with walmart having its sights set on rolling into another town, ive decided to make an attemp to stop it........researching walmarts past and coming up with as much evidence as possible so as to make a good argument for why they should not be allowed into my town.

if any of you have any good references to credible information regarding walmart it would be greatly appreciated.

progressive, if you look at the top you will see SEARCH this is a search engine for this forum, you will find alot of information on walmart using this.

This is a very good article.

Immediatley have legislation passed in the town stating that... all retail stores with more than 30 employees must be a member of a union. Walmart will leave.
GL Schmitt
Although aimed specifically at the American Juggernaught, the
WalMart Is Always Bad For Business page
is a useful site, with several links to other anti-WalMart campaigns.

I had some trouble finding this link, because I alway remember to pronounce it MallWart .
It's like a global, creeping crawler from the deep, suffocating all other organic life in its path. Replacing town centres with lifeless parking lots, indenturing desparate foreign workers in sweatshops, dessimating union and workers rights, offering the blandest and most homogenized of products offerings, wiping out honourable artisans everwhere. It's an evil thing, progressive, good luck, because it's powerful too.

An internal memo from Walmart on how to stem growing benefits costs.


Our healthcare benefit is also vulnerable to attack. ... Walmart's critics can easily exploit some aspects of our benefits offering to make their case; in other words, our critics are correct in some of their observations. ...

On average, associates spend 8% of their income on healthcare (premiums plus deductables) for themselves and their families - nearly twice the national average. The number varies significantly by plan type, rising to 14% for those on the Associate and Spouse plan.

Critics contend the the costliness of the Walmart healtcare coverage causes it to enrole fewer associates in its healthcare insurrance than do most national employers (48% versus 68%).

Associates also face significant financial risk when a medical catastrophy occurs. On the Family Plan, an associate must spend between 74% and 150% of household income on healthcare (approximately $13,000 to $27,000) before insurance coverage takes over completely.Though few associates reach this level of spending, those who do almost certainly end up declaring personal banruptcy. In 2004, 38 percent of enrolled associates spent more than 16% of the average Walmart income on healthcare.

We have a significant number of Walmart Associates and their children who receive health insurance through public assistance programs. Five percent of our associates are on Medicaid to an average for national employers of four percent. Twenty seven percent of associates children are on such programs compared to a national average of 22 percent. In total, 46% of Walmart's Associates children are either on social assistance or are uninsured.

Those numbers should embarrass Walmart.
They should but they do not care as long as the money is rolling in. I think a mass boycott of Wal Mart would be the only way to give them a message but I ain't holding my breathe for that to happen.
GL Schmitt
It's Always, Always Wal-Mart
Laura Donnelly
TomPayne.common sense


Wal-Mart's not-so-good streak of publicity continues today, with both a rebuke from the Department of Labor's inspector general and the release of a new movie that shows the downside of Wal-Mart's famously low prices. Add that to the leaked benefits memo from last week, and the reasons that Wal-Mart has felt the need set up its own "war room" become increasingly clear.



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Yes,Walmart does advertise the lowest prices,but on many similar items found elsewhere,the prices are actually higher at Walmart. I spent some time at one yesterday, and while my sister was shopping..I went price comparing.
Jo Canadian

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