I consulted God about the deceased Zionist

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Or he is Ringo with his pistols?
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Is this Ringo or his cousin?

Or Zorro

Curious Cdn
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I consulted God about the deceased Zionist

... and God talks directly to you, does she? You definitely belong in a cage in Gitmo along with the other savage barbarians.

Guess what, Sesame? You have a friend in Walter, of all people!
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When you see the filth of abomination in the Holy place then know the desolation thereof is near at hand -- Jesus Christ.

You truly are an ignorant person.
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The Zionist perished and many chiefs of the world including the Arab and many Muslim countries came to his funeral; they all appeared sad and said many words of consolation about this guilty Zionist: a criminal who committed many crimes.

So I consulted God about this Zionist and his fate following death, and God said a horrible thing about his fate:


Which is in the Quran 14: 42-52, which mean:

{ 42. Think not that God is unaware of wrong-doers. He only postpones their [punishment] till a day [of their death and their coming to Us] when eyes will fixedly stare forwards a .

43. Being submissive and listening [to the words of the angel of death],
stooping their heads [looking down to the ground, being humble
b .]
Their eyelids blinking not
c , and their hearts being void [of blood, as being their lungs void of air. d]

44. But [O Mohammed] warn people [of the Next life punishment, which they will face in the world of souls] on the day [of their death] when the chastisement will come on them e,
and wrong-doers will say [when they will see the death angels seizing their spirits]:
"Our Lord, defer us to a near appointment
f , and we will respond to Your call and obey the messengers g."
[The angels will reply to them:]
"Didn't you swear before that you would never abandon [your idolatry]?" h

45. "And [didn't you] reside in the dwellings of those [before you] who wronged themselves, though it was evident to you how We had dealt with them [when they denied Our messengers i ], and We expounded [in the Quran] the examples for you [to take lesson and be not like them?]"

46. They have designed their plots [against you, Mohammed], when [the frustration of] their plots is due to God a , even though that their plots were such as to remove mountains b .

47. So do not deem that God will fail in His promise to His messengers [to help the believers and destroy the disbelievers]; for surely God is Almighty, Who takes vengeance [of disbelievers in the Next Life.]}
.................................................. ....................

42 a Because the sights of souls are fixed and do not rotate to the right and left, but keep staring forwards; and their sights do not blink as were they in the life of the World, but will always remain open and staring forwards, unless they want to close their sights, for then they can do that.

43 b The indication of this is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 32: 12, which means:
(If you [Mohammed] but only see when sinners lower down their heads [with humiliation and shyness] before their Lord [in the Afterlife: the world of souls.])

43 c But they will always keep staring forwards.

43 d Because souls do not inhale the oxygen and do not need to inhale the air.

44 e i.e. Warn them of the Next life punishment, in the afterlife (or the world of souls), which they will face following their death.

44 f i.e. Postpone our death hour, and keep us in the life of the World for a little while.

44 g About your obedience to which they enjoined us.

44 h It means: Didn’t you swear before that you would never change your religion of the idolatry which you followed, and that you would not follow the messengers, so how it comes that you now renege on your words?

45 i Hadn’t We destroyed them by the earthquake; some with the hurricanes, some others with the torrents, and still others with the plague.

46 a Therefore, they cannot inflict you with anything of their plotting, because God will tell you about what plotting and trickery they intend to do to you.

46 b This is a parable of the serious matter; it means: Whatever effective and dangerous their plotting is, God will frustrate it and tell you about it to be cautious of them.

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly.


I too consulted El/Adonai/Yahweh/God.

His Mom says he/she/it has been on vacation elsewhere in another multiverse for the past 2 billion years and isn't returning until his/her/its sibling aka. Satan/Beelzebub/Shaitan/Allah has been thrown into celestial jail,
So I have written.

So shall it be. Amen.
If you were trying to prove you are a bigger asshole than the poster you were addressing you succeeded, . . . with honors.
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The word of God is the Quran: I consulted God by the Quran, and the result of the consultation was the ayat 14: 42-52; which speak about the disbeliever at his death hour and following it.

i.e. I prayed God to show me about the fate of this criminal, and to show me this on the pages of the Quran, and I opened the book of the Quran, and it was that these ayat came where I opened it.

So this is the miracle of the Quran.

God told me in the consultation by the Quran what this blasphemer and wrong-doer has faced at his death hour and later on.

So if you don't believe, keep up chewing your pork until you perish and have the same fate.

Therefore, read the meaning of the ayat which I cited, and do not blind your eyes and believe or else you will turn to be a loser in the Next Life.

There is no God you poor primitive deluded infant.

If there were a God, He/She/It would have exterminated your death cult back in the dark ages when the filth first showed itself.
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When you see the filth of abomination in the Holy place then know the desolation thereof is near at hand -- Jesus Christ.

The filth and abomination of the Holy place began on the first day muslims set foot on it.