global forest and paper summit

Global Forest and Paper Summit
A Call for Non-Cooperation and Non-Violent Autonomous Actions to Defend Our Forests and Our Earth
Rise up! Resist! Rebel! Against the Global Forest and Paper Summit, June 1-3, 2005 in Vancouver, BC, Canada
We call for organizations, affinity groups, and individuals to take to the streets, June 1-3, with all forms of creative resistance, to show the world that we do not support the "2015 Vision" of this Summit.

While they meet behind closed doors to divide up the world’s last remaining forests and plot to increase consumption, we will converge on the Global Forest and Paper Summit to speak out against the cooperation of industry and government in determining the non-future of our global forests, violating the inherent dignity of the earth and her people.

We are ready to say ENOUGH! It’s time to plot a new course, to create a new world and a new future

We demand that industry work for REAL sustainability in the global forest ecosystems
We demand that industry GET OUT OF OLD GROWTH FORESTS!
We demand that we, the people, have a voice in our future and the future of our forests
We demand nothing less than the preservation and restoration of the life-support systems of this planet
We recognize the world’s forests as our global ancestors, possessing inherent value beyond their commoditization
Our future is tied to the future of our global forests
Come one, come all to the Summit that will decide our forests future for the next 10 years. Let’s show them our vision.

For more information, contact Leah or Casey at

Check out the official web site for the summit at and the action site at
I knew I saw you on TV down there last night Pea :P
I missed it.
And i just saw this forum for the first time ... oh well, gotta keep those eyes and ears open \\\

Anything to report?

I'll start a new thread , but have they or you heard of using hydrogen peroxide H2O2 in pulp mills instEad of toxic chemicals?

Did they talk of it there?

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