One surrealistic story about Photon's money and his Bank.

One surrealistic story about Photon's money and his Bank.
It is not absurd to talk about mass/energy - money
of a bit-quantum particle: photon.
Book: Six Not-So-Easy Pieces:
by Richard P. Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, Matthew Sands*

"Where light goes from a given point is always separated by a zero interval"
/ - R. Feynman , page 99 /
Once upon a time one photon came to* ''a zero interval'' spending all his money.
No money for drinking, no money for eating, no money for women,
no money for gambling, no money to buy indulgence to save his sinner soul.

But photon does have MasterCard and Visa in his pocket.
Where and what* is photon's bank at* ''a zero interval'' if the bank
itself has an interval from X to Y ?
The conservation and transformation of money mass/energy
is a local act for single quantum particle - photon
and about photon's bank and its location we know nothing.
Is the bank (with your money) important for you ?
Does photon need bank?
And Feynman's astonishment '' where light goes . . . a zero interval''
can have only one solution:
photon at ''a zero interval'' changes all his parameters according to
''The Law of conservation and transformation energy/ mass''
Objections . . .

Don Quixote de la Socratus, who (as always) fight with the windmills.
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haha very funny your story

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