Gun Control is Completely Useless.

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Yeah, I saw that. Wendy Cukier is such a twat.

If I remember correctly, over 10 years ago, she presented to parliment on gun related issues while citing an appendix to a study conducted by the RCMP. The RCMP basically responded by pointing out that the study didn't have an appendix.The RCMP also disagreed with the content of the appendix. Where did it come from? Cukier added it to the report. Wow! adding something to an RCMP report so you can cite the report.

So now everyone is ok, with her credibility and it will be ok for her to submit a file or report to the CCFR court challenge?
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Our idiot Boy is doing ALL HE CAN to neuter our Parliament and RIG OUR ELECTIONS!

Here is an article that should deeply disturb Cdns! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Elections Canada can't keep track of baloney ballots?

By Liz Braun.

Published: October 23, 2019/ Updated: October 23, 2019 4:09 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Toronto & GTA

A story in Blacklock’s Reporter claims that Elections Canada doesn’t really know how many non-citizens are voting in Canada’s elections.

Just how many people were incorrectly or illegally on voting lists for last Monday’s federal election is, apparently, a mystery.

(The TRUTH is that LIE-berals DO NOT CARE if our electoral system is being poisoned by cheats - as long as LIE-berals benefit!)

The story says chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault told reporters in September that the agency would “clean up the list” after 112,000 non-citizens on the National Register of Electors had been identified.

Elections Canada says it has already begun ferreting out the fakes.

(Oh yes- such diligence! The election occurred on October 21 - and two days later our Guardians of Democracy are now chasing down CHEATS! And LIE-berals think it is RUDE of us to ask how many of those ballots went to people KNOWN to civil service union HOGS an who could be guaranteed to support LIE-berals!)

(After all we already have GOOD REASON to DISTRUST our Elections Canada HOGS because of their LONG HISTORY of “vetting” strangers totally lacking in ID - who simply show up at polling booths in critical swing ridings were only a few votes make the difference between Political Party winner and losers!)

(And in the latest DAMNING INCIDENT demonstrating LIE-beral contempt of democracy - LIE-berals attempted to SHUTTER our Parliament for the NEXT TWO YEARS! Yes - LIE-berals actually linked their original CERB Wuhan Aid Package to a clause that would give them DICTATORIAL POWERS to tax and spend and fiscally reward or fiscally punish us as they deemed necessary - with NO Parliamentary over sight of any sort - until December 2021!)

(LIE-berals are FRANTIC to escape the fiscal reckoning that is coming in spring 2021 when their Minority Govt will be FORCED to produce a budget - that may result in the destruction of the LIE-beral minority govt!)

(And with NDPee Jag Singh stating he will NOT SUPPORT a new LIE-beral aid
package because it contains legal options to PUNISH CDNs who use FRAUD to obtain CERB Benefits - we should ask what sort of MADNESS is infecting the Ottawa political mob? In related news - RCMP has stated emphatically that FAKE ID is in use by organized crime figures to CHEAT on aid eligibility - and Singh and his NDPees wants to DEFEND THIS?)

(Considering the staggering sums of money being thrown around by govt in these ugly times - The NEED for critical political and legal oversight is more CRITICAL THAN EVER BEFORE!)

Election officals offered this assurance: “We have used Immigration Canada data to verify whether people who are on the Register are indeed Canadian citizens. We’ve written to over 100,000. We have received confirmation from several thousands of them, that they are Canadian citizens, and we have removed approximately 75,000 who did not respond either because they are not citizens or simply neglected to respond.”

(But LIE-berals think it is NONE OF OUR BIZ just how many of these people showed up and got VOUCHED for by HOGS - without the bother of showing ANY ID! In related news - HOGS and LIE-berals havetold us they believe immigrants of any status along with illegals should BE ALLOWED TO VOTE since they ALLEGEDLY PAY TAXES in Canada! And this is a LIE-beral LIE!)

(There is no slot in a CRA computer for illegals to pay income tax or any other govt assessment such as health levy and Canada Pension Plan! But there is NO LIE-beral effort being directed at preventing illegals and others from using Fake ID to access our health care FOR FREE! LIE-berals are so generous to illegals they are even willing to award Cdn citizenship to their babies - just so they can sponsor the entire extended formerly illegal family as legal immigrants - in 20 years!)

MALCOLM: Liberals' planned voter ID changes 'incredibly concerning'
MALCOLM: Asylum seeker not eligible to vote receives voter registration card
LILLEY: Thousands of Canadian voter cards sent to dead, non-citizens

That figure of nearly 75,000 names scratched from voters lists before Monday has been confirmed by Elections Canada, but nobody seems to know how many more names are still on the National Register of Electors.

(As previously mentioned - I believe LIE-berals DO NOT wish to know!)

This is according to an internal memo at Elections Canada, Blacklock’s Reporter claims.

It is also claimed that the Office of the Commissioner of Elections confirmed 57 instances of people who were not Canadian citizens voting in the 2015 federal election.

As there was no reasonable prospect of conviction, no action was taken.

(NO surprise there! LIE-berals have NO USE for legal solutions to CHEATING! One of our neighbours has a 35 year old son whose ID was compromised after hackers got into the OSAP Loans computer in 2000 - and yet when somebody went into a bank in 2017 - carrying FAKE ID and trying to get a line of credit in the sons name - FORTUNATELY the bank did not like the sound of the deal and refused to hand out money!)

(Yet bank officials and lawyers THINK that should be the end of it! As long as banks do not suffer loss - they happily IGNORE security issues and RERFUSE to waste time cooperating with cops in hunting criminal frauds! Yet banks DO EXPECT that the son would be expected to pay back any money the fraudsters DID MANAGE to get - and as this is their fourth and MOST COSTLY TRY - the son is getting rightly WORRIED about LIE-beral indifference to criminal activity occurring in Canada!)

(After all the sons credit cards and debit cards HAVE been compromised in the past - though he did EVENTUALLY get most of his money back after a YEAR LONG WAIT for cops to investigate! In one case it was even claimed that the fraud was an INSIDE JOB by a bank employee - who was NEVER IDENTIFIED or punished in any way! NO WONDER criminals from around the world flock to Canada! We ARE the happy hunting ground for THUGS!)

There were several ridings in the 2015 election where results were decided by fewer than 500 votes, and some where fewer than 100 won the day.

Those include Elmwood Transcona, Man. (by 61 votes); Desnethe-Missinippi, Sask. (82 votes); Barrie-Springwater, Ont. (85 votes); and Edmonton Mill Woods (92 votes.)

(With such tight races as these - one can SEE CLEARLY why some LIE-berals are VERY RELUCTANT to end the practice of “VOUCHING”! It is clearly a USEFUL TOOL for the morally bent and greatly entitled ones living among us!)
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You should consider publishing this thread as a book

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What happens down there has nothing to do with canadian laws or actions.

Bullshit. Canadian reaction to American civil unrest and gun violence has unquestioningly done more than anything else to influence Canadian gun law than any other factor. It's an incredibly efficient political tool that is consistently brought out by those opposing legal gun ownership to influence Canadian gun law.
It has everything to do with Canadian gun laws.

The easiest way to reduce gun violence is to go after the subcultures that promote it.

In today's climate that is racist.
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Unacceptable? What crime were Fat Mr. & Mrs. Smith charged with?
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Unacceptable? What crime were Fat Mr. & Mrs. Smith charged with?

In the Court of Twitter Opinion, they were charged with not kneeling to their oppressors, found guilty, and sentenced to shame unending.
Trudeau: End Your Quarantine of Canada’s Democracy Now

May 26, 2020: The day Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh stopped the beating heart of Canada’s democracy.

It’s now time to resuscitate her.

It’s time to bring Parliament back to life.

Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall sponsored Petition e-2629 to help build the political defibrillator required to restart Parliament’s heart, wake her from the government-induced coma she’s in and get our Parliamentary democracy back to work.

“We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately reconvene normal, in-person sittings of the House of Commons and its standing committees, in which all matters of national and international concern can be discussed while respecting public health guidelines.”

We understand why the Prime Minister is dead set against restarting the democratic heart of our country.

Unlike any prime minister in Canadian history, Justin Trudeau has operated without oversight or accountability. He is living every elected politician’s dream – a “basic dictatorship” in function, if not in name.

Since March 13th, he’s shovelled hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars of borrowed money out the door with no real explanation of where it’s going or how it will help.

This avalanche of spending came after Justin Trudeau tried to given himself total control of all government finances – with no oversight at all – for almost two full years. When he didn’t get his way, he “settled” for unaccountability for six months instead.

Hardly a win for Canadians.

To quote Rex Murphy [i] :

“Instead [of Parliament] we have its super-duper modern replacement, a pure dream of a government, one without opposition, free to gush money wherever it wishes, in whatever amounts it chooses, to whomever it favours. All executed during what is called a ‘morning briefing.’”

On those rare occasions when Trudeau condescended to recall the House of Commons, he only did so to ram through COVID-19 relief packages – bills so poorly thought out it took the refusal to pass them by opposition parties before the government would agree to fix even the most glaring and obvious problems.

The Liberal minority sets the national agenda each morning at Trudeau’s daily “briefing” sessions. Nobody holds him to account. No reporter dares ask hard questions for fear of being banished from the “approved media” list.

Then it’s back to Governing By Press Conference from the steps of Rideau Hall.

The Prime Minister’s daily performances in front of hand-picked stenographers (for they refuse to function like real reporters) asking pre-approved questions are a national embarrassment.

No, they’re a national disgrace.

More from Rex Murphy, quoting from an imaginary conversation with Justin Trudeau: [ii]

“It takes real leadership to empty the Treasury as fast as we are during a great crisis. Shovelling the loot out in bulk, as we are doing every day, takes real dedication.”

All while our Parliamentary democracy remains shuttered.

There are obvious alternatives to this, including some pretty dramatic historical precedents.

As German bombs fell from the skies onto the city of London, the British Parliament did not cower, run away or hide in pretty little cottages. No, they remained steadfast, kept Parliament in session and dealt with the greatest emergency of their day.

If only this Liberal government had such courage.

Since March 13th, he’s shovelled hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars of borrowed money out the door with no real explanation of where it’s going or how it will help.

This avalanche of spending came after Justin Trudeau tried to given himself total control of all government finances – with no oversight at all – for almost two full years. When he didn’t get his way, he “settled” for unaccountability for six months instead.

You are going to have to wait for his house arrest transmitter (possibly a tampon) to be removed.

I found the SEC filing for a $396B USD bond sale to fund this mess.
Its dated 2020-01-21.

It would have taken a couple weeks to draft it up meaning they knew before or right after Christmas they'd need to borrow big.

Tack on 396B USD to the $671,254,000,000CAD we're already in the hole and it's around another 50%.

Its 2019 fiscal year debt as well.
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Public Interest Litigants Judicial Review of SOR/2020-96 Notice of Application Filed
 in Federal Court

Yesterday, June 29, 2020, Toronto lawyer Arkadi Bouchelev filed a notice of application for judicial review of the Order in Council (OIC) creating regulation SOR/2020-96 in the Federal Court on behalf of nine public interest litigants from across Canada.

These are private firearm owners, not firearm business owners whose livelihoods are threatened as a result of this ban, and they are bringing this litigation forward as public interest litigants. In other words, they’re challenging this Order in Council for the public good.

They want to overturn SOR/2020-96 and, if they are successful, will benefit every lawful Canadian firearm owner who owns one of the 1,500 types of firearms banned on May 1, 2020, or would like to own one in the future.

One of the key arguments that Mr. Bouchelev’s clients are making relates to Section 117.15(2) of the Criminal Code , which very specifically states that if a government intends to ban firearms by way of an Order in Council, they can only do it for firearms that have no reasonable use for hunting or sporting purposes.

If a firearm is reasonable for use to hunt or target shoot in Canada, the government cannot ban it through an OIC. They must enact a new piece of legislation.

Every firearm on the OIC list is reasonable for use for hunting, sporting purposes, or both.
The Public Interest Litigants also argue that the RCMP has no legal authority to reclassify firearms by changing their FRT status. That legal authority rests in the federal government and cannot be delegated to the RCMP.

The CSSA believes the Public Interest Litigants Judicial Review has an excellent chance to challenge and defeat the Liberal government’s firearm ban by Order in Council enacted on May 1st, 2020.

We encourage you to download and read the Public Interest Litigants Judicial Review Notice of Application (PDF) .

If you believe, as we do, this is one of the best opportunities for us to defeat this Liberal firearm ban decree, please donate to the Public Interest Litigants Judicial Review .


Tony Bernardo, Executive Director
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Phone: 905-571-2150
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In the Court of Twitter Opinion, they were charged with not kneeling to their oppressors, found guilty, and sentenced to shame unending.

Oh, right. You think that's a thing.

Carry on.