Is Revenue Canada tainted with mob connections?

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  • Exclusive Revenue Canada corruption feared over $400K cheque to Mafia

    Revenue Canada corruption? 4:07

    The Canada Revenue Agency issued a rebate cheque for nearly $400,000 to Quebec Mafia boss Nicolo Rizzuto even though he owed the tax department $1.5 million at the time, heightening concerns of possible infiltration of the agency by organized crime. 11:57 AM ET video
    • Ex-Canada Revenue workers face corruption charges 2:15 PM ET
    • Canada Revenue Agency employees arrested in corruption probe 12:38 AM ET
I'm not at all surprised since Revenue Canada regularly steals money from me and gives it to the international bankers.
I thought CRA was like a Robbin' Hood?
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I thought CRA was like a Robbin' Hood?

No no, Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. CRA is exactly the reverse.....