Gone for 2 weeks.

As promised I shouldn't be darkening anyone’s door for two whole weeks as I'm on vacation....Consider it a vacation for you too.


This is the place I have rented....right beside Algonquin Park in beautiful Ontario. Hope to catch lots of fish, and rays...maybe even the odd drunk or two…

Have a great next 2 weeks of summer folks.
Lucky you!!!! Enjoy!
Reverend Blair

Hope to catch lots of fish, and rays...maybe even the odd drunk or two…

I didn't know they'd turned catching drunks into a sport. Do you favour a snare or a camoflaged pit for that? Do you cook them up for vittles or just mount their heads on your wall?

The younger ones we eat straight away...the old ones, we keep for soup.

You crazy man
Reverend Blair
That's what they tell me, but I have no idea who they are, so I refuse to listen.

Have a good vacation, Jay.
Have a nice vacation...I wish I was going for a vacation
Diamond Sun
Hmm, that site says it sleeps 5. You might get some company, and you might be sorry you posted exactly where you'd be staying!!

Have a lovely time!
Ocean Breeze

c-ya when you get back..

(pretty cabin !! Gorgeous setting too ..)
Bring extra food and booze!!
ditto Jay, hope you have a great vacation...I will be waiting right here at the board when you get back

Thanks All...I will miss you all terribly.
Vanni Fucci
Hey Jay...that's great, have an awesome time...and guess what...

I'll be gone to the cabin myself for 5 of those days...

No Jay AND No Vanni...
Reverend Blair
Are you having a tryst?
Vanni Fucci
Nah...my wife wouldn't let me make him my bitch...
Reverend Blair
Wives are like that, Vanni. When you get old, you get used to it.
Good luck Guys I hope you have a good one
Ten Packs
"when you get old".... yeah right, you 40-year-old whipper-snapper.
Reverend Blair
I didn't say I was used to it, Ten Packs...it's just what I heard... :P
Have a good one Jay! Gorgeous cabin! Take pix and post in the pic thread for us. Um ... maybe skip the drunk mid afternoon skinny dipping ones tho Have fun!

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