12 injured as Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up outside wine bar

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BREAKING: Ansbach suicide bomber identified as a 27-year-old asylum-seeker from Syria

Ansbach explosion: At least one dead after 'suicide bomb attack' at German wine bar | UK | News | Daily Express
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Blowed up REAL good!
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Hey Germany, there were some CLUES that your one million "refugees" weren't going to work out too well...

The lefty media is trying so hard not to even admit he is a muslim never mind being part of a terrorist organization. He was apparently denied asylum so why was he still in the country? Let this be a lesson to dogooders everywhere.
Analyst, those with a brain were counselling against taking thousands of people in country and leave them to adapt, which of course means for them 'to change'. That was not possible, and never has been. The only things that is learn quickly is the need to keep their opinion of their new neighbours inside their own homes/ prayed meeting or wherever they congregate. The world should have spend their billions 'by now' of money and resources eradicating ISIS; resettling people in danger another part of their own country, surround this area with a capable army, arm & train them, at least until the IRIS eradication would have been completed. Then gotten the hell out of there, and leave these people to continue enjoying their standard of life on their own turf.
How would they know he was Syrian or is this just the 'let's demonize Syria' movement doing what they do best, lie.
It's the Joos....it's the Joos
And Yvette Cooper MP wants every town and city in Britain to house ten "Syrian refugee" families!

Still no word from her yet whether she and her husband, former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, have taken in any "Syrian refugees" in either or both of their lavish, taxpayer-funded homes.

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He was apparently denied asylum so why was he still in the country?

My bet is the EU-linked European Court of Human Rights.
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