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The Riders have a bye this weekend as Calgary and Edmonton meet to decide who will be the lucky team to get whupped in Mosaic stadium the following weekend.

Meanwhile back East, Montreal will also have the weekend off to watch the Hamilton/BC game. After BC gets annihilated by the Ti-Cats, the latter will play Montreal and with the outcome of that game, the Riders will finally know who they will meet and beat in the Grey Cup.

But then, that's just my opinion.
Edmonton-BC Grey Cup!
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Edmonton-BC Grey Cup!

Edmonton I can understand, but BC?????
Ron in Regina
I was think'n Saskatchewan-Montreal?
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I was think'n Saskatchewan-Montreal?

That is the way I am leaning too, simply because Montreal is the best team in the league and all their stats prove it. No shame on Sask. You can't really compare the two, the Riders are a team still somewhat in the process of building. Montreal with Anthony at QB, boy are they grand to watch. When the Riders play like they did, especially in the opening and, as usual, final quarter of last weekends' game, they shine. Montreal almost always shines, all the time.

Were I to have my wish, I would chose to meet Hamilton in the Grey Cup. I have a fondness for the Ti-Cats of the 2009 season. Under the coaching of Marcel B and the management of Bill O', they have developed into the team to watch in the East next year.

But then, that's just my opinion.
Dexter Sinister
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I was think'n Saskatchewan-Montreal?

I think that's the most likely outcome based on the season's records, with Montreal winning the final, but the playoffs are a whole new season. Anybody know how often a first place team has won the Cup? I suppose I could look it up...
Montreal 29 - Calgary 17
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I think that's the most likely outcome based on the season's records, with Montreal winning the final, but the playoffs are a whole new season. Anybody know how often a first place team has won the Cup? I suppose I could look it up...

With Montreal this season it's iffy as Anthony Calvillo being the anchor of the team it is obvious that when he is out the team struggles and has not been able to win in the past.. If he goes down Montreal is out. Count on all teams to target him early in the game and if he goes so does Montreal.

Yes the playoffs are a new season.. This is what makes it interesting..
In Saskatchewan this week, they are busy celebrating the announcement that nine – count ‘em – 9 Rider players have been nominated as Western All-Stars.
They include five players from the defence and four for the offense. Darian Durant (QB),Weston Dressler (WR), Gene Makowsky (OL), Jeremy O’Day (OL), Stevie Baggs (DE), (Yeah Stevie!), John Chick (DE), Tad Kornegay (LB), Sean Lucas (LB), and Lance Frazier (DB) are the chosen ones. This marks the first time since 1976 that the Riders have had so many players nominated. In addition, Darian got the nod as the Rider’s nominee for Outstanding Player.

Andy Fantuz wins Canadian player-of-the-month for October with 38 catches for 488 yards, and lest we forget, two TDs.

Ken Miller is also reaping much belated praise for his deft leadership and exemplary coaching abilities. This is long overdue and though he would never admit it, must be music to his ears. Ken Miller is a wonderful coach, and a good and decent man. He is the first Rider coach to take his team to the Western Finals since, again – 1976. I congratulate him on a great season. And though media and fan praise must mean a lot to him, I am betting it is words like these that really warm the cockles of his heart.

"Ken Miller is my man,'' said Wes Cates, the Riders' veteran running back. “ He is cerebral and probably the smartest man I have ever met. He is not a loud guy but he knows how to get his guys motivated and how to get wins.''

"I wanted to do this for Coach Miller,'' said Durant, who is the Riders' nominee for the CFL's most-outstanding-player award. “ He has stuck by my side when I'm pretty sure that a lot of people were calling for my head after a couple of games. I appreciate him sticking with me and we got rewarded with a Western title.''

"You don't need a drill sergeant (for a head coach),'' said Durant. "You need a guy who is an overseer and will make sure that things are run properly. He doesn't accept any nonsense and no one on this team wants to disappoint the head coach. That's the type of guy you want to play for and you want to respect.''

"He's a very well-liked coach,'' said Eddie Davis, the Riders' veteran defensive halfback. “ He's a players' coach. He leaves players alone and let's them find their own way. If you don't like him, then there is something wrong with you.''

Ken Miller should be nominated for Coach of the Year though I admit he will have some stiff competition in Mark Kressman from Montreal.

In the midst of all the celebrations and showers of praise, TSN announced its stats for the 2009 regular season broadcasts, and darned if Saskatchewan games didn’t take four of the five top spots. As a matter of fact, the BC at Sask game on Oct. 24th broke the record for audience participation with a total of 1.2 million viewers. The other three games simply broke a million or so.

I think I know one of the secrets to the Rider’s success. There are no less than 10 Saskatchewan born players on the roster, and this simply has to have any affect. These fellows know what it means to be Rider player. They know about the lean years and they know how long their fans have hung in there for them. When push comes to shove, having those 10 Saskatchewan homeboys on the team, talking up a win, pushing for that extra yard, making that extra tackle, cheering their team on - oh yeah, it makes a Big Difference.

Neal Hughes summed it up well when he said, “One of the Rider Pride songs came on and I was singing it,” Hughes said. “I looked over and Stu Foord was singing it, too. He and I used to sing this song in the stands. It kind of brought us down to earth ...”

The Riders went back to the field today for their first practice since winning the right to host the Western Final, last weekend. Apparently, Quinn is out for the season and maybe as long as nine months. He has tears of both his MCL and ACL. Of course, we will not be seeing either Weston or Jamie dressing for the game. I can only imagine how tough it must be for them to be sidelined after all their valiant efforts to help get the team to this point.

By the way, it is of some interest to me that the CFL is considering reducing the number of starting Canadians next year. They propose to cut the numbers to four from the current seven. I would really like to know the reasoning behind such a move. After all this is the Canadian Football League, shouldn’t more players that are Canadian be welcomed into the league having proved worthy?

Lastly, I urge every CFL fan to visit to vote for their favourites.

But then, that’s just my opinion.
Ex-girlfriend of former Roughrider Justin Cox feared for her life after beating
Canadian Press
November 20, 2018
November 20, 2018 10:26 PM EST
Saskatchewan Roughriders' Justin Cox during first half action in Edmonton, Alta., on Friday July 8, 2016.JASON FRANSON / THE CANADIAN PRESS
REGINA — A woman who was beaten by former Saskatchewan Roughrider Justin Cox says she feared for her life the day he broke her nose and left her bloody and bruised.
The former defensive back pleaded guilty in September to assault causing bodily harm for the August 2017 attack.
His ex-girlfriend says Cox began assaulting her in the parking lot of a Regina mall and continued to beat her as he drove through traffic to the site of the old Mosaic Stadium.
According to her victim impact statement read by the Crown, she was able to escape from the vehicle and flag down a passerby who drove her to a hospital.
The Crown is asking for one year of jail time, probation, anger management and substance abuse training.
The defence asked for significantly less jail time or no jail time and a fine he could pay off in the community.
Cox apologized during the sentencing hearing.
“I’m sorry for everything that happened,” Cox said. “I hope I get another chance.”
Cox is to be sentenced in early December with a date to be set next week.
The woman’s name is protected by a publication ban.
In her statement, she said she still lives with the trauma of the attack every day and has since moved across the country.
The victim also says that Cox repeatedly harassed her and had women he was dating harass her through messaging apps in an attempt to convince her not to testify.
According the statement, at one point Cox texted her father saying “Your daughter better help me in court before it’s too late” and “She was a lowlife when I met her.”
Contact between Cox and his ex was a breach of the terms of his bail that he consistently violated, the Crown argued.
Cox played one full season with the Roughriders, eventually being named the club’s rookie of the year in 2016.
He was let go from the team in April 2017 after he was arrested on a different assault charge but was found not guilty.

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