holding tanks failed 11 exercises designed to test their basic cognitive abilities and reasoning skills.
"The dolphins were incapable of recognizing and repeating simple gestures," said study co-author Dr. Scott Lindell. "Their non-verbal communications were limited to a rapid constriction and expansion of the blowhole, various incomprehensible fin motions, and heavy tremors while they lay prone on the lab table."
After capturing the dolphins from the ocean, Lindell and his colleagues tagged them and placed them under the intense, high-wattage lights of a moisture-proof lab. The researchers then administered an extensive battery of tests designed to measure everything from the dolphins' self-awareness to their aptitude for writing and reading comprehension.
"Dolphins have a popular reputation for being excellent communicators," Lindell said. "But our study group offered only three types of response to every question we posed: a nonsensical, labored wheezing, an earsplitting barrage of unintelligible high-pitched shrieks, and in extreme cases, a shrill, distressed scream."
Even the dolphins' proven ability to navigate through a form of sonar called echolocation was ineffective on land.
"The military has claimed great success in training these mammals, utilizing their echolocation skills to detect mines that have been placed underwater," said Lindell, who conducted a similar experiment in a concrete parking lot. "We were unable to replicate this finding ourselves."
Lindell added: "In most cases, the dolphins succeeded in finding land mines only when we placed them directly on top of the mines."
In another test, several pounds of mackerel were placed on the ground, separated from the test dolphins by only 20 feet of concrete. The dolphins were unable to reach the food and feed themselves.
Despite their failures in the initial series of tests, the animals were given further opportunities to demonstrate their intelligence on land. The dolphins were unable to display novel behaviors, use a map to pinpoint their location on campus (spatial reasoning), or complete a simple obstacle course and wall climb.
"Their learning curve was actually negative," Lindell said. "The more time we gave them to complete basic land-based tests, the more pitiful their efforts became, with many of them opting to bask in the sun rather than perform a simple task."
"In some cases," Lindell added, "the dolphins appeared to be looking directly into our eyes, as if pleading with us to help them perform better in these tests."
Many scientists believe these findings may help to explain why dolphins, for all their vaunted intelligence, have never developed technology or agriculture, or harnessed the power of fire—skills still exclusively in the domain of Homo sapiens.
Said Lindell: "Their failure is a great disappointment to all of us who once felt an intelligence-based kinship with these majestic animals."
Study: Dolphins Not So Intelligent On Land | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Even on land, dolphins still exhibit higher intelligence than some people, like those who fell for a story about 200,000 year old statues of angels found in moon rocks...
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We should have a subtopic forum called "Hoaxes" in the "Fun&Jokes* section.

Not even a clever hoax.

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