If you are an artist, do you use the web to get more visibility?

CBC News
For musicians, it is the best of times and it is the worst of times. On the one hand, the internet has made a significant dent in the coffers of the music business by giving users the ability to access virtually any music they want for free. On the other hand, the internet has also enabled artists to reach larger audiences than they ever could have dreamed possible under the old system.
David Usher, former singer of the band Moist, was on hand as a panellist for a discussion on music and the web, and he discussed the topic with CBCNews.ca. Here are some excerpts from the interview.
If you are an artist, how do you use the web to get more visibility and increase your creativity?

As an artists in general, the internet is a good thing as you now have less restrictions from record labels and other corps controlling what the public hears and what they'll dish money out for.

In all honesty, do you want to be rich, or do you want to be remembered? I ask that because the more people you share your music with around the world, the more people will enjoy your music (Or have the opportunity to hear it anyways) and when I think of it.... you might take a dent in your money pocket if your music is shared online, but you also reach a much bigger audience, which also means you'll probably end up with more people coming to your concerts.....

.... and we all know that artist's record sales these days are only a fraction of their profits, and if you want to make it in music, you need to tour. Reach more people online, and you have more people to goto your tours, because they know what you sound like.... rather then someone saying "Who?"

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