Robot & Man - Consciousness & Subconsciousness.
=Robot-computer works according to programs that was put in
its computer-brain by an engineer-programmer.*
*Human brain-computer also works according to some programs.
These programs were put in human brains by parents, schools, people
that we were respect,*medium, educations and a culture of societies.**
What is difference ?
A brain-computer works only on one (1) level programming
and therefore* robot can behave ''consciously''.
Human brain works on two (2) levels: conscious and* subconscious.
It was said:;
''The conscious mind is just as* the " tip of the iceberg "*
. . .* . the visible 10 percent* your Conscious Mind,
and the hidden 90 percent your Subconscious Mind.''
A few can use the power of Subconscious Mind.
Most are doubt if such thing actually exist.
Powers Of The Mind! (What we all can actually do!)* /7,429,848 views/*
Scientists Prove that Telepathy Is Possible With Technology
Scientists Prove that Telepathy Is Possible With Technology | GlobalPeek in World News
* '' Invention is not the product of logical thought,
even though the final product is tied to a logical structure.''
** Albert Einstein*
'' We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.
* * Albert Einstein

Old common logical thought was changed on a new* '' invented'' logical thought.
Before*the new* '' invented'' logical thought wasn't in the brain's program.*
How does a new* '' invented '' thought appear?
Einstein was a pioneer of* a new discovery* and said:
* '' Invention is not the product of logical thought . . . ''
What does can mean?
In my opinion:
New* invention* is ''a product''*of subconscious quantum process (!) when
old logical thought changes on a new logical -conscious* thought
"... indeed an understanding of psi phenomena and of
consciousness must provide the basis of an improved
understanding of quantum mechanics."
* / Evan Walker /

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