Anybody watching Skate Canada?

Patrick Chan won the gold and Canadian pairs won the silver and bronze

Still to come are the women's and the dance final.
Ron in Regina
I remember working at a Skate Canada in Regina, Sask about 25yrs ago.
I was just a teenager working in a parking lot, parking cars in the winter,
wearing one of those ugly orange safety vest, etc...

This was back before the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union. There
where these cute little Russian Skaters, escorted by these walking
refrigerators with "take no ****" attitudes.

The RCMP briefed us pimply teenagers in advance, stating that if a Russian
Skater managed to ditch their Escorts, and made it outside the building in
an attempt to defect, the first people in authority they would see would be
us parking attendants.

We where to immediately remove out vests, stuff them into out coats, and
lead the defecting Skater to a Security Building where the RCMP where
hiding (Petros & Dexter will most likely remember the log cabin looking
building in the park on the Exhibition Grounds....that building) where
the RCMP would receive & protect them.

If the Escorts (KGB? Whatever....) pursued, we where to immediately
stop and raise our empty hands over our heads, as these Escorts
had diplomatic immunity, and would have no real consequences
in going through a parking lot attendant in whatever manner to
retrieve their charges.

It was high drama for us kids working outside in a Saskatchewan Winter,
and we where very pumped for something that never did happen, but
that's my Skate Canada story.
Neat story Ron.

I don't have anything like that. My wife and I have just followed the figure skating for at least
twenty five years. Canada has a pretty good group of skaters this year. We have three medals
and a chance for another couple.

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