Green Party leader candidate downplays population problem

I heard Green Party leader candidate Elizabeth May interviewed this morning on CBC Radio's The Current.

She downplayed the problem of overpopulation in Canada and how our present immigration practices are making it worse.

She said the problem was only sprawl and wasteful overconsumption. May 17 episode.

Anna Maria Tremonti started out by interviewing former member of the Sierra Club, Paul Watson live from Seattle who focussed on the envrionmental problem of population growth and its direct link to immigration.

He quit the Sierra Club when a private donor paid $100 million in exchange for the Sierra Club being pro-immigration and not linking immigration to environmental degradation.

He said that USA and Canada should limit immigration to support a steady population if they wanted to be able to preserve biodiversity.

I agree, although I would advocate a reduced population.

Then Anna Maria interviewed Elizabeth May and asked her what she thought of Paul Watson.

She said the issue is too complex to "single out immigrants as toxic waste".

She said the real problem was consumption.

Paul Watson said the problem is population growth and consumption. Elizabeth May said it's only consumption.

They both recognized that when immigrants come to Canada or USA, they consume more.

Paul Watson also pointed out that immigrants have more children than Canadians or Americans born people.

One thing is for sure after listening to that interview, I won't be voting for Elizabeth May.

Too bad Paul Watson wasn't running for Green Party Leader of Canada.

Paul Watson is telling things as they are instead of trying to avoid controversy and be politically correct like Elizabeth May.
Reduced population.

But we need immigrants for me to meet a good women who doesn't know to much about me already. Don't take my women away.
according to Okun's law, in Canada, 1 % in increase in population will result in 1.65 % increase in GDP.

Population growth, here, doesn't happen by miracle. Immigration helps.

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