Jeffrey Epstein

The residents of 301 East 66th St. always knew Ehud Barak was there by the flashy cars parked outside and burly security guards in the lobby. The former Israeli prime minster’s visits were an open secret among the tenants of the Upper East Side building, which is owned by Jeffrey Epstein’s younger brother.
Several residents of 301 East 66th St. told The Daily Beast they had seen Barak in the building multiple times over the last few years, and nearly half a dozen more described running into his security detail. The building is majority-owned by Epstein’s younger brother, Mark, and has been tied to the financier’s alleged New York trafficking ring.
When asked about his stays at 301 E. 66th Street, Barak told The Daily Beast, “Despite the fact that there was no wrongdoing on my part, and that there is not even the faintest suspicion of wrongdoing on my part, I’m not going to address these questions because in the current political environment in Israel, the mere fact of my response to such a question is churned up as spin in the political game.”
“As a former prime minister I’m accompanied by bodyguards everywhere I go,” he added.
While the Israeli politician has tried to play down his ties to Jeffrey Epstein since the billionaire’s indictment on charges of child sex trafficking, Barak became a fixture of the Epstein story after Israeli outlets reported he had received more than $3 million in payments from Epstein-connected institutions since 2004.
he former prime minister was also photographed leaving Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion in 2016 and has acknowledged visiting the billionaire’s private Caribbean island, where Epstein is accused of hosting orgies with underage girls.
Barak has repeatedly denied any knowledge of Epstein’s alleged crimes and maintains he never so much as talked to the financier in the presence of underage women. In a previous interview with The Daily Beast, Barak said he was first introduced to the financier by Israeli leader Shimon Peres in 2002, and saw Epstein only “on occasion” after that.
“I've never been there at a party,” he said. “To the contrary, at his home, I met many very respected people, scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and I met him also in Boston, at MIT or the Harvard labs he supports.”
As Business Insider reported earlier this week, residents of 301 East 66th St. described Barak as a frequent presence at their 16-story building. One resident told The Daily Beast that she saw and recognized the statesman in the lobby, while another said he was identified to her by a doorman or fellow resident.
Five other current and former residents said they had not seen Barak in person, but saw his security detail around the building on multiple occasions. One recalled riding in the elevator with bodyguards speaking Hebrew, while another said she regularly saw someone posted outside an 11th-floor apartment. Another woman recalled seeing the security detail in the lobby at least a dozen times.
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Epstein ran his sex trafficking ring out of....Mar-a-lago?

The woman on Epstein's arm is his former girlfriend and by some accounts co-conspirator Ghilsaine Maxwell. She has has been implicated, by the victims, of procuring underage girls as a lure for investors to his Hedge Fund. Epstein used her introductions to the political and financial elite of Britain to build a client base. She is also accused of being a threesome bedmate for Jeffrey and his young courtesans.

She is the daughter of Robert Maxwell (the bouncing Czech), a supposed press baron and one of the most notorious financial scamsters in British History. He committed suicide in 1991 by swimming away from his yacht as police and bailiffs closed in on him for looting the pension funds of his companies. That left her penniless at the time. But it seems the apple never falls far from the tree.

Everything about Epstein's business dealings smell of corruption and deceit. Nobody seems to know how he's made his money, or how much he's worth. Like most fraudsters (eg. Bernie Madoff) he keeps his dealings close to the vest and is continually moving assets in complex, off-shore, ownership arrangements and trusts. Hence it's one reason he was so desperate to stay out of jail in Florida and NYC to maintain his hands on the charade.

I could be wrong, but I expect his 'empire' to unravel once the probate audits begin. It could all be a fabric of lies; run on theft and debt.
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Cuz Trump got secret service protection as soon as he was the GOP candidate and probably had their protection before that.
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JFK had secret service protection too. If someone really wanted to off someone, they would find a way.
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JFK had secret service protection too. If someone really wanted to off someone, they would find a way.

JFk's Secret Service detachment was taking a smoke break up on that grassy knoll, over yonder ...
I just love the fact that DJT is POTUS in stead of Mrs. Clinton.
Curious Cdn
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I just love the fact that DJT is POTUS in stead of Mrs. Clinton.

Riiiiiight or instead of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Chris Christie or Jeb Bush Chuckles the Clown ...
PRINCE AND THE PEDO: How 'dim' Andrew faces ruin over Epstein
Brad Hunter
August 13, 2019
August 13, 2019 5:20 PM EDT
From left, Prince Andrew, one of Epstein's underage sex slaves Virginia Roberts and his alleged procurer, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.
Prince Andrew has earned a reputation of cavorting with some of the most unsavoury men on the planet.
Dictators, despots, sleazy businessmen and the most notorious pedophile on earth.
It is his close relationship with pedophile hedge fund king Jeffrey Epstein that now has the randy royal in hot water.
Epstein, 66, topped himself in a Manhattan jail cell triggering an avalanche of conspiracy theories.
And while Buckingham Palace has pooh-poohed allegations that Andrew was involved in sexual hanky panky with Epstein’s coterie of underage sex slaves, the evidence is damning.
Epstein pal Prince Andrew and the financier’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, who reportedly was Epstein’s sexual fixer.
Most glaring are the photos of the very middle-aged prince grinning with his arm draped around the waist of Virginia Roberts.
She was 17 at the time and claims Epstein paid her to have sex with the man once known as “Randy Andy.” Hovering is socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, a publishing heiress, who has been called Epstein’s “pimp”.
Henry Austin, news editor of The Independent, told the Toronto Sun that Andrew doesn’t enjoy the best reputation in the U.K.
“He’s seen as a rich, dim, royal,” Austin said. “Some of the Tory papers like the Times and the Telegraph have been very supportive of him.”
U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein appears in a photograph taken for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services’ sex offender registry March 28, 2017 and obtained by Reuters July 10, 2019. New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services / Handout / Reuters
Austin said Andrew has frequently been photographed with Queen Elizabeth attending church at Balmoral.
“The palace, of course, is categorically denying anything happened and they’ll give you the runaround, referring you to their previous news release,” he said.
Where and how he earns his money is cloaked in mystery.
“There have been whispers he uses his royal connections for arms dealing.”
But then there are those photos.
The image caused scandalous headlines for the Royal Family when it first surfaced in 2015, along with an array of serious allegations of sexual misconduct.
He has denied having any sexual relations with Roberts.
But following the whirlwind investigation into Epstein and his arrest for sex trafficking, Andrew is again feeling the heat.
And it is the Duke of York who could be prosecutors’ biggest target.
In documents released last Friday, Roberts claims she was “trafficked” to Prince Andrew in London after being flown there on the fiendish financier’s private plane, dubbed “Air Lolita”.
Smile mummy! Prince Andrew and the Queen on their way to church. REUTERS
“There is no other reasonable explanation why an American child should be in the company of adults not her kin, in the London house owned by the girlfriend [Maxwell] of a now-convicted sex offender,” the lawyers said.
More testimony from a woman named Johanna Sjoberg also claimed Andrew groped her at Epstein’s New York mansion in 2007.
Buckingham Palace, which rarely comments on scandalous accusations, repeated denials it issued in 2015.
Billionaire perv Epstein and the socialite accused of being his sexual procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell. GETTY IMAGES
A spokesman told The Washington Post: “This relates to proceedings in the United States, to which the Duke of York is not a party. Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.”
A picture of Epstein and Andrew strolling in Central Park, taken in 2010 but published a year later, proved especially damaging for the prince.
Epstein was, by then, a registered sex offender, and questions were raised about Andrew’s judgment.
Virginia Roberts was 15 when this photo was taken by Jeffrey Epstein. U.S. ATTORNEY
A few months later, Andrew gave up his role as Britain’s business ambassador, promoting British interests abroad.
In 2001, the prince reportedly vacationed with Epstein in Thailand, where Andrew was photographed on a yacht with several topless women.
Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, was also tangled up with Epstein, having accepted £15,000 pounds ($18,000) from him to help pay off her debts.
–With files from The Washington Post
EPSTEIN ESCAPADES: Criminalizing sex with teens an ‘aberration’
The sewer of slime bubbling over with each new Jeffrey Epstein revelation is enough to make Donald Trump reconsider gutting the EPA.
The perverted financier killed himself Saturday in his New York jail cell while the billionaire awaited trial on sex trafficking charges,
The New York Times reports that the hedge fund hot dog mused that criminalizing sex with underage teen girls went against historical cultural norms.
Reporter James B. Stewart said the twisted money man was “at ease” discussing underage sex.
Creepy Jeffrey Epstein in court. REUTERS
“He said that criminalizing sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history, it was perfectly acceptable,” Stewart wrote on Monday. “He pointed out that homosexuality had long been considered a crime and was still punishable by death in some parts of the world.”
CBS News reported Tuesday that there was screaming and shrieking coming from the sex sicko’s cell at the Manhattan Correctional Centre the morning he died. It wasn’t clear who was making the guttural sounds.
Authorities say Epstein used a bedsheet to make a noose and hang himself from the cell’s top bunk. He had been taken off suicide watch just days before.
The Manhattan Correctional Centre. REUTERS
The warden at MCC has been reassigned and the two guards who were supposed to monitor Epstein’s unit were placed on leave Tuesday, according to the U.S. Justice Dept. Attorney General William Barr called Epstein’s death a “failure” by officials.
Barr “directed the Bureau of Prisons to temporarily assign” warden Lamine N’Diaye to a regional office, pending the outcome of an internal probe into Epstein’s death.
As the feds raided Epstein’s Caribbean island haunt in the U.S. Virgin Islands — called “Pedophile Island” by locals — they removed a slew of computers.
Barr said of the raid on the 70-acre island: “Any co-conspirators should not rest easy. The victims deserve justice and they will get it.”
Epstein’s notorious “Pedophile Island”. REUTERS
“Jeffrey Epstein took himself out because he was too much of a coward to face justice and his accusers.” — alleged Epstein victim Alicia Arden.
Epstein's autopsy has released preliminary results.

Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple. Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said

The results are not necessarily inconsistent with suicide but have further intensified speculation of homicide, given the other bizarre circumstances surrounding his death. At the very least it would indicate a a violent thrashing about by Epstein in his final moments.. he seems to have not gone gently into that goodnight.
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She would have been Mossad's agent that ran Jeff.
Patricia Heaton developing project based on Jeffrey Epstein articles
August 13, 2019
August 14, 2019 7:20 AM EDT
Patricia Heaton Sets CBS Return With...
featured by
LOS ANGELES ( — The number of straight from the headlines projects seems to be increasing by the day, and Patricia Heaton is the latest to get in on the act.
Heaton is attached to produce a project based on the Perversion of Justice, a series of articles in the Miami Herald which exposed Jeffrey Epstein as a serial child molester, according to a source with knowledge of the project.
The project is in the works at Storied Media Group, which represents the film and TV interests of the Herald’s parent company McClatchy. Storied founder and CEO Todd Hoffman is reportedly also producing. According to sources, Chris Gerolmo, who is best known for penning the 1988 Gene Hackman and Willem Defoe pic Mississippi Burning and creating the FX Iraq War series Over There, has been brought on to adapt the articles.
PRINCE AND THE PEDO: How ‘dim’ Andrew faces ruin over Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein co-conspirators ‘should not rest easy’: Barr
New York coroner ‘confident’ Epstein’s death was suicide: New York Times
The three-part series of articles, written by investigative journalist Julie K. Brown, was published in November, 2018 and featured interviews with several victims of Epstein’s abuse. News of the prospective series comes only three days after Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan prison cell by apparent suicide.
Epstein’s case has attracted a great deal of media attention in part because of his network of friends in Hollywood, Wall Street and Washington. The former multimillionaire’s legal troubles have caused issues for people in the entertainment industry and in politics with Alexander Acosta, whose sweetheart plea deal with Epstein was exposed in the Perversion of Justice articles, being notably forced to resign from his post as U.S. labour secretary last month.
Peggy Siegal, a publicist routinely employed by film studios and television networks as a party planner, has suffered an exodus of clients after news broke that she arranged for Epstein to attend premieres and arranged social functions for him in exchange for free travel.
Manhattan federal prosecutors charged Epstein in July with sex trafficking of girls as young as 14 years old and collecting child pornography. He pleaded not guilt, but was denied bail after a judge determined he posed a significant flight risk. If convicted, he faced up to 45 years in prison.
The prospective Heaton project isn’t the only one centring around the Epstein case, with Lifetime announcing in July that a docuseries titled Surviving Jeffrey Epstein is currently in development.
Heaton is set to make her broadcast TV return this fall with the CBS comedy Carol’s Second Act, which she will also executive produce. The actress is best known for her iconic performance as Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.
The Medical Examiners Report has ruled the death a suicide, which is likely the case.
PRINCE AND THE PEDO: Andrew starting to 's*** himself' over sex claims
Brad Hunter
August 16, 2019
August 16, 2019 8:08 PM EDT
From left, Prince Andrew, one of Epstein's underage sex slaves Virginia Roberts and his alleged procurer, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.
Prince Andrew reportedly is starting to “s*** himself” over his close ties to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
For years, rumours swirled around the royal with at least one of Epstein’s former sex slaves claiming she had intimate relations with the prince.
As the royal’s troubles mount, the official autopsy released Friday revealed that the twisted titan killed himself by hanging.
Now, it appears Buckingham Palace has recruited his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to whisk the 59-year-old Andrew out of the spotlight for a romantic getaway.
Sources told the Toronto Sun the pair have “rekindled” their long-dormant relationship in the wake of the Epstein allegations.
Fergie to the rescue. POSTMEDIA
The pair flew from London to Malaga, Spain on Thursday accompanied by their two daughters.
Royal insiders told the UK Sun that the prince is coming off the rails over the renewed spotlight on Epstein’s twisted antics with underage girls.
“The Duchess insisted she go on holiday with the Duke to look after him and show the world she stands by him,” one royal source told The UK Sun.
“The Duke has been fairly relaxed up to now, he’s starting to s–t himself. It’s become the biggest story in the world and he’s at the heart of the coverage.”
Jeffrey Epstein.
The source added: “She feels this is like the old days when they would take on the world together. She knows she has to get him away from all the headlines.”
Epstein, 66, topped himself Saturday in his New York jail cell as he awaited sex trafficking charges.
Virginia Roberts, 17 at the time, has long claimed she had sex with the royal nicknamed “Randy Andy.”
Both Andrew and Buckingham Palace have denied any wrongdoing on his part.
And even in death, Epstein is triggering controversy as NBC News reported Thursday that the day he was taken off suicide watch he spent two hours alone with a young woman in a private visiting room.
“The optics were startling. Because she was young. And pretty,” one lawyer told NBC News.
“If I was him, I would have hired … an old bald guy.”
And Epstein dominated the room for eight hours a day, infuriating other lawyers trying to meet with their clients.
“It sounded to me like a replay of the Florida thing where he got to go to the office … and sit around rather than sit in the cell,” the lawyer said.
During that time, Epstein continued to molest a slew of underage girls in his office.
Friends with royalty. Maxwell, right, with the Duchess of York. GETTY IMAGES
Meanwhile, the rumoured paramour of Epstein’s alleged “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell has denied that she’s staying with him at his Massachusetts mansion.
Maxwell had allegedly been living with tech CEO Borgerson in his secluded mansion in since 2016, a close neighbour told the New York Post.
“I am not dating Ghislaine, I’m home alone with my cat,” Scott Borgerson told The Post.
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The Medical Examiners Report has ruled the death a suicide, which is likely the case.

There is still debate on that.

He had a broken hyoid bone, which while *could* happen by suicide, could also happen via strangulation.

Personally I don't care which it is. In the end, he's dead and his victims get no justice what so ever, nor do the others involved with the atrocity that he committed pay the price for what they did.

If he suicide, he was a goddamn coward, if he was murdered, then I hope that it's found out and whoever is held accountable (which isn't likely, I know).
Feds now targeting Epstein 'pimp' Ghislaine Maxwell in sex probe
Brad Hunter
August 18, 2019
August 18, 2019 3:17 PM EDT
Jeffrey Epsteins alleged procurer of underage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell, was snapped by the New York Post this week in California. NEW YORK POST
She sits imperious, somehow above it all.
A child of wealth, luxury and privilege.
And now Ghislaine Maxwell has a giant target on her back.
Now that pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is dead, the 57-year-old socialite is the last one standing in a wide-ranging probe into sex-trafficking of underage girls among the great and the good.
The British publishing heiress was the fiendish financier’s longtime friend, companion — and according to court documents, his main procurer and “pimp”.
Billionaire perv Epstein and the socialite accused of being his sexual procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell. GETTY IMAGES
Multiple sources have said Maxwell — a former Epstein girlfriend — would recruit and groom the girls for the billionaire sicko.
One woman claimed that the statuesque heiress also participated in sex romps with the young girls.
“If I were drafting an indictment against her, it would be the same conspiracy to traffic in underage minors,” former federal prosecutor David Weinstein told Associated Press.
“That’s what it is. That’s what the conspiracy would be.”
But who is Maxwell? Certainly not someone who likes being bothered by the little people, her father’s biographer claims.
“She never really learned the difference between right and wrong,” Tom Bower told the AP. “She learned from him to worship wealth and money and power and influence.”
From left, Prince Andrew, one of Epstein’s underage sex slaves Virginia Roberts and his alleged procurer, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.
He added: “[She] really had very little sentiment for what might be called the little people.”
A favourite manoeuvre of Maxwell’s was allegedly to get Epstein’s driver to take her to all the spas in Palm Beach where she would hunt for new, young flesh.
A number of victims said Maxwell’s pitch was that they would learn massage therapy, get to know Epstein and make good money.
One victim, Virginia Roberts, said in a sworn affidavit that Maxwell and Epstein trained her to become “everything a man wanted me to be.”
She added: “Ghislaine Maxwell was heavily involved in the illegal sex. I understood her to be a very powerful person. She used Epstein’s money and he used her name and connections to gain power and prestige.”
Maxwell slammed the allegations as “abhorrent.”
Nada Marcinkova was Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex slave” and engaged in threesomes with him and other underage girls.
The slinky socialite effectively fell off the radar, here whereabouts unknown, until this week when she was snapped eating a burger in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley.
Meanwhile, the Miami Herald reports that creepy Epstein was able to buy two small pairs of women’s underwear from a jail commissary.
Teterboro airport hub of Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation
PRINCE AND THE PEDO: Andrew starting to ‘s*** himself’ over sex claims
EPSTEIN’S TIMELY DEMISE: Autopsy, sources add fuel to murder theories
The incident occurred at the Palm Beach County Jail where the billionaire served very soft time after pleading guilty to soliciting a minor for sex.
Epstein’s deal with prosecutors has been labelled the “worst deal” in prosecutorial history. Every day a limo would pick him up and take him to his office for 12-hours-a-day, six-days-a-week.
During his little getaways, he used the time to have sex with underage girls.
Epstein made out a Will 2 days before his suicide which the apparently clueless jail officials saw nothing suspicious about. He created a trust for all of his assets and left everything to his brother, Mark. It's stated value is $577 million, but all of his business affairs and assets are so murky that it'll probably take a forensic audit to figure out what it's really worth before all the lawsuits get factored in.
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Epstein made out a Will 2 days before his suicide which the apparently clueless jail officials saw nothing suspicious about. He created a trust for all of his assets and left everything to his brother, Mark. It's stated value is $577 million, but all of his business affairs and assets are so murky that it'll probably take a forensic audit to figure out what it's really worth before all the lawsuits get factored in.

How much did he leave to the Trump re-election campaign?
Prince Andrew 'appalled' by pal Jeffrey Epstein's sex scandal
August 19, 2019
August 19, 2019 7:38 AM EDT
Prince Andrew arrives by horse and carriage to Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, Britain - June 20, 2019. REUTERS/Toby Melville
LONDON — Britain’s Prince Andrew rejected any suggestion that he participated in the alleged sex crimes which U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein was accused of, Buckingham Palace said in a statement.
Epstein committed suicide in a Manhattan jail cell earlier this month while being held on sex-trafficking charges.
“The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.
“His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent,” the Palace said.
British media including the Daily Mail published a picture which it said showed Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth, waving goodbye to a woman from inside a Manhattan mansion owned by Epstein.
The Mail said the picture had been taken in 2010 – two years after Epstein pleaded guilty to a Florida state felony prostitution charge and registered as a sex offender.
U.S. court papers have previously shown that Epstein had socialized with Andrew and other high-profile figures including U.S. President Donald Trump and former president Bill Clinton.
Epstein first came under investigation in 2005 after police in Palm Beach, Florida, received reports he had sexually abused underage girls in his mansion there.
By 2007, Epstein was facing a potential federal indictment for sexually abusing dozens of girls between 1999 and 2007. Epstein struck a deal, however, to plead guilty in 2008 to the Florida state felony prostitution charge, and register as a sex offender.
BREAKING: "Medical examiner" rules Jeffrey Epstein's death a suicide, says he hanged himself in his jail cell.

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Dr. McCoy!

Report to the Bridge.