2010 CFL Season

go riders go!
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go riders go!

Maybe next year
First let me congratulate the 2010 Grey Cup Champions - the Montreal Alouettes. It wasn't the offensive game that the talking heads said it would be but it was a win for them and they all deserve to savour the victory.

And, I wish all the best for Anthony and his family as they face his thyroid surgery - bon chance, AC.

Times like these try the hearts of all true Rider supporters but then that is what being a member of Rider Nation means - getting over the loss and looking forward to next year.

I am proud of the Riders - they gave some of the best games in the CFL this year and this loss does not negate their contributions to the league. I just wish I could be in Mosaic today to welcome them home and let them know that I appreciate every one of them. My sister will be there though and I know she will cheer them, loudly and proudly.

Now we must sit back and see what happens in the off-season. Jerrell Freeman has already mentioned that he may be looking south of the border next year which would be a real loss to the team. Will we be able to keep Fantuz, Dressler, Baggs, Koch, Clermont, Frazier, etc, etc. or will be once again looking to re-build? Time will tell but I do hope that Rider management steps up quickly to offer these guys contracts.

Congrats to all the teams in the CFL for another season of great football. Will be looking forward to watching you all again next year.

Go, Riders, Go.
Si seulement le Habs pourrait suivre vos premiers garçons. Aller pour trois l'année prochaine et merci pour un autre grand an.

OK this season is history now, wally buono made statement yesterday that he will coach and manage again next season,
so lions are allready preparing, can't wait.

go lions go

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