Ford government admits they can't do what they promised

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So are they simply incompetent or was the program designed to fail so nobody else would try it.
It should have been a nation wide test program where a person with a Canadian Birth Certificate gets a yearly amount from the Fed Gov. At the end of the year all a person's other income is added in and when you get above a certain level the basic income starts coming off as it is a fund to bring everybody up to the poverty line. Lots of complaints about what AISH pays but nobody mentions that it is still about $5,000 below the poverty line. Should somebody like Walter endrd up on it he would be pushing for the raise, until then it is money going to the useless eaters.

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Yeah- poor Bar Silly Sister only pay attention when the western civilization he hates is being injured!!!!!!!!

Since Ford is repairing Ontari-owe it is automatic that Silly Sister will hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it absolutely infuriates LIE-berls when we keep track of the LIE-beral fake news and the promises that turn into impossible stretch goals!

LIE-berals promised FIFTEEN PERCENT OFF auto insurance but NEVER mentioned the FIFTY PERCENT CUT to victims injured in serious accidents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an older article reminding us of LIE-beral values that have poisoned the province of Ontari-owe and which are now being imposed right across the country by Our idiot Boy Justin! With some comments of my own in brackets):

In Wynne’s world, Ontario’s fine

First posted: Thursday, January 05, 2017 08:37 PM EST. (Toronto Sun files)

Ontarians can be forgiven if they don’t share Premier Kathleen Wynne’s enthusiasm for the great job her government is doing managing the economy.

The Liberals are certainly proud. Finance Minister Charles Sousa boasted in his fall economic statement:

“Our plan is working. Over the last two years our economy has grown by 5.3%. Last year our growth was double the national average ... for the first quarter of this year, Ontario’s growth was faster than that of the United States and the G7 ... The unemployment rate is at an eight-year low.”

(Too bad LIE-beral job numbers do not reflect this “great growth”! With each passing month there are ever more people caught in McJobs- short term or temporary contract garbage, with frozen wages, erratic hours of work that often are cut at short notice and etc. While at the same time civil service union Hogs- the people who put LIE-berals into power- get ever MORE GRAVY!)

Sousa noted the Liberals will balance the province’s budget as promised in 2017-18.

(We no know that LIE-beral efforts to balance the budget are nothing more than a “LIE-beral Stretch Goal” - of the type known to ordinary people as a “Lie”!)

Now let’s talk about the real world.

(LIE-berals issued a whole pile of Fake News about the economy! NEITHER the 2017- 2018 budget NOR their proposed 2018- 2019 budgets were balanced! LIE-berals used accounting techniques that are NEVER TAUGHT at any respectable school of accounting - to CRUDELY HIDE their deficits- and of course they got caught! LIE-berals told us so very many LIES about their Hell`s kitchen budgets that voters virtually erased the Ontari-owe LIE-beral party in the June election!)

It’s true that because of a lower Canadian dollar, strengthening U.S. economy and the oil price crash, which help Ontario’s manufacturing sector, the provincial economy has been doing better after a decade of underperforming.

But as Toronto Sun columnist Ben Eisen of the Fraser Institute’s Ontario prosperity initiative wrote this week, dancing in the streets is premature.

(For one thing- we know that virtually NO GROWTH occurred outside the GTA during the 15 years of LIE-beral rule! Virtually all the so called growth has been smoke and mirrors- with civil service Hog wage gains and LIE-beral taxes being the only REAL areas of growth! If LIE-berals had not issued so much Fake News then bond rating services WOULD NOT have made it clear that they would punish LIE-beral waste with higher borrowing costs and penalties! LIE-berals turned us into the most indebted sub national entity on the planet! Only the Greek govt is more indebted than we are!)

(LIE-berals insisted that our economy was “booming” and then issued warnings about housing bubbles driven by investors struggling to make a few bucks! Thanks to LIE-beral economic meddling- our housing was the last/best area for people seeking to make some money- and LIE-berals killed it with their new mortgage rules! If the economy was truly booming then why did the debts rise so fast? Unless of course the booming economy is simply a function- as I have said before- of vast LIE-beral borrowing to fund the Hog gravy train! An economy built on massive borrowing is NOT STABLE! Somebody is going to have to make HARD CHOICES and in Ontari-owe that will be Doug Ford!)

Between 2003 and 2014, Ontario’s inflation-adjusted, per-person economic growth averaged just 0.3% annually, about a third of the economic growth rate of the rest of Canada.

In 2000, average disposable household income was 10% higher in Ontario than the rest of the country. By 2012 it fell below the national average for the first time.

(A massive drop in disposable income in Ontari-owe? LIE-berals tell us they can fix that with MORE borrowing- in the BoB Rae/ NDP RAE DAYS style!)

Combined with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s free-spending federal Liberal government, Ontario’s income tax rate now tops out at a job-killing 53.5%.

(Just before federal LIE-berals under Jean Chretien hit the debt wall- our top marginal tax rate was 57 percent! And of course LIE-beral;s DO NOT count their job killing carbon crap and trade scam as an income tax- so they can fudge the numbers some more!)

Since coming to power in 2003, the Liberals have more than doubled Ontario’s debt to over $300 billion, making Ontario the world’s most indebted sub sovereign borrower.

The only reason the Liberals will be able to balance the budget in 2017 — after delivering nine straight deficits — is through such measures as their unpopular sale of 60% of Hydro One to the private sector.

(And as we have seen- the sale of Hydro One to LIE-beral pals was still not enough to bring profligate LIE-berals back into the black! The red ink on LIE-beral books is running so deep and fats it is even scaring some LIE-berals such as former federal finance minister John Manley- who has warned about the mad spending going on!)

Their multi-billion-dollar experiment with green energy has been a disaster, helping to saddle Ontarians with some of the fastest rising electricity rates in North America, capped off by Wynne’s carbon pricing scheme, expected to take another $2 billion out of the pockets of Ontarians this year alone.

Reports of the rebirth of Ontario’s economy have been greatly exaggerated.

(In fact- allowing now for the assorted trade wars Our idiot Boy Justin has triggered- with attendant economic upheaval and we can substantially downgrade the rosy LIE-beral economic Fake News! Our economy is going backwards thanks to Our idiot Boy and his LIE-beral losers! What Wynne-bag and Bob Rae did to Ontari-owe- Our idiot Boy is now doing to Canada!)

(LIE-beral Fake News is now so utterly twisted they want us to think it is great news that in July 2018, 28,000 Cdns lost their full time jobs that actually paid something like a living wage- and at the same time 82,000 Cdns got part time crap work that will NOT provide them with the ability to pay their bills! LIE-beral thinking is so disturbingly twisted that they seem to think unemployed people should be outside enjoying their free time and hobbies- until the eviction notices arrive!)
Ontario PCs Hire Ford Family Lawyer Gavin Tighe, Fire Senior Liberal Appointees
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Ontario PCs Hire Ford Family Lawyer Gavin Tighe, Fire Senior Liberal Appointees

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OH GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ford HIRES a lawyer who will NOT sabotage and undermine him at every turn??????????????????????

What a REMARKABLE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And maybe we should talk about all the immigration judges that Our idiot Boy and his LIE-beral losers FIRED in 2016 because those judges had Conservative leanings that made them unwilling to swallow wildy BULLSH+T stories being fed them by dull witted illegals!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes- LIE-berals FIRED a bunch of immigration judges because they were Conservatives and were making illegals WORK HARD to come up with more imaginative sob stories so they could get into Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If LIE-berals DROPPED all their childish, nit picking and whiny LITTLE complaints they would be left with NO SERIOUS COMPLAINTS at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is anyone surprised that Ford is using his position to make money.

That whole family is a train wreck.
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Is anyone surprised that Ford is using his position to make money.

That whole family is a train wreck.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh POOR HOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You so relentlessly expose your utter lack of solid debating points on any issue facing disgraced LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you stand it- knowing that all the LIE-beral values and policies that you believe in are being FLUSHED out of Cdn public life like nasty turds in a toilet!!!!!!!

And here is a question that is likely HAUNTING ALL LIE-berals:::: What possible new policy can Ontari-owe LIE-berals possibly envision and offer in the next election that might change public perception of rotten LIE-beral policy??????????????????
When is the forum going to start working properly again?

Courts are catching up to Ford’s ‘unlawful’ ways
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When is the forum going to start working properly again?

Courts are catching up to Ford’s ‘unlawful’ ways

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PITY POOR MENTALFLOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He thinks that mindlessly repeating LIE-beral nonsense from Toronto RED Star newspaper will somehow restore disgraced LIE-beral policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a MAROON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating how those sneaky and duplicitous LIE-berals are throwing mud at Doug Ford- because they have no real ammunition to work with. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Courts are catching up to Ford’s ‘unlawful’ ways

By Martin Regg Cohn - Ontario Politics Columnist-Toronto Star- article reprinted on MSN.CA home page/news

Published Sept 4/2018.

Doug Ford’s summertime show of shock and awe has gone shockingly awry.

The rule of Ford has come up against the rule of law — and had its comeuppance in court. The premier who presumed he had unchallenged power to zap carbon pricing, attack sex-ed, target Tesla and meddle in Toronto elections is getting tied up in legal knots.

(POOR LIE-berals- if we forced them to PROVE all their allegations against Ford or be silent- they would never speak again! Carbon pricing has been exposed as a total failure that only cleans cash from wallets and leaves the dirt in the air! Even our federal Environment Minister “Climate Barbie” McKenna admits that carbon crap and trade is a job killer- thouigh she has yet to admit it is nothing but a CASH GRAB!!)

(As for “attacking sex ed” perhaps LIE-berals should go back and review media images showing the protests at Queens Park when the new LIE-beral sex curriculum was introduced! Critics said at the time- and are still saying now- that it teaches too much to soon! LIE-berals are not allowing kids to be children- all is sexualized! Many parents are disgusted that radicals in LIE-beral circles are more dedicated to teaching our pre-teen kids about anal sex and giving tips on how best to perform fellatio than they are about teaching our kids to read and do math!)

(As for “meddling” in Toronto elections- FORD DOES HAVE SUCH POWER! Neither LIE-berals nor the judge currently and TEMPORARILY blocking the Ford move have given ANY COHERENT explanation of why a city councillor cannot represent EXACTLY the same number of people as your provincial MPP or your federal MP!)

(By penning this grossly biassed article- Regg Cohen has moved from reporting the news- over to trying to make the news- as a half assed LIE-beral propaganda minster! Nazi Goebbels would be proud of Star efforts to smear Ford! In the process Regg Chen is giving major ammunition to every Cdn who is worried about the growing bias and bigotry of LIE-berals and Cdn media!)

(The judge has stated that yes- “Ford does have the right to alter the size of city council” and then goes on to say “it is damaging to our democracy” to force city councillors to change from representing 66,000 people over to the standard size political riding of 111,000 people- without explaing why or how MPP`s and MP`s CAN do the job!)

(Do LIE-berals not understand how petty and petulant they look over this? They are demonstrating that every person who has every suggested that LIE-berals are greedy, selfish, biased, and very sore losers is CORRECT!)

(As for the Tesla subsidies- there were about 600 Ontarians who had signed contract with Tesla and had put down deposits and ordered cars- in my opinion it is not reasonable that they should be abandoned in mid deal - those 600 contracts should be completed- but as always - even the judge admits Ford has the legal power to CANCEL any future contracts of that sort!)

(What it comes down to is that grossly entitled LIE-berals have been badly stung by the Ford victory! Ontari-owe LIE-berals have been badly stung by being successfully accused of being the most corrupt govt in our history! LIE-berals are outraged by the public scorn heaped on their green energy fiasco! LIE-berals are enraged that their efforts to turn our electrical system into a giant LIE-beral slush fund to buy votes so they can cling to power at any price has been exposed! LIE-berals have been enraged by the growing public anger at their handling of illegals!)

(In short- ALL LIE-beral policy is in disgrace- and they simply do not know how to respond- other than to throw mud- since they lack ANY honest hard facts!)

(Cdn LIE-berals are facing an existential crisis- ALL Ontari-owe LIE-beral policy is in disgrace; with all federal LIE-beral policy rapidly sliding into the same FULL public disgrace! What new policy can LIE-berals possibly offer us in the 2019 federal election or 2022 Ontari-owe election that has not already been offered and REJECTED! Ontari-owe LIE-berals will have to COMPLETELY REINVENT themselves in order to appeal to the the public in future- and how can they do that WITHOUT ADMITTING that the Wynne-bag LIE-berals were completely in the WRONG?? Federal |LIE-berals seeking a replacement for Our idiot Boy Justin have the same problem- the leader is the public face of the party but the PARTY supported the DUMB IDEAS and cannot escape that fact!!!!!!!!!)

(Federal LIE-berals have no hope of being elected in the Prairie provinces due to their screwed up energy policies. The NDP has just taken over from the LIE-beral minority govt in BC. Alberta NDP seems likely to be shoved out of power by Conservatives in the next election. Provincial LIE-berals in Ontari-owe have been destroyed as a political force and it will take at least 8 years to rebuild their party and regain some respect!)

(Both federal LIE-berals and NDP parties are being shut out in Quebec! Our idiot Boy Justin has disgraced himself on multiple fronts and he is now personally loathed by many Cdns! The size of the population in the Atlantic provinces is low enough that they cannot have much influence on national affairs- so LIE-berals have no place to turn in the next 4-8 years- UNLESS they reinvent themselves- and REPUDIATE ALL their current policies and leaders!)

(LIE-beral fortunes are at a VERY LOW EBB and it is hard to believe that half baked LIE-beral propaganda that is so easily exposed as wrong will really restore their Sunny Ways any time soon!)
So the corrupt and terminally dishonest Toronto Red Star lyingly suggests that our duly elected Premier using part of our Charter of Rights as it was intended is dishonest.

It is further uneeded proof of the stupidity & gullibility of Canadian voters that this garbage newspaper remains the biggest in Canuckistan.

'He did the right thing': Former premiers back Doug Ford's use of the notwithstanding clause


Former premiers Christy Clark and Brad Wall said Thursday that they think Ontario Premier Doug Ford is justified in using the notwithstanding clause to override a provincial court ruling attempting to block the government's move to shrink the size of Toronto city council.
"I think he did the right thing," said former B.C. premier Christy Clark in a panel segment on CBC News Network's Power & Politics.
"I think it was an appropriate use of the power and I actually think it's a good thing for Canada because we are in a moment where Canadians are looking around and saying, 'Hey, why can't anything get done?' Well, Premier Ford has shown there is a way ... to get things done in spectacular fashion."
Former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall told host Vassy Kapelos that he agreed with Clark's assessment.
"This is an important tool for premiers," said Wall. "Let's be very clear. Section 33 is part of the Constitution. And so, the availability of the notwithstanding clause to premiers is very much a part of the rule of law. It's also a part of a check-and-balance we have in terms of the judiciary and the elected legislatures and the Parliament of Canada."
Ford announced Monday that he would take the rare step of invoking Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms after an Ontario Superior Court judge ruled that his provincial government's legislation to cut the number of Toronto city councillors was unconstitutional.
Section 33 — known as the notwithstanding clause — allows premiers or prime ministers to override for a five-year period rulings on legislation that judges have determined would violate sections of the Charter.
Ontario has never used the clause before. Political leaders generally have been reluctant to use the notwithstanding clause, which is viewed by many as politically perilous.

Click the link for the full article
Should be no real surpise that dragging slugs from the public trough in TO is not a job for a political light weight, getting the homosexual primer from public school cirriculum will be another battle and imo he is the best man for the job. Really entertaining to see all the whining from these TO slugs that may have to find a real job, consulting parents on what they feel proper sex ed for their kids is just so unliberal, very exciting to see pc face a heavy duty challenge.
+2 / -1
Doug Ford changing Queen's Park rules to pass bills more quickly
Ontario takes next step in carbon tax legal fight


TORONTO - Days after denouncing a Toronto judge who deemed a provincial law violated charter rights, the Ontario government said it would invoke the Constitution in its legal challenge against the federal government's carbon pricing plan.
In a court document filed Friday, the province outlined its arguments to contest the planned federal charge for provinces that don't have their own carbon pricing regime, a measure scheduled to kick in next year.
Ontario argues the federal government does not have the power to put a price on greenhouse gases because provinces are able to regulate them themselves.
"The regulation of greenhouse gases does not become a matter of 'national concern' just because different provinces take different views as to the most effective method to regulate them," the document says. "The provinces are able to decide how best to regulate greenhouse gas emissions themselves without any need for a one-size-fits-all federal carbon price."
The province also alleges the charges imposed under the federal plan are unconstitutional taxes because the legislation does not require the funds to be used for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Critics were quick to call the province's arguments to the court ironic in light of Premier Doug Ford's insistence that judges should not interfere with the actions of an elected government.
The premier made the comments repeatedly earlier this week after a Toronto judge ruled against the province in a separate case. In that matter, the judge struck down provincial legislation to reduce the size of Toronto's city council in the middle of an election campaign, saying it violated the constitutional rights of candidates and voters.
The province is appealing the ruling, and also took the unprecedented step of overriding it by invoking a rare constitutional provision known as the notwithstanding clause. The move set off a wave of outrage from critics who have said the clause was not designed to deal with such an issue.
Liberal legislator Nathalie Des Rosiers, a former counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, said the irony of the provincial lawsuit "is not lost on anyone."
"Certainly I think they are asking for lots of creativity on the part of the judiciary in their lawsuit against the federal government," she said.
That sentiment was echoed by Green party leader Mike Schreiner, who said the premier "talks out of both sides of his mouth."
"The irony is appalling, actually," Schreiner said. "The premier on the one hand attacks the judiciary and now is actually trying to use the judiciary to overturn legislation that was democratically passed by the federal government."
Environment Minister Rod Phillips said the government was within its rights to use legal channels to push back against the federal plan.
"We're properly using the tools in our toolkit," he told reporters.
"We see this as a question of jurisdiction. We see this as a question of what the province is meant to do as a result of the Constitution Act and what the federal government is meant to do."
The Progressive Conservative election platform set aside $30 million for the lawsuit over the carbon tax.
The federal government has said it is disappointed Ontario was spending millions of taxpayer dollars to fight climate leadership.
Ford vowed during the spring election campaign to eliminate Ontario's cap-and-trade system and fight the federal carbon-pricing system that would replace it.
The Progressive Conservative government has since passed a regulation and introduced legislation to scrap cap and trade and cancel programs financed through its revenues, which include rebates for energy-efficient renovations, transit projects and a fund for school repairs.
Greenpeace Canada filed a legal challenge against the province this week over the lack of consultation on those decisions, and the Progressive Conservative government posted a notice of consultation on the Cap and Trade Cancellation Act hours later.
The group says it is still proceeding with the suit — one of several legal battles the province is waging.

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Ontario takes next step in carbon tax legal fight

It would be nice to see NS use the notwithstanding clause to ignore the Ottawa carbon tax. Nova Scotians already took several long term major steps towards carbon reduction which has saddled them with higher heating and fuel costs. Ottawa needs to be told that their 'one size fits all' solution will result in a double dipping system in Nova Scotia.
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It would be nice to see NS use the notwithstanding clause to ignore the Ottawa carbon tax. Nova Scotians already took several long term major steps towards carbon reduction which has saddled them with higher heating and fuel costs. Ottawa needs to be told that their 'one size fits all' solution will result in a double dipping system in Nova Scotia.

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DIG Doug Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spare the clause and spoil the LIE-beral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug teaches lousy loser LIE-berals the OLD SCHOOL WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No weasel words and no double dealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating the poisoned logic of LIE-beral thinkers. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Bills insulating Ford government from lawsuits show it's 'closed for business,' experts charge

By Farrah Merali. Cdn Press. July 27. 2018

Doug Ford told supporters on the night of his election win that Ontario is now 'open for business,' but some experts say recent moves by his government show the opposite.

It's not every day that the first two bills a government introduces have clauses that protect it from being sued, but in the past two weeks of the summer session at Queen's Park, the Progressive Conservative government has done just that.

(It is an illustration of how ENTITLED LIE-berals and their civil service union Hog allies have become that protection from frivolous lawsuits IS NEEDED!!!!!!)

Bill 2, the Urgent Priorities Act, enacted back to work legislation for striking York University workers, introduced more transparency for compensation of Hydro One executives and the CEO, and cancelled the controversial White Pines wind turbine project in Prince Edward County. The bill passed on Wednesday it contained a clause that protects the government from civil liability.

(OH DEAR! York faculty are the highest paid of any faculty in Canada and their GREED knows NO LIMITS- and Hydro One execs are in the same privileged boat! Democratic govts around the world long ago decided that companies that have a monopoly- and groups like CUPE and ETFO and CUPW COULD NOT EXIST without their monopoly- must be more heavily regulated than others- for the good of society and to prevent price gouging! York faculty are SUING govt to reverse a CENTURY of democracy and REPUDIATE fair play in their PUBLICLY OWNED work place!)

Similarly, Bill 4 — tabled on Wednesday — cancelled cap and trade in Ontario and included a clause that says the government can't be sued.

(Again we see grossly entitled Hogs WHINING! Carbon crap and trade crap was a creation of LIE-beral govt that enriched the friends of LIE-beral party and ruined our Ontari-owe economy! There is NO REASON why LIE-beral friends should hang on to their entitlements in the face of public RAGE that destroyed Wynne-bag LIE-beral govt and DEMOCRATICALLY gave Ford govt its decisive mandate!)

(There IS an argument to be made that contracts that have been signed but products not yet delivered at the time of the new legislation should be completed- and this would mean that the roughly 600 Ontarians who had paid deposits and ordered Tesla electric Toy cars should have those contracts upheld- BUT THERE IS NO REASON why Ford govt should NOT BE ALLOWED to KILL any future govt subsidized contracts of that sort!)

(Further- there are wind farm companies who hold contracts with former Wynne-bag LIE-beral govt entitling them to erect wind generators- who have not yet exercised their rights to do so- and since they have NOT spent a penny yet on their proposals they are NOT ENTITLED to a penny of govt compensation for ALLEGED LOSS of future revenue! The old saying “use it or lose it” definitely applies here! Companies that did privileged and biassed business with LIE-berals are NOT entitled to demand that the govt gravy keep flowing even after LIE-berals are DEMOCRATICALLY defeated!)

Despite Doug Ford's election night pledge that Ontario is now open for business , some experts say the government's move to protect itself from civil lawsuits by outside companies is a sign of exactly the opposite.

Open or closed?

"It's unusual," Nelson Wiseman, a political scientist at the University of Toronto, said of the use of the immunity clause.

(OH! A political science professor at a university known for SUPPORTING LIE-beral bigotry wants to lecture people who are taking away his ENTITLEMENTS! If Ford had given college and university staffers the FIFTY PERCENT PAY RAISE they demanded of LIE-berals last spring- would they still be carping at F|ord? This a graphic demonstration of Hog sour grapes and gross entitlements- they do not care if their greed damages our democracy and economy in the process!)

"It happens, but it's not something that you want you want to do, certainly regularly. You'd only want to do it in extraordinary circumstances."

(The bankruptcy of Canada and the imminence of govt hitting the debt wall and being compelled by massive pressures to drastically curtail borrowing- with resulting catastrophic consequences for Cdn economy NEEDS TO BE REGARDED as “extraordinary circumstances”! A recent stduy suggests that failure to get a decent NAFTA deal wirth resulting AVOIDANCE of HUGE Yankee tariffs could drive our federal deficit to $120 billion dollars per year- with obviously catastrophic consequences! Unless of course you like the idea of Venezuelan style bankruptcy and social anarchy!)

University of Toronto political scientist Nelson Wiseman says two pieces of legislation meant to immunize the government from civil lawsuits send a message to companies that the province is closed for business.

(And anybody who is NOT a LIE-beral hypocrite knows those two pieces of legislation signal nothing more than a REDUCTION of GROSS LIE-beral entitlements- the govt gravy train has MERELY LOST TWO CARS!!!)

Wiseman said inserting an immunity clause into two major bills casts doubt on Ford's assertion that the province is now putting out the welcome mat.

The White Pines wind turbine project — that was killed under Bill 2 — had been under development for nearly a decade.

(The company that owns White Pines DOES OWN other wind turbine projects that are up and operating- currently WITHOUT GOVT INTERFERENCE! However Ford has promised to look into the contracts and to RENEGOTIATE them at the first opportunity! Again this is nothing more than a SCALING BACK OF LIE-beral GREED!)

(These other wind projects were forced onto rural Ontari-owe residents in a stunning reversal of the democratic process that denies local people the right to object to the devaluation of their land by ugly and noisy neighbouring wind farms! Nor are locals allowed to sue for noise and other inconvenience thanks to a LIE-beral choice to grossly violate traditional private land rights!)

(TVO/the Agenda played a documentary of a British wind farm test case in which evidence of noise and vibration was completely and deliberately distorted! The machine that was tested for the legal case was ONE THIRD THE SIZE of the machine the Brit family wer complaining about and in addition the test machine was TWICE AS FAR AWAY as the machine being complained about! The LIE-beral FIX was IN!)

(IN LIE-beral parlance “being closed for business” means NO LONGER giving LIE-berals and their Hog allies the right to ERASE OUR RIGHTS for their profit and convenience - as they have done so often in the past!!!)

Earlier this month, the president of WPD Canada, a subsidiary of the German company behind the project, said cancelling the project could cost more than $100 million . The compensation to the company will be limited to the direct cost it has incurred to this point. And the new bill prevents the company from suing.

(And is it not ODD that Germany is scaling back its own wind farms as they have decided the subsides are TOO COSTLY? Our federal Environment Minister “Climate Bsrbie” McKenna has recently admitted that the carbon crap and trade program is a JOB KILLER! That $100 million is nothing more than expected company profit IF LIE-berals had remained in power! Since the company has NOT SPENT any money on their new project they are NOT ENTITLED to OUR CASH!)

Similarly, Bill 4, the Cap and Trade Cancellation Act, could leave companies on the hook for huge amounts of money. Part of the legislation is a compensation framework for companies that have already bought an estimated $2.78 billion worth of carbon credits. But most won't be compensated.

(It is unfortunate that private companies are on the hook for misguided LIE-beral carbon crap policy- but this is NOTHING NEW! When one govt introduces high taxes and then the next govt lowers them- tax payers ARE NOT ENTITLED to a tax refund!

"New governments are completely free to determine their own course. But this kind of sudden change in direction as a result of an election does have an unfortunate by-product," said Ross.

(Yes- and LIE-berals and their Hog allies are so grossly entitled they see nothing wrong with grabbing up every bit of govt gravy they can- and then squealing like the PIGS they are when gravy is put out of their reach by a democratic vote!)
I could hear all the weeping and gnashing of teeth from here when it was announced doug succeeded in shunting the TO council gravy train onto a siding. Whatever will these trough feeders do now to occupy themselves after being liberated from their cu$hy seat warming position?
Doug Ford’s plan to slash Toronto council may be constitutional, but it isn’t fair

Too funny. Delicious. Schadenfreude.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Doug Ford’s plan to slash Toronto council may be constitutional, but it isn’t fair

Too funny. Delicious. Schadenfreude.

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You want FAIR?????????????????????

YOU cannot handle FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walter CANNOT HANDLE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada is bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Walter thinks it is FAIR to waste huge sums of money that we do not have on the very politicians who drove us to this penurious state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walter- GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE HOG TROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ONLY people attacking Ford are civil service union Hogs who worry their gravy train may be DERAILED by ANGRY VOTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeer View Post

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You want FAIR?????????????????????

YOU cannot handle FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walter CANNOT HANDLE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada is bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Walter thinks it is FAIR to waste huge sums of money that we do not have on the very politicians who drove us to this penurious state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walter- GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE HOG TROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ONLY people attacking Ford are civil service union Hogs who worry their gravy train may be DERAILED by ANGRY VOTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here is an article explaining why our schools are crumbling into ruin. With some comments of my own in brackets):

80% of all increases in school spending went to salaries, benefits and pensions: Fraser Institute

By Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun. First posted: Thursday, October 06, 2016 06:13 AM EDT

Salaries, pensions and benefits are responsible for the majority of public-school spending in Canada, a new study finds.

(I hope nobody thinks that is a surprise!)

Nearly 80% of all increases in public-education spending in the country went to compensating teachers and staff, the Fraser Institute report, entitled 2016 Understanding the Increases in Education Spending in Public Schools in Canada, shows.

The study’s author, Deani Van Pelt, says spending has increased from $44.3 billion in 2004-05 to $62.6 billion in 2013-14. She spoke with the Sun about the findings.

(So much for teachers whining about being “underfunded”! That increase from $44 billion to $62 billion is well above the govt “target” for inflation! )

Q: How is the money being spent?

A: “Contrary to misconceptions, public education spending has increased dramatically across the country, and it’s important for parents and taxpayers to know the bulk of that money goes to teachers and other staff.”

Q: Where exactly is the money going?

A: “That’s what we wanted to know. Salaries did go up, but there are three categories where the money went including pension and benefits. There was a dramatic increase in the amount going to benefits and pensions, and in the last decade the employer contribution to teachers’ pensions almost doubled.”

The outgoing chairman of the OSSTF/Ontari-owe high school teachers pension management team came on TVO/The Agenda and told host Paiken that the OSSTF pension fund would be bankrupt in about 5 years- meaning just before June 2018 election UNLESS govt shovelled about $55 billion dollars into the fund to cover deficits- greedy Hogs are taking money out faster than vote hungry LIE-berals can shovel it in!)

(This desperate need to buy votes by supporting the VAST GREED of Hogs is apparently the reason why LIE-berals created their vile mouldy green energy mess- and then slammed shut the books in an apparent effort to HIDE how they were using electricity price gouging to funnel more Gravy into Hog pensions! And there are 18 more provincial unions right behind OSSTF - all with their own pension requirements!)

(In addition- as of 2012- Cdn federal unions were owed something over $300 billion dollars in LIE-beral pension IOU`s - with LIE-beral friendly Cdn news media no longer discussing the impending bankruptcy of 97 percent of defined benefit pension plans in Canada- apparently saving LIE-berals from being embarassed is more important than national bankruptcy! And no wonder LIE-berals are pushing their carbon crap and trade scam so hard!)

Q: What about claims that education spending has seen cuts?

A: “The share we spend on education is going up, so complaints that we are spending less aren’t true. If anything is on the decline, it isn’t on the compensation side. Ontario stands out dramatically. Only 14 cents of each dollar goes to education supplies, resources and service and 86% of each dollar goes to compensation and capital.”

(Actually- Toronto Sun produced an article proving that funding for schools has risen 50 percent FASTER than health care spending- in spite of the fact that school enrollments are dropping and numbers of hospital visits are RISING! LIE-berals have made their choice as to what votes to buy- and it means the old and sick being screwed by vote hungry LIE-berals!)

Q: What money goes into capital spending?

A: “Capital spending, for new schools and renovations, increased from $3 billion to $4.9 billion in the last decade even though every province saw a decline (average 4.2%) in enrolment ... increased capital spending helps explain the overall increase in education spending.”

Q: What needs to be done?

A: “A clear understanding of public school spending, particularly in the light of chronic complaints from quarters about a lack of resources, is vital for anyone concerned about improving our children’s education.”


• Education spending increased by $18.2 billion, or 41%, in the last decade.

• In Ontario during the last 10 years, teacher pension spending increased by 106%.

(CLEARLY it is Hog pensions- at every level of govt that are driving our deficits! We simply do not have the resources to pay Hogs as they feel ENTITLED!)

• Teacher pension costs increased 91.5% in the last 10 years, from $2.3 billion to $4.3 billion.

(And in spite of this pension increase- Ontari-owe teachers abandoned Wynne-bag LIE-berals and gave their support to NDP- in expectation of a greater supply of ndp GRAVY than LIE-berals could offer! The battle for Hog pensions will NOT be going away any time soon The frantic efforts of LIE-beral and NDP politicians to gain power by purchasing Hog votes is damaging every aspect of our Cdn economy! Hogs believe they are entitled to be IMMUNE to the economic chaos they are creating and this attitude must DIE!)
Ford government to unveil its peek inside Liberal books


Ontario's Finance Minister Vic Fedeli is promising to reveal the "true state" of the province's budget on Friday morning, in a breakfast-time speech on Bay Street.
Fedeli will announce the findings of an inquiry into the previous Liberal government's accounting practices. He and Premier Doug Ford are dropping strong hints that the province's current deficit is much bigger than the Liberals claimed.
"They were not just cooking the books, they were frying the books," Ford quipped this week. "You'll be floored, that's all I can tell you right now."
"The breakfast will either give you a dose of reality or make you feel ill," Fedeli told reporters at Queen's Park on Thursday. "We're going to talk a lot about restoring trust and accountability and we'll talk about the state of the finances in the province of Ontario, the true state of the finances."
The Ford government has also ordered what it calls a line-by-line audit of spending during the Liberals' years in power. It is due to be handed to the government on Friday.
The public accounts, which reveal how much the province actually spent in 2017-18, must be made public by Sept. 27.
NDP leader Andrea Horwath says she's worried about what the Ford government will do with the findings.
"I believe all of these things are the evidence the government is going to use to cut and privatize public services." Horwath told reporters at Queen's Park on Thursday.
The province's auditor general has already accused the previous Liberal government of low-balling its 2018-19 budget deficit by billions of dollars.
Bonnie Lysyk said in a report filed six weeks before election day that correct accounting protocols would put the deficit at $10.7 billion, not the $5.7 billion shortfall in the budget tabled in March by then-minister of finance, Charles Sousa.
The auditor said the Liberals failed to properly account for two big-ticket budget items:

Two provincial pension funds, which the Wynne government counted as assets. The result, said the auditor, was understating this year's deficit by about $2.6 billion.

Ford first promised the inquiry during the election campaign. Fedeli is pledging to release the report in full, but he has not said precisely when.
The PCs have promised to eliminate the deficit, but they have been vague about the timeline and the means.
The Liberals ran nine straight years of deficits starting in 2008, tabled a balanced budget in 2017, then returned to the red for 2018-19.

Ford lost 80K jobs last month

I can understand why he is wanting to talk about other things.
The debt balloons under Ford.

Ha ha ha it's Ford's economy after 3 months your too funny Hoid
unless you're in Ontario looking for work
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The debt balloons under Ford.


Correction. It ballooned under Wynn. Or are Liberal deficits good?
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Doug Ford’s plan to slash Toronto council may be constitutional, but it isn’t fair
Too funny. Delicious. Schadenfreude.

Funny. I could say the exact same thing about all the land claims that wrongly gave public land to native bands which has a severe negetive impact on all other citizens.
there is no end to the stupid shit you could say
Bonnie lysyk has been warning for years fallout from the dolton wynne creative accounting scam(s) of hiding deficits could well bankrupt the province, hydro hi-jink$ alone could sink smaller nations. Poor ole doug must've had a helluva shock when the account books were pried open revealing column upon column of red ink that politically colour blind libs called black.
I wish doug well but feel ontario is fatally injured, even an army of backhoes dumping toonies into a debt hole this deep will take forever and a day.
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Bonnie lysyk has been warning for years fallout from the dolton wynne creative accounting scam(s) of hiding deficits could well bankrupt the province, hydro hi-jink$ alone could sink smaller nations. Poor ole doug must've had a helluva shock when the account books were pried open revealing column upon column of red ink that politically colour blind libs called black.
I wish doug well but feel ontario is fatally injured, even an army of backhoes dumping toonies into a debt hole this deep will take forever and a day.

================================================== ================================================== ====

A KEY LIE-beral budget LIE was to count money held for OSSTF high school teachers pension fund AS ASSETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes- LIE-berals counted ten billion dollars in teacher pension money as ASSETS- AND IGNORED the fifty five billion dollars in IOU`s LIE-berals had issued in previous years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there are EIGHTEEN MORE provincial civil service Hog unions right behind OSSTF- and ALL holding hundreds of billions of dollars in LIE-beral pension IOU`s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-beral accounting is a DISGRACE and a MORTAL INSULT to all tax payers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Hoid thinks he can blandly DENY ALL the LIE-beral crap and not look like a FOOL????????????????

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an older article to illustrate why Ontari-owe now has a FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT- as revealed by independent auditors!

Foolish and grossly selfish LIE-berals are engaged in acts of unprecedented political vandalism committed against both Cdn public and other political parties.

First, Ontari-owe LIE-berals have sworn their budget is balanced- and that is exposed as a LIE- shown up by two sets of govt accountants- and now by third party accountants! LIE-berals had decided they are not likely to be in power after the June 2018 election and so can safely leave this fiscal hand grenade for whomever forms the next govt!

Civil service Hog allies of LIE-berals agreed that LIE-beral fortunes are fading and have made the best of a bad deal and signed contracts giving them a series of 2 percent wage increases in each of the coming 4 years- with not a penny in the current budget for this new cost. Ontari-owe currently spends 75 percent of its entire yearly budget- in the $300 billion dollar range- on WAGES for Hogs so a 2 percent increase means another multi billion dollar hole to add to the NOT balanced budget!

LIE-berals had ordered a BIG increase in the minimum wage- in an effort to impress the foolish with their “generosity”- without the bother of considering where the new wages will come from! The wage increase is a fiscal hit for corporations who will legitimately be able to reduce their corporate tax payments to govt! Its NOT corporate income to be taxed if its all paid out in wages! And yet- civil service Hogs insist that corporations should pay more taxes- in addition to the higher wages! LIE-berals and Hogs do not care who the bludgeon into bankruptcy!

We have already documented the multi billion dollar fiscal holes LIE-berals have already dug- how much of that wage increase will be taxed away to pay for LIE-beral generosity to Hogs? WE know that in spite of the minimum wage increase; and the extra gravy for Hogs- that real incomes are dropping thanks to soaring taxes! LIE-berals will leave this MESS of huge debts and grossly demanding and spolied Hogs to whomever forms the next govt to wrestle with!

LIE-berals know that a wage increase of 20 percent or more will put workers into a higher tax bracket- with no news of how much higher till next year- AFTER the election and LIE-berals are safely out of office and away from blame!

LIE-berals know that a higher wage mandates increased Canada Pension Plan payments and how much of that money will be syphoned off to pay for Hog entitlements- with Hog pensions being a MAJOR MONEY GRABBER?

LIE-berals know that higher wages mandate increased Unemployment Insurance payments and how much of that will be syphoned off for Hog pension funds?

LIE-berals have invited a huge pack of illegals to come here without bothering to consider the costs. LIE-berals have done NO real security checks for the teeming tens of thousands who are either on their way or already here and that is angering Yankees who do not want to import Muslim terrorists and organized crime along with their Cdn dairy and softwood lumber. How much of the wage increase will disappear if- as seems likely- LIE-berals sabotage NAFTA and persuade Yankees to close the border and hit Cdn economy very hard in the process?

LIE-berals have made NO plans for how to dispose of failed illegals. They do not want to discuss the cost to round up and identify and organize travel papers and charter planes for these illegals. We know it is common for illegals to destroy their identity documents to make it harder to identify and deport them- its harder to send them away if you do not know where they came from in the first place!

LIE-berals are hoping to persuade us it is easier to keep the illegals than to ship them out! But LIE-berals make no plans for the long term costs of welfare, housing, emergency dental work, clothing allowance, language classes and other expenses that will be needed for a LONG time to aid these people who lack the education and language skills to quickly become self supporting- especially if NAFTA dies and our economy takes a hit!

LIE-berals know that the illegals that are already here are straining our social safety nets- they tell us there has been a 30 percent increase in the use of homeless shelters but do not say why? Is it because LIE-berals are lying about our allegedly booming economy? Or are we getting inundated by a huge mass of COSTLY illegals? Or both? It looks like BOTH to me!

IN related immigration matters- LIE-berals have loosened up immigration standards so that people of inadequate skills and education- people who will be dependent on LIE-beral aid in order to survive here- can get into Canada under the “Family Reunification” legislation and in exchange will reward LIE-berals for letting them in by voting for LIE-berals and LIE-berals do not want to discuss the cost of this shameless vote buying “generosity” either.

LIE-berals think we should be happy with our minimum wage increase- but they do not tell us about their grossly inflationary plans to increase the Ontari-owe carbon tax- with resulting inflation on everything that will kill any increase in wage benefit! They do not tell us how much they will increase tuition fees now that we have more money in our pockets- but we do know that College and University senior staff have been DEMANDING a fifty percent raise in pay- with LIE-berals telling them to shut up- TILL AFTER the 2018 election!

LIE-berals do not want to talk about the rising prices that will hit us hard if NAFTA DIES due to LIE-beral indifference to national security issues!

LIE-berals are talking about THE ECONOMIC NEED to let interest rates rise slowly- without talking about how much more it will cost to service student debts, pay off credit cards or the hardships that rising interest rates will impose on our economy.

The HARSH REALITY is that ALL LIE-beral policy is failing......and their only solution thus far is to shout “RACIST” at their growing number of critics!
Have heard nothing from ms.mulroney about fraud charges being brought toward wynne &co., claiming teacher pension funds as the peoples money is fraudulent at best. She's new to the job but hopefully she makes an issue of this creative accounting.
Not holding my breath though, dolton blew a few $bil playing gas plant hop scotch to buy a few votes so I doubt wynne looses any sleep, accountability is a four letter word in pc circles.
Dixie Cup
Yeah well it turns out the Liberals lied about the finances in Ontario so it doesn't surprise me that Ford will have to take a second look on some promises. That's why we should never believe promises that politicians make because in all likelihood, they won't be kept. Look @ panty-waste JT - he said he was all for the middle-class and who is now taxed more than ever? Scammers, the lot of them!!