Moving to Toronto, ideas for cellular provider? (Pay As You Go Toronto)

I'm heading up to Toronto in a few days to start a new life, having just left New Zealand. Am looking to get myself a cellphone, but not so sure which providers are good or bad? I want to sign up to a good plan with coverage for East coast usA and also options to phone home (intl). Have been told that I should wait till I get a place and sign up for a package with internet/cable, etc?? Am I better off to get a pay-as-you-go type plan for now?
Any comments would be appreciated.
I can't tell you anything about waiting to get a plan with any phone services, but the only cellphone companies I know of that are in Canada are Telus and Bell. If you want them for the US then there's T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon and Sprint (those are the main ones).

When I go to canada for college i'll just be using my cellphone I have for the US and the service provider is T-Mobile (they work with a cell company in canada so i'll be able to get service still)
Bell or Rogers. With Rogers if you have their cable TV/Internet service also, then you can get a discount bundle. Personally I use Rogers with 3 cellphones (family plan), digital TV cable, and Ultra High Speed (6mBit) Internet.
I just switched to Rogers pay as you go and love it. It's the best service I've had.