Tesla's electric cars aren't as green as you might think

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Interesting thing on the news this moring about burning electric cars. Caught on video. SOme guy in Vancouver area was launching his boat with a battery powered car and didn't put it in park. While he was unhooking the boat it rolled back into the ocean. Stupid enough in its own right. then to add insult to stupidity the battery reacted with salt water catching the car on fire. On the vid the car is still partly in the ocean with firecrews pumping water on it.

The worst of it is that a Lithium fire CANNOT be extinguished with water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the usual LIE-beral genius planning......................................

very few Cdn fire depts have the necessary SPECIALIZED gear needed to put out a Lithium fire quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True dat. ALl we could do is hang around on scba for 12 hrs and keep the fire from spreading.
Curious Cdn
All of the alkali metals are highly reactive. Water just makes it worse.
Really toxic as well. Give me an oil fire anyday.

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