Sony joins the Tablet war with S1 and S2

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Sony joins the Tablet war with S1 and S2
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Continuing its drive to enter the so-called "Tablet War", Sony is now joining the ranks of Samsung, RIM BlackBerry and Hewlett Packard in a league of Apple iPad competitors. Sony hopes to challenge the huge market lead Apple has with its popular tablet dubbed the 'iPad'.

Currently on the market are approximately 100 other iPad challenges with mediocre to "OK" reviews but Sony has one thing the others don't: linking the tablets to their gaming platform as they did with the "Playstation Phone", the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Sony hopes to link their experience in gaming to their tablet offerings.

Motorola, LG and HTC are also attempting to get a piece of the pie with their launchings of tablets running the Google Android platform, the same platform Sony is expected to release their tablet on.

The new Sony tablets are, well, oddly shaped like their Playstation Phone and look much different to what most others have come up with which all look rather similar to the design of the iPad and iPhone.

I didn't want to get a tablet at first, but since I'm such a Sony freak, I might actually take a look at this one. Sony always seems to get the outer design part right.

Customer support: Sony blows. Style: Sony Rocks.

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